RAW: Chris Watts, husband of missing Frederick woman, interviewed by Denver7's Tomas Hoppough

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Tiffany Mathis : It makes me wonder if he wasn't really expecting such a large media coverage and it made him shit himself, just a little bit. With all the stuttering, empty answers, he says "like" every 2 seconds, and a flat affect...he pretty much busted himself just by speaking.

3115 Evelyn : That red mark on his neck was probably when shannan tried to defend herself):

Kimock7 : Interesting psychological observations with this killer: at 3:11 he is laughing - yes laughing while answer questions while standing up with his arms crossed. If for a second, he thought he was going to get away with this, he is a very low IQ killer. It's actually good this interview was caught on film because future interviews with husbands who's wives go missing can be compared to this emotionless - compassion less asshole killer - may he be executed quickly.

Dirty Hippie : 3:22 he was about to say he wasn’t going to kiss the little angels but he stopped himself. And then on he was talking about the girls as if saying goodbye forever. It doesn’t seem to have been planned like it was a passion crime. He really seems distant from his wife and he really tries to act like a loving and concerned parent. But his feelings are not there.

Wendy Crayon : Monster!

hawkins 0416 : People like this should be put in solitary confinement and fed extremely healthy food to keep them alive as long as possible and have tv's installed behind bullet proof glass on all four walls and the ceiling, with high definition surround sound and home videos of his family and crime scene footage playing on a loop non stop 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Plumbles : 3.20 when he’s talking about them snuggling on the couches he says “I’m ne..” then starts stumbling over his words..what was he going to say? “I’m never going to do that/see them do that again?” 😱😱

Higher Higher : Something interesting... the use of the word 'back' when he says "please come back, please bring her back". This is usually phrased as "please come HOME" in any/most of these types of cases. Bringing someone BACK is usually used when someone's died - "I wish she'd come back/nothing can bring him back" - this man is sick. Also, the reporter asked "what would you like to tell your WIFE" and he's taken to speaking to a non-existent captor, rather than directing his message/plea at his wife. Strange all round.

Marniee White : Those working dogs trying to tell y'all something! "Like" urgently!

Mike B : Thanks to her friend that was persistent on getting ahold of her that day. I'm sure he thought he had days to get his story straight and she knocked it down to hours .

ana lenard : Who says i miss to tell them if u dont eat ur not gonna get a dessert? 😓 that is one wird comment ..

Joe Mamma : Fry him in a vat of boiling oil, please.

Mel S : Never once mentions his unborn child.

Michele Paccione : Smiling and laughing when he talks about the family he murdered. Despicable.

vanessa southern : THE DOGS KNOW! DOGS SMELL DEATH. I wouldn’t be surprised it they saw something sinister when he was pulling bodies out house to hide. Dogs are clever.

guitarrowhead mv : Scratch on neck, no wedding ring on, speaking in past tense, no emotion.....have fun in prison you POS. How could someone wipe out their entire family? I wish I had a beautiful family like them, and this narcissist threw his away. Unbelievable. He’ll be getting a pink sock for Xmas for sure!

3d Gichboy : Chris: ''Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, I, I, I, I, I, I...'' This is the language of a deeply narcissistic man considering his family was missing!!

Magdalena Martinez : HE HAS SCRATCHES ON HIS NECK!!! HELLO??

Deborah D : My ex-husband was this kind of psychopath. He just never had the opportunity to do this. Seriously, people don't know what it's like to live with one of these sociopaths. They have no conscience, period., no matter what. Everyone thinks they are so normal .

Jenna Kay : “Shannan, Bella, Celeste..IF YOU ARE OUT THERE, please come back.” As if they may or may not be “out there”. This was chilling and uncomfortable to watch... And DUH people, the cops knew it was him that’s why he’s sitting in jail, awaiting trial for murder right now.. And from all I’ve read and seen about this case, this man was not happy that she was pregnant again. I know that for a fact because if you watch the video were she brakes the news to him, it’s very clear to see he’s not happy about her pregnancy in the video. Also he was possibly cheating(which I’m willing to bet big money on that he was cheating) and/or starting to feel the financial burden.. But through all that a normal person would get a f*ckig divorce if they were really that unhappy. I REALLY NEED TO KNOW what drives a person to do something like this... Like what happened to this man, and may others just like him in the past, that made it physically psychologically and emotionally possible for him to kill all of them, then stuff their bodies in oil tanks.. Beyonddddd comprehension. One last thing.. at 7:16- that’s not a man who is feeling pain or guilt for the horrendous acts that he has committed.. that’s a man thinking to himself “holy f*ck..... I just completely f*cked myself with this interview”. It’s disturbing and creepy how I can tell that that’s exactly what he was thinking that very moment 7:17.

3d Gichboy : Why get married and have kids then if all you're going to do is end up killing them instead of being their protector? I mean, what would motivate a man to do such?? A new woman? Then why not run off with her and escape your familial obligations? Why murder EVERYONE!!!??? What good would that do ANYONE involved in this situation?? Did he honestly think he'd just kill them and go on his merry way without anyone raising any questions?? Just wow!! What a horrific and inhumane act!!

tekkieman : Emotionless. No feelings. Ice cold... Classic psychopath - using people as objects and throwing them away when they are no longer necessary. You never know who is sleeping next to you....

John Merigo : Watch this on mute. It’s... ridiculous. His lip biting and struggle not to laugh... it’s amazing he thought he was being convincing at all.

Scott Daley : The more I watch this the more I realize that he seems relieved.

anthony reyes : He said, "I just want them back", but he's head moving sideways like saying NO I DONT WANT THEM BACK... body language said it all...

Donna B. : And now he's trying to claim that his WIFE killed the girls and he killed her in a "rage." Yeah -- totally believe that, buddy. That's why you stuffed your baby girls' bodies into oil drums, because of your "rage." UGH. FRY HIM.

Lizz Marie : “My kids are my life...” and yet, you took their lives. Makes me sick

starrypluto : I have no words... this is a mad mad world. Spiritually devoid. Sad. Dead. Empty.

Amy Meloney : AND THE 'OSCAR' GOES TO......(The dogs are barking like crazy....they found something! )

Just Joy Vradenburg : If my Children were ever missing, I wouldn't even be able to stand up, when I lost my Adult Son, I too died inside. My knees went away I couldn't stand up, Blessing I have three other adult Children to live for, if not for them I would had just killed myself. The pain is to terrible, how can this Father, and Husband be so steady? I was in the Hospital for over a week. there would be no way I could do an interview.

Bri Can : Explain why the f ing guy could not just walk away. Instead he lives the rest die. Evil is rampant these days. You can't even trust your freakin spouse!!!

Nina Cal6 : He doesn’t even know how to pretend like he gives a shit. But you would think there would be some horror left on his face after what he did and what he put them through.....but there is absolutely nothing. He’s void and heartless.

Dyral Washington : Here's my take on the MOTIVE : I don't know if anyone else can tell but this man is Gay and has been living in denial (undercover) for some time and I wouldn't be surprised if his late wife some how discovered that and made him go into a rage, just my theory from reading his vibration. News reports say they had financial problems but that's a unlikely source to cause a man to completely snap and murder his beautiful wife and kids, just reading his vibration I can tell that he's on the DL and maybe somehow his wife caught wind of that, that would account for the "disagreement" they had the day of her disappearance. Leave a comment and tell me what you think.....

Nakidz : His body language, facial expressions, and vocal inflections remind me of that a-hole Scott Peterson.

Bill Lee : I've shown more emotion after I've lost the remote control to my television. I said to myself two days ago this guy did it. What an absolute lunatic. He actually looks relieved. Unbelievable.

Fabiola Cruz : When people have their arms crossed it's a sign that their hiding something. Psychology

El Hayah : that's the danger of thinking that evil has to appear different from us. Evil is within all humans. It doesn't have to come from another country, state, family or be a different color. It's next door, hidden in minds and hearts...could be your friends or a successsful white CEO.

mariana Jackson : I know the detectives loved that he was such a idiot to do these interviews showed them that he was the one they should be looking at..such a narcissist!

K It : He's laughing from around 3:15 to 4, instead of making himself cry. He couldn't bring up any emotion but his true feeling of happiness & relief that they're dead. I think when he brings up memories of "missing them cuddled up on they'd Minnie mouse couch" that those were the times he looked at them thinking how he would kill them. He's nervous & scared he'll be found out, rocking himself. I do believe he confessed because he was sure they would figure it out & he wanted a lighter sentence. He truly is a monster like someone said before me, hiding beneath the facade of his portrayal of a normal caring human. Idk what happened to make him put himself first so ruthlessly but he chose it, knowing it was wrong. Proven by his near perfection show he puts on for people around him. Watch out for these types people. You can tell from chronic lies you catch them in & pretend remorse. Don't make excuses for their behavior. Avoid them no matter how charming or good-looking they are. They've accepted who they really are & know they cover it up. Recognize & never get caught up with this type. If you are, make them think they don't want you anymore, point out your defects they've never liked. Manipulate to escape making them think it's their idea. They can be stalkers only because of their ego, not love. I'm not a psychologist but I know this type.

Shannon Fields : He couldn’t even say he loved them when he was speaking to the camera!!! Of course not because he didn’t love them!! This evil piece of shit needs to rot in hell for eternity!!!! 😡

E C : He smirked through the entire interview.

jokebooks : If my wife and kids were missing I’d be a wreck. This guy is clearly not affected.

Gia Ferra : Empty, flat, endless rocking motion, arms folded across chest, guilty as sin. Arrives @ 1:45 asleep @ 1:52, was this before or after the 'emotional' conversation? Psychopath, and he has the gall to deflect blame and say his wife murdered their children. Maybe she caught him, phone call, email and she questioned him. Since he thinks he's the smartest most important person in the universe, he eliminated his problem. He actually thought he'd get away with it? Evil man.

Carlyn Fleming : The interviewer and cameraman suspected him 100% they are drawing out his reactions. Good for them. This is chilling.

Joyce Nesselhauf : To see this man lie so straight-faced and directly at the interviewer is bone chilling. To talk about his children and wife like they were still alive knowing he killed them just leaves me speechless. He doesn't want to look as bad in the media so he's blaming his wife for killing the kids now and then he killed her. He wants to be some kind of hero, like, I just love my kids so much that I avenged their deaths. She didn't any more kill those kids than I did. How any one could think that killing their family is a way to solve whatever problems they're having is just horrendous. If you listen closely, he tells the truth to some extent, but in a skewed way. "When I left for work at 5:15 they were still here." Yes, because he hadn't put their bodies in his truck yet. He left for work around 5:30. The defense wanted to check Shanann's nails for DNA. I'm sure he killed her in a way that she couldn't fight back because they haven't said one word about scratches on him. The marks on his neck don't look like scratches to me as much as just a red pimple or something. It's crazy that he let the police in to the house with all of Shanann's stuff still there that a woman would normally take if leaving; purse, phone, car. It's like he decided to kill them and left it right there without any thought to anything else. How could he not know he would get caught? Did they or will they give him a lie-detector test? Does anyone know? It's like the act of killing them just stood alone. He had it all - a decent job, a nice house, beautiful family. Evidently that wasn't enough or good enough. When the name of the woman he was having an affair with comes out, and it will, her life is over. Sometimes a person can hide the fact that they're married, but not in a town that small. The death penalty would be too good for this guy. Nah, he needs to sit in solitary confinement for the rest of his life with no connection to the outside world. Let him wonder what day/year it is. Let him go slowly out of his mind. He won't think about his kids or his wife. He'll think about his loss of freedom, his mistress, the trips he can't take anymore. The devil is coming for you Chris Watts. Hope you're ready.

DearMakeUpDiary : What a terrible actor he is. Good that his bad skills revealed the truth to the world. It was pretty obvious. He must be really stupid to do something like that and think he'd get away with it. Now he lost his family, his friends and lost his own life (freedom). Why not eliminate himself from the picture in the first place? He was the problem NOT THEM. The poor innocents involved didn't have to pay with their lives! I hope justice is served ASAP.

Jessica McAllister : Ok...so a big give away was when he spoke about "knowing" that he would not be putting his kids to bed at night. That he was torn up knowing that they weren't coming home that night. If they are missing...they could walk in at any time. You would not assume that they were not coming home. It's not like they had been missing for years, they've been missing for hours at this point. It's easy to see how they got him to confess. He is not a good liar. What a monster!

Lulu ASMR : Holly F he’s guilty as hell , can tell instantly , he mocks his wife didn’t get back to him but her peeps ! My husband would be a wreck ! Psychopath at best ! Damn ! Scary as hell !

Brenda S : How did he know he wasn't going to kiss them goodnight.

BID : You can hear the dogs barking in the background, they knew it was him before this murderer gave his interview.