Chris O’Dowd Determined to Finish His Banksy Story - The Last Leg

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ThatAussieGirl : Lol is Chris wasted? He sounds like it, thats not how he talks normally XD

Sarah : I can't stand drunk people. But Chris was funny and not aggressive. Wish all drunk people were like that. We'll let him off as it was his birthday. Ha

Amy Andrews : Was he drunk or something? I watched this in its entirety and I'm still baffled by him.😂

T. Tiro Marie : I would buy all of Chris’ drinks for a night. just to hear him try to tell a story.

HollyBlueAgitated : Chris O'Doused

Samantha Heaton : Never mind Banksy and his dog, Chris O'Dowd is art!

tony norney : Chris was pure scuttered

Shariq Lalani : 1:25 "And the dog" *pause for eating grape*

Jane Osman : I love Chris O’Dowd more than ever after watching the Last Leg I laughed and laughed and laughed (I’m Irish)

IA1 : Adorable!

MidNiteParis : I usually cringe so much when I see people drunk on interviews (unless it's the format of the show) because they usually make other people uncomfortable or annoyed but Chris was such an adorable drunk and Alex was dying laughing.

mydorksquad : WE USED TO LIVE IN! UHhhhh... Gets me every time!

Ashiful Haque : And now that Banksy is worth more.

dicaevoli1 : IT'S HIS CLONE!

Floergie : I've never seen anything of him, but - is he always like that? Because that was quite something!

Peter Fleming : Chris was more legless than the hosts, so wasted.😂😂

AuntieWelly : Why is Chris O'Dowd doing a Christopher Walken impression?

leedsman54 : In general I think this programme is pathetically unamusing. Its billed as satirical which is clever humour whereas this is just taking the piss out of things.

Shariq Lalani : 1:57 "because the banks is all over London and they do that"

Joseph Bleasdale : He sounds like the annoying priest in the cupboard on Father Ted. "Ah, it's yourself!"

Ricky C : He’s locked :^D love it

Dave Davidson : I'm starting to think he might have had a drink. People are so stupid!

tsu 800 : Chris has the makings of a new Oliver Reed!

FORKY_GAMING : ye just watched not impressed Last Leg let me down letting Chris on in that state or are they going for a new Oliver Reed type scandal show to keep the show on the edge for ratings

Sam Keenan : Maybe people would let you finish your story if you weren't eating you twat