Tiger Woods Hole-In-One 16th Hole Scottsdale, Phoenix Open
If you were wondering how long Tiger Woods has been cool heres a video of him hitting a hole in 1 in 96 and getting whole crowd to Raise the Roof

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Tiger woods hole in one on 16th hole, crowd goes nuts throwing bottles of beer everywhere


EuroPascal : No, he kicked the ball... Of course he swong... He just wanted to see the swing.

DerKatalane1899 : captain obvious' revenge

Zaki Zainudin : He still scores a hole... Multiple hole's

Fisj : what's your problem.. you know he swong

WhiteWidow08 : Agreed... He missed the best part... "Their going to go nuts when he hits this thing." ...swing AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

denverthuggit : I miss when Tiger played the game with so much passion

Josh Stevens : Wanted to find the clip where Tiger had a orange thrown at him.

hasonito deman : is this even possible..

GiddyGraham : Are you guys itching to see a renown hole in one edited? Check my channel!

ShamaticWow : He nailed that harder than all those prostitutes


Daniel Ekegren : lol

Sean Baney : Tiger needs to find his swagger again.

Zach Wright : That was amazing

YouTook TheBait : What a bitch.

Tom Smith : Hopefully his best shot is still yet to come

thopkins22 : Get over yourself. He's likely the greatest golfer to play the game in your lifetime, and is a serious threat every single time he plays. There's a reason that he keeps getting picked for the Ryder Cup via Captain's Picks, and that's because he's unquestionably great even when he's not winning like he was. I don't even root for him nor follow him when I go to tournaments...just a basic recognition of facts.

Zayde Domasi : ...back in the day when woods actually mattered.

Bob Loblaw : You don't have to be tiger woods to get a hole in one. I got a hole in one when I was 18, total fluke.

Aturayd : its his putting. he drives good, places the ball close to the hole, but misses the birdies.

Gavin Deemter : i bet he has not got a whole in one on any of his girl freinds

Voda Beta : It's possible you will see this again... like Jeremy Lin.

Mack488 : How the mighty have fallen...

Tyler jennings : I find it funny. And I believe you mean spelling.

Tyler jennings : I used to get hole-in-ones every time but then I toke an arrow to the groin.

liamfenwicker : Don't get all butthurt over a comment i made.

StormofBladeZ : Yeah kid. The moment when you're trying to be funny and look stupid as hell. Kids and their high expectations of everything everywhere at any given time period, even over a decade ago. Yes yes, we had plasma screens, LED LCD, HD 1080p 62" flatscreen TVs and all cameras recorded HD 1920x1080p back in 1997.

liamfenwicker : Was this recorded with a potato?

ding2134 : Lmao never would have guessed someone would drop the arrow to the knee joke on a golf vid. Unless you really took an arrow to the knee, in which case I apologize. Lol

wankers united : You haters couldnt even play as good as him on one of his bad days.

bearbeartg bear : i miss This Tiger woods :(

Owen Buckholtz : Go tiger

england0715 : Tider WOODS sucks. I had bad. He should retire.

bittylover2 : @deepen2011 well he hit the ball you fucking moron

whitecab226 : cool!!!!!!!!

deepen2011 : how did he do that! WOW

Gracecr : He sure does get lots of exposure doesn't he XD. Nice shot Tiger.

Sebastiano Pagano : He's Happy Gilmore!!!!

Groove Sharpener : Found 3 things today to make me a better golfer!! 1. My new I20 Ping Driver 2. GrooveSharpener. com---golf tool for more backspin 3. And now this video

Matthew Thomas : mashed potatoes

Jacques La Grange : @boer83 yeah he probibly was able to poop on every single one of them too! :D

Michael Li : mashed!..... carrots.

foxdemon3392 : MASHED POTATOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xlumpy4ever : MASHED POTATOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ryama86 : MASHED POTATOESS!!!!!!!!!!!

Another : MASHED POTATOES!!!!!!!

Michael McNamara : He definitely did more than one hole LMFAO

Rayne Clowd : If you love golf add me as your friend and watch my vids of my backyard golf course! sub if ya like!

BarrieStylez : HAPPY DID IT ON A PAR FOUR!!!