Penn and Teller Fool Us // Danny Cole - FOOLER

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It was an honor to be on Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Penn & Teller are two of my magic heroes. In case you missed it, it airs again on Friday @ 9:00 PM on the CW. #fooler #pennandteller #fu #magicians #magicheroes #dannycolemagic #pennjillette #teller #originalart #foolus @thecw @riovegas

Comments from Youtube

BigZ7337 : Congrats, I loved your trick on the show.

BizarreObscure : Great work! Well done! Congratulations... that was a cool trick and fooling these two! Wonderfull.

Demolition Man : You have a very magnetic personality...Nice illusion.

Lucas Pierri : Hi Mr. Cole, congratulations for the great trick and for fooling P&T. Flawless!

AJ : Man what a refreshing bit originality.

Felix Beining : HOLY SHIT that was AMAZING

bigg el : Teller don't talk but here got exited said Yes 😃 well done great work

Teren mobile : I love magic tricks like this! The majority of stage and card tricks are impressive but all share a similar theme and you can usually work it out. This however is fresh, visually impressive and really makes me wonder how its done! I also love that you kept it simple and straight to the point like Penn said. Great trick!

Shad Dubé : Great act, I love levitation acts and this one felt special and close to heart

Kismetmagic : This is great Danny! I saw three times the video and I'm still fooled! Love this idea, awesome bro!

IsrafelAcerezor : This is good, Danny. Congrats.

Nabil Touchie : Beautiful as always Danny! You're such a class act!

gamma105 : Amazing! Became a fan ever since I watched you on the Lance Burton TV show with your color changing suit/tie!

Sn0wman5 : Wow... dude! Never seen anything like this! Great act!

ks kumar : you deserve more views man.

Regalado Disla : Congragulations man!!!!! amazing trick and a lovely performace

Tom van Rens : Great act! Congratz on fooling them! I was completely fooled myself.

Kazuki Sena : Wow that is so cool .... Kudos to you sir , It was amazing !

Quantumchillz : This is Amazing! How the...

JasinDow : I enjoyed watching. Very well done.

Anil Durmuss : Wow dude! This is amazing I really want to know how it is done and yet I really love being amazed by it too

Mslayer : What an amazing act, well done sir.

Asherbones : Great job Danny, this was really cool!

gettingkilt : Well done! Now I believe!

ecoots : also, grats on fooling them!


Chris Patrick : Dude that was amazing

Raman Sharma Magic : I love Danny, Met this guy in person as well. He's an awesome Human Being too.

Miguel Cruz : I fell in love with this routine!!!

Yaniv Steltzer : great trick. not sure how you did it

pblam1s : Congratulation Danny!

Timothy Fish : Impressive.

clement Like : nice trick. I loved it

Captain Redbeard : Well, that looks great. Congrats on fooling them! And congrats on a beautiful peace of art you've created!

Ayyy Lmao : Well done!

Geoff Nelson : how the...?

alexeez1 : Well done!

Jahrel Dane : this was such a cute act 😍

Marius Riley : Well done.

Jacky Au : This is really a great trick using rare props! Congrats in fooling Penn & Teller!

The Raizer : very nice man <3

AceLix : dat was something new and cool

tsg900 : Congratulations!

T3andChris : Agree with all the other comments. My own thought was, this is possibly the best "magic" trick I've seen. Excellent. I hope I never figure it out.

dimi3636 : great trick man

lionel keks : Fooled them with the necktie bit as well.... am damn sure

TheGodOfPez : Pretty effing impressive.

Peter Andre : Awesome Job!👍🏽

JUSTIN L COWGILL : Good job! I wish I could watch this show here in Greece.