Penn and Teller Fool Us // Danny Cole - FOOLER

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Nym Alous : That was pretty astounding. I'm very curious about the levitation as well... maybe he has the same gift that my sister had as a child: the Escher effect...

Kismetmagic : This is great Danny! I saw three times the video and I'm still fooled! Love this idea, awesome bro!

MicLabTv : I know how he does it ! He does Magic ! I found that out because I did some research and found out he is a magician.... lol

ks kumar : you deserve more views man.

Ryan Taylor : Awesome trick! Very original and really cool. I loved the ending how you knocked the blocks back down by just giving them a little smack.

Demolition Man : You have a very magnetic personality...Nice illusion.

Geoff Nelson : how the...?

crystalheart9 : I enjoyed your performance and I'm so happy you got the award!

Smoke DeGrasse Tyson : Great trick. Fooled me. While I do love the card magic, there's too much of it on Penn and Teller -- and it's always some kind of slight of hand using standard moves. Well done, Danny Cole. I wish there was a bit afterwards -- maybe for magicians only -- when the foolers explain to Penn and Teller how the trick was done. Sometimes, I can't help thinking there are three or four ways an effect could be achieved. P+T might guess at one of the methods. If it isn't that method, the magician gets the Fooler award -- but does that mean Penn and Teller aren't aware of the method that actually was used? Even if they are, it's still a massive achievement, but there have been a number of tricks on here that I can't believe fooled them for a moment. (eg Dan Harlan's trick which is available at every magic shop. Jibrizi Taylor -- who seemed to get the award because he had no idea who Slydini was.) Anyway, I'd love to be able to hear that conversation between P&T and their guest.

BigZ7337 : Congrats, I loved your trick on the show.

Jacky Au : This is really a great trick using rare props! Congrats in fooling Penn & Teller!

Kristina Adams : he’s so cute

Raman Sharma Magic : I love Danny, Met this guy in person as well. He's an awesome Human Being too.

James Jelinek : Hey Danny, this was really good. I haven't seen any of your videos since the 3 coin trick 5 years ago. Glad to see you're still performing. Ps. I was in the Jr group along side you in my teens, along with David Zerbel and a few others. Ping me, let's chat sometime.

JUSTIN L COWGILL : Good job! I wish I could watch this show here in Greece.

Teren mobile : I love magic tricks like this! The majority of stage and card tricks are impressive but all share a similar theme and you can usually work it out. This however is fresh, visually impressive and really makes me wonder how its done! I also love that you kept it simple and straight to the point like Penn said. Great trick!

Jahrel Dane : this was such a cute act 😍

Donnie Aultman : If your not a millionaire yet you will be... usually I can figure a trick out but not this one, keep this trick a secret and please do not reveal it

ofernandofilo : Great act, thx you for sharing!

IceyDefeat : This was incredible! I hope you take this secret to the grave.

Jeff Suderman : How?

周寧康 : Very, VERY COOL! If that doesn't make folks believe in the impossible, nothing will.

Shad Dubé : Great act, I love levitation acts and this one felt special and close to heart

deathzone1814 : Soooo, how?

George Romani : Awesome

tsg900 : Congratulations!

Ali samadi : Holy shit that was amazing.

Mark Pointer : How the heck did he do the necktie bit, with his hands out of the way??

AceLix : dat was something new and cool


M.RileyJunior : Great trick.

ecoots : also, grats on fooling them!

Martin Olson : Superb.

Marius Riley : Well done.

Sn0wman5 : Wow... dude! Never seen anything like this! Great act!

J Ru : Congrats

JasinDow : I enjoyed watching. Very well done.

Tehmeed Choudhry : Nice

Quantumchillz : This is Amazing! How the...

gamma105 : Amazing! Became a fan ever since I watched you on the Lance Burton TV show with your color changing suit/tie!

sun are the bes : Cool

The Raizer : very nice man <3

mattj2217 : Very cool!

Amer Isaac : Congratulations

lionel keks : Fooled them with the necktie bit as well.... am damn sure

Nabil Touchie : Beautiful as always Danny! You're such a class act!

Deibiddo : uh....uh...uhmm...uh

Mslayer : What an amazing act, well done sir.

Chris Patrick : Dude that was amazing

Aldy Fredian : what? like, HOW. really. it's a trick i know it, but...HOW...