Steamed Hams but it's Hotline Miami

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Jomaster The Second : SEYMOUR THE *HOUSE IS ON **_FIRE_*

Pimpeaux : *H O T H A M M I A M I*

Spicy Chicken God : It actually happened, ya'll actually done did it.

Fegelein: The Lost Tapes : Funny how Skinner has to drive back home despite living right across the street.

Fernando Jose : do you enjoy steaming other hams?

Glitchy-S : >skinner shot up a krusty burger just so he could get some hamburgers/steamed hams this is canon now.

Ayy Lmao : this should be a couch gag for a future episode

Willmo Rolfe : Hotline my hammy

mrcomp : Damn, this meme is gathering some creative people.

Spookjax : I was not prepared for this unforgettable luncheon.

Julsur : It's an actual level. Dear lord.

TheSolidMidget : Is this a real workshop mod? I need to know

Mr2emerald : glad you decided to come back just to show off this hot garbage

SuperLlama42 : Skinner putting his 'Nam training to good use.

Paul Revere 3000 : Aurora Borealis isn't as scary as it sounds.

CookuBanana : I like the Newspaper pile with the vacuum in the garage detail making reference of the events of "Bart the Murder" episode

Cerions33 : Skinner should have burned the entire room with the dead body inside

FinalGamerJames : What blows my mind the most is how PERFECT the Simpsons style fits in Hotline Miami. Like seriously I would actually love a Hotline Springfield game now, legit!

Alex Bennington : These things just keep getting better and better

Snappycakes : Oh my god. The little touches like the pile of newspapers in the garage. Brilliant!

DeadhoofofWind : Have you ever thought about expanding on this idea and make more levels based on the episode Steamed Hams was from? You could call it "22 Short Levels about Springfield."

Ashtray Delicacy : No mother, it's just the northern lights... *Atomic Blast*

lucas alves : This meme has gone So far XD

Dansparce Banando : Hotline Steamed Hammies

Latmin : You misspelled 'northern'. Disgusting.

Valdetiosi : The portraits for the dialogue fits well for this and doesn't even look out of place in either Hotline Miami or Simpsons - style.

newLEGACY boy : Congratulations! You Unlocked: *[SCRATCHY MASK]*

Dr. Antagonist : Grade S for Seymour.

Lisa McRad : "You like steaming other hams?"

iKiwed : I'll be honest, i don't like Hotline Miami for its gore. But this... This is high quality video content.

The Real Sean W. Stewart : Also, Oh, my God I just realized that you can see a bunch of newspapers all over the floor of Seymour's garage. Great little nod to the season 3 episode "Bart the Murderer"! Only hardcore Simpsons fans can pick up on that reference! Kudos!

tin : Hotline Springfield.

A fairly inaccurate dinosaur picture : This idea of rebuilding scenes in Hotline Style has huge potential.

chad wizzle : Skinner moved with his mother somewhere nice before being blown up by a nuke

dekapon : its Ye Gods not egods but otherwise this video is perfect.

Frood : *_I W A S B O R N I N S P R I N G F I E L D_*

Antoine : I just respect the power of a whole community working togheter for making a 20 years old scene into a 2k18 temporal meme, no seriously, this proves that humanity can work togheter, only if it includes memes

fvninja. : YES!!! 1:20 THAT IS THE DELETED SCENE FROM THIS SHORT!! so glad that we can now see it

Daneela : how far people go for memes

Serpentar9000 : gotta get a ham

Howitzer Bobcat : How long did this take to make?

Shas'O Swoll : Grade: S-teamed

Sidney Kirk : *THICK SKINNER*

Francisco Gativideo : I was born with regional dialect

That Frank Guy : The newspaper and vacuum in the basement. Talking about details.

dsagent : I am *shocked* at the amount of work going into these memes.

The Real Sean W. Stewart : Art.

Patavinity : So Skinner massacred everyone at the Krusty Burger to get those steamed hams? A whole new twist on a classic tale.

slimeproductions : Why is there blood on your clothes Seymour

0SharkGuy : 4/10 No way that performance would get such a high score. He only uses guns as that's the least creative. But in all seriousness this is amazing