Lava bomb hits boat in Hilo, Hawaii. 7/16

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On the boat that got hit by the lava.

Comments from Youtube

any name : So that way you learn. - George Lopez

goover78 : That escalated quickly..

antdude : And then what happened? Any injuries and deaths? :(

Supralobe : Heard that tour was the bomb

Fpsekond : Why is this even a thing!

Grax : Earth nutted

Rafael Carrazco : because men are in mute mode (shocked and panicked without being able to make any sound) lol

bob joe : Ahh the screams of rich tourists... music to my ears

ImperialEwok : haha ! (nelson voice)

kejigoto : Some people have to learn lessons the hard way.

Lil ZUZU : 😂😹😂🤣

B.j.M선 : why do girls always gotta scream so loud

TJ : Damn!

8w9hf89hw : its called a volcaNO 4 a reason. ur sposed to NO not to go near it

Anonim Anonimovich : Ну как так-то? Вулкан, вода, лава... Как эти все замечательные вещи вдруг стали такими опасными?!

Alice Bonnet : Mt. Bukkake

Quasar Productions : idiots!

Kamikaze Gorilla : That's a lawsuit.

Diego Arellano : Uh yeah, just on a boat that got hit by lava :/

Chancey Dicklord : Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.