Laguna Carhuacocha, Peru - 4K Timelapse

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A timelapse of the Milky Way above Laguna Carhuacocha on night 2 of the 83 mile Cordillera Huayhuash trek. Prints are available at Instagram:


Cloud2116 : Daily dose of internet

Jamal Ghanabogswana : Your Reddit post brought me here. I am disappointed at how short it was. I was prepared for it to be 8 minutes and lay back, ready to daydream to this. Saying that, thank you for sharing a really beautiful scene. I find myself unable to leave negative comments for 10 minutes. I'll resume once the 'at peace' effect has worn off.

Attallah Hichem : Amazing composition and details .What camera and lenq have you used ?

DizzyTiger : So you guys can see all the stars from there just shows how much pollution we have here in NA

Eric Goetsch : absolutely unreal man, thanks for sharing!

Jesse Rockwell : Perfect scene. As a timelapse photographer you can't ask for more than that. Unfortunately, the music is a bit much....

Glitch Lord : New avenger movie trailer? dafq with that music

No One : By far the best milky way footage i have seen.

Synapsenkitzler : perfect video music is way too much drama&loud. calm nature sounds would fit much better.

CaptainSpeedster : Here from daily dose of internet, epic footage

Brian Maurice : Came from Reddit, I love your work! Keep it up!

Subhabrata Ghosh : Absolutely, spellbounding.. Thanks for sharing.

Mridul Gupta : Thank you. This is so beautiful, I almost cried.

JM95'Guys : That is mesmerizing ! I wish i could be their, just enjoying that sky every night !

Silent Hunter : Daily dose of internet...... thank you

Alex Doran : Great visuals of screaming through the galaxy at 67,000mph

Jerem Oldclouds : sir please teach me how to do that, witch camera and lens do you use, what is the set up that you put to make this beautiful timelapse? thank you to answer me, amazing work, amazing life

chill : I need this in Wallpaper Engine

Shaya Nirenberg : You're best yet

pink penguin : That is amazing

kalomeon : Skyrim 2?

1359 : Imagine disliking this video...

TR- 8R : i wish you would've used different music but otherwise great vid lmao

Jessie James Sambilad : Daily does of internet 💜

gh_3_2 : Music??

Matt Cee El : Are the fast moving lights planes or satellites or something?

Steve Moore : gear?

rev : Wait what, how is the milky way so clear here? It almost feels like the whole place is bright because you can see the mountains clearly. There's also a light source at the bottom left. But isn't this only possible if there's no light pollution + a clear night? Anyone photography experts can enlighten me?

Stamate Valentin : daily dose of internet

Christian Lies : I’m no envious to people with skies like this

Irvin Cazares : hello everyone this is YOUR daily dose of internet

Jacilund : DDOI!

Metra 59 : I am wondering if you can actually see the milky-way like that or is it photoshoped in there??

Croft - Tom : Are those flying objects satellites? :)

nullsmack : wow

Player Unknown : wow

EM12S1 : Worst music ever

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