British Shorthair Cat Review after 3 years
British Shorthair Cat Review after 3 years

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Lauren Denham : C H O N K Y B O I

@1ICHIR0 : look at this boy...... An absolute unit

Steve b : Basil looks as if he has swallowed another British shorthair cat πŸ€ͺ

Vika Blaire : He t h i c c

Brad Minor : Did I really just watch a full review on a cat... yes I believe I did haha

FlickerEdge : This is the ideal cat body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

addie : My summer body inspiration

Johana Melendez : wow what a good chunky friend 11/10

schaubyy : 1978: *hoping to have flying cars in 40 years* 2018: cat reviews

trav v : Look at this fatcat. Probably rolling in pools of cash and gold coins. Probably eating caviar by the boatload. Basil "moneybags" the Cat.

LijiPop : he is shaped like a friend

Yang Guan Tang : What about an unboxing video?

very good name : You got one dummy thicc boi there, just hope the clap of his asscheeks aren't gonna alert the mice.

Paris Hilton ASMR : I guarantee u were sent this cat in PR and paid 60000$ to do this review

Shin Uchiha : Look at that fluffy BIG BOY

dangerous faggot : he looks like he wants to die but arent all cats look like they want to die

Frederique Plante : stumbled upon his video in my recommended and I’m crying of laughter this is legendary this made my day what a good thicc boi

Kitty Powerpaws : E X T R A T H I C C B O I

AmyTae : Okay but I laughed at your thumbnail for like 10 minutes

holly fitz : β€œHim and his platonic life mate Lemon” my heART 😫

Mike Likes Knives : The things you do to him during this video is priceless. He doesn't seem to mind at all.πŸ‘

Red rum1 : Basil is one handsome cat.

BirdShot IV : Basil is SOOOO COOL!

mythsheep : you have a premium cat

Kimm 65 : Bazil's an adorable fluffy pudgy thumper.

Alex Benavidez : I just so desperately want to smooch his face. Basil had B O D Y don't you basil indeed

Glenn056 : Basil tested to the MAX

Felicia Meow : If you need a cat sitter, send him here to Vancouver Canada and I'll worship that kitty

Alexa Likes : a cat review... if I could review my cat, I would share how many things he has broken in my apt. I still love him. It's an abusive relationship (I'm the victim) lol

simon koll : I'm feeling a strong 8 to a light 9

Cheese Borger : Review score: 12/10. A very good cat.

Deuce Ashraf : Yet another unrealistic body expectation for c h o n k y bois

Mark Crupi : curious how many time Basil could cut thru sisal rope before becoming dull on held paper?

Kent LΓΆfgren : You can not go wrong, with a british shorthair

Nick Shabazz : But is he a gem?


akiheavenly6 : This review wasn't very helpful. I still don't know how to use this cat.

A A : I have a 3 yo British shorthair. I thought he was fat... Then I saw yours !

Turtle Tots Gaming : I find that almost every male British short hair cat is just like Basil. We used to have one but he sadly died :( now we have three female ones and they are not even nearly as friendly as the male ones have been for me. I would personally recommend getting a male British short hair :D

ellie c : rotund

Tahmina Bee : SO FLIPPING CUUUTE i wanna squeeze him till he pops <3

F Z : basil is so fluffy

Alexandria McKie : ok but at 2:08 the cat’s foot goes inside that shoe.

CATS MANY CATS : Look at this THICC fluffer 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Omar Hajjar : In owe of the size of this lad, *ABSOLUTE UNIT*

Cool Guy : An absolute unit.

YetAnotherGearChannel : This is a perfectly informative, interesting and entertaining video about a cat. Don't get why people lose their mind about the word 'review'. I'm usually a dog guy, cause most cats I've met were pretty distanced, if not hostile. But this cuddly grey furball would make a great addition the cuddly black furball I already have (bulldog). Have fun with your shorthair :)

Yasmin Osborne : I've had three shorties and they're the best. My first cat was a Basil too. He's beautiful, maybe a bit too big if you don't mind me saying, just like my Basil! BSH's are a bit prone to being overweight, especially being an indoor cat. I'd cut back on his food a little gradually to help his overall health as he's still a young cat. Enjoy your beautiful boy. X

John Waddington : A bit thick behind the edge, ha ha, our cat is the total opposite in every way and a genuine English "moggy",, Great review,,,,