British Shorthair Cat Review after 3 years

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Cedric & Ada Gear and Outdoors : Check out his friend Lemons review here:

Lauren Denham : C H O N K Y B O I

Steve b : Basil looks as if he has swallowed another British shorthair cat 🤪

Vika Blaire : He t h i c c

@1ICHIR0 : look at this boy...... An absolute unit

BirdShot IV : Basil is SOOOO COOL!

Brad Minor : Did I really just watch a full review on a cat... yes I believe I did haha

Hmm Jo : wow what a good chunky friend 11/10

trav v : Look at this fatcat. Probably rolling in pools of cash and gold coins. Probably eating caviar by the boatload. Basil "moneybags" the Cat.

Paris Hilton ASMR : I guarantee u were sent this cat in PR and paid 60000$ to do this review

Nick Shabazz : But is he a gem?

AmyTae : Okay but I laughed at your thumbnail for like 10 minutes

addie : My summer body inspiration

Kent Löfgren : You can not go wrong, with a british shorthair

Yang Guan Tang : What about an unboxing video?

dangerous faggot : he looks like he wants to die but arent all cats look like they want to die

Frederique Plante : stumbled upon his video in my recommended and I’m crying of laughter this is legendary this made my day what a good thicc boi

Shin Uchiha : Look at that fluffy BIG BOY

M M : Basil is really cute, but also overweight.

Mike Likes Knives : The things you do to him during this video is priceless. He doesn't seem to mind at all.👍

Jikky O. : Can I PLEASE bury my face in this BIGGGG BOIIIIII

Red rum1 : Basil is one handsome cat.

Glenn056 : Basil tested to the MAX

Christian Lionel : I love British Blues too. Not to sound negative or anything but only this year did I realise the truth about breeder's who sell cats, dogs etc. There's really no such thing as a good breeder. It is all a business for those people who sell cat's and dogs for money. Basically I worked in a vet's for my work experience and different breeders come in everyday. They deliberately make female pedigree cats become pregnant over and over suffering. Once they can no longer give birth the breeders will have them put to sleep. Essentially it is a business and anyone who pays for a cat or dog instead of rescuing the many who really need love and care ought to think twice. Now a lot of people who want a cat or dog are unaware of this so of course it's not your fault. Just know that in future before adopting a pet.

tyg : the healthy range for a male British Shorrhair is actually 4-8 kg. 9kg is overweight and it's going to result into bone problems later in life. Quite sad to see this.

Zoom Zooms : Basil is obese, do him a favour and put him on a diet.

YetAnotherGearChannel : This is a perfectly informative, interesting and entertaining video about a cat. Don't get why people lose their mind about the word 'review'. I'm usually a dog guy, cause most cats I've met were pretty distanced, if not hostile. But this cuddly grey furball would make a great addition the cuddly black furball I already have (bulldog). Have fun with your shorthair :)

Kitty Powerpaws : E X T R A T H I C C B O I

simon koll : I'm feeling a strong 8 to a light 9

Kimm 65 : Bazil's an adorable fluffy pudgy thumper.

mythsheep : you have a premium cat

EpicSnuggleBunny : Did you really just assume Basil's gender without asking him!?!?

Surago : A thousand dollars? You sir, are how do they say? Rolling in the dough. I prefer my cats free, from the wild. My newest one came with two bad wheels. Your 1000 dollar cat doesn’t run from you for some expensive reason, mine doesn’t run from me because when it tries it falls over......

Mark Crupi : curious how many time Basil could cut thru sisal rope before becoming dull on held paper?

Loulou La Petite Renarde : I paid £4000 to bring my cat from Portugal to the UK . He was a stray living in the street so it was money very well spent .....

Turtle Tots Gaming : I find that almost every male British short hair cat is just like Basil. We used to have one but he sadly died :( now we have three female ones and they are not even nearly as friendly as the male ones have been for me. I would personally recommend getting a male British short hair :D

Craiu Irinel : Please put him on a diet otherwise it is very possible to shorten it's life. Basil is beautyfull!

Felicia Meow : If you need a cat sitter, send him here to Vancouver Canada and I'll worship that kitty

Arbiter : Male Brits are the absolute bestest cats (!) As you can see in this video . . . you can handle them a lot and they're not only okay with it but even enjoy the attention. One thing: it's true that they are great family cats . . . IF they grow up in a family. But they're also very loyal to just ONE person . . . if that is the situation they grow up in. My four year old (second Brit that I've had . . .) and I have always lived alone with rare visits from outsiders. And he's not too enamored of visitors . . .

Elena Roscoe : Look at this THICC fluffer 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

ellie c : rotund

A A : I have a 3 yo British shorthair. I thought he was fat... Then I saw yours !

F Z : basil is so fluffy

John Waddington : A bit thick behind the edge, ha ha, our cat is the total opposite in every way and a genuine English "moggy",, Great review,,,,

Brad Griffin : I know without looking that I'm not the first to ask this: I see Basil is left or right side carry, but what about tip down/up? Oh, and I really enjoyed this review. The blanket Christmas present is an awesome thing. Now you have me thinking.

Dire : A little big for daily carry? We had a ragdoll cat. She was the runt of her litter and never weighed much more than 3kg. She was a fairly typical cat in the sense that everything had to be on her terms, and most of the time she had little interest in physical contact, but she was also well behaved & never jumped people or anything like that. Generally she would either be sleeping or hyperactive, whereas Basil seems to like to waddle around a lot kinda like a dog. Ragdolls are known for being pretty floppy when picked up & I guess that was true although she would get annoyed & squirm free pretty quickly. She had a lot of kidney trouble later in life which could cause her pain & she had to be put down suddenly after developing a blood clot in her kidneys that moved to her brain

Desert Reaper : are you going to do a sharpness test on that one.....for 1000 bucks that cat better cut a hell of a lot of rope

James Iliffe : Basil’s so beautiful

amarsbarr : Oh my god our cat is male he's massive, we've had him since a kitten December 11th 2018... Hes a British Shorthair he looks exactly like this cat... and without having seen this video we named him BASIL after going over 100 names!!!! What are the odds!!!!???? And whats even stranger is he looks exactly like this cat!!!!! You would probably say of course he would as hes a british shorthair but we've compared our basil with so many other British shorthairs and he looks nothing alike any of them so this is ridiculously bizzare. This video I'm showing to everyone whose met our cat this is super weird and freaky

Analyzed : Give me $1000 and go find you 100 cats!