Interstellar bike meme

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Kriger X. : Edit: He has broken the sound barrier and now is entering the speed of light

Lil' Legit : *Running in the 90s*

NoobSkillz Gaming : It's not possible.... No, it's necessery

Snatz : -What are you doing, François? -Winning. -It's not possible. -No, it's necessary.

Alex Carrick : I never saw the meme potential in cycling. you have opened my eyes

Support Main : Legends say he is still riding that bike.

90AlmostFamous : He's harnessing the energy of 4th dimension

L'écureuil degourdi : The prophecy is true...😮

Edgar RoJazz : He has so much speed gathered that up to today, he's faster than light speed...

Grosbolt : 0:17 when you're late for school


Sir_Tactical_Slime : he is starting to belive

Qwerty Bastard : Mother of God...

TheGreenTaco999 : "François what are you doing?" "aligning myself with aerodynamics to win this race," "it's not possible" "no, it's necessary"

DizzlerMusic : 200 iq

Taylor Kloehn : They told him he’d never win... What they didn’t know was he had a PHD in Physics.

Caleb Favela : :41 - snapping and driving 😂 natural selection

XY Z : Wonder how he got down...

Luis Gomez : Majestic af


FDB 7 : Dat lady on da scooter is all like, “Er Ma Gerr! I need to snap a picture!” Don’t shoot and drive, folks.

Oh Yeah Yeah : That was way more touching than I thought it would be

SCP-049 : Some say he is still gliding to this day...

Eric Lerma : Isn't he planking on the bike, technically...?

Siva Prakash : damnn goosebumps

Sean Nicolau : Da best meme I have seen so far!

Eric Lerma : His legacy will be of *interstellar* proportions... (Pun absolutely intended)


Shadow Heart : It's amazing how much of a difference it makes. Physics!

John Gonzalez : This isn’t just funny. This is legitimately amazing.

Ryan Reyes : He goes faster than the others due to “Aerodynamics” and somewhat “Drafting”

D-MAN STOPMOTIONS AND GAMING : Captain it's happening he's going in to light speed

Simon Ghoul : how

AfterFourth : i love that lady's expression lol

The Unwitting J : *_The prophecy is true_*

Io : Absolute unit

hrthrhs : "Do not go gentle into that good night..."

Klumsy Kameleon : He believes in Jebus!

Silent Protagonist : I love how he simply prayed to God before doing what was necessary. I mean, seriously, I don't even feel like laughing, this guy proved that our willpower can do things that mere physcial strength cannot.

maxou danou : CMON TARS

SandWish : Balls of steel

Vieja Piruja : Se va a partir la madre ese vato.

Chris Weeks : The reaction of the motorcycle guy was perfect

tas : Epic

i'm the man who created the memes : This is the best vid that I'm ever seen In my life

The Oddball7 : That dramatic acceleration set in so fast.

Zoik A.K.A Karts : Just look at the wheels… How are you supposed to see them?!

John Peter Palencia : Hi speed low drag

Jonathan Neufeld : The balls on this guy...

The Shadowless : Come on CARS!