Should a Person Touch 200,000 Volts? A Van de Graaff generator experiment!

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Namjoonie's Expensive Girl : Why am I not dead? I ask myself the same question.

Rami : This is more funny than being educational

Jake Taylor : And the flash was born

connor nicholls : I would love him as my science teacher

B.W.S.K. : Should a person touch 200000 volts? Depends on the person - I have a list of people who should...

Zangetsu999999 : I wish I had a teacher like this guy.

jacob mitchell : this guy is an awesome teacher! i already knew all this but the way he was teaching was very entertaining so I watched it anyway.

AmateurYoutuber : This guy is amazing. Only teacher I've seen in my entire life that doesn't make me sleep. I always had problems with electricity chapter in 6th grade because our teacher would never explain us stuff. Now all that mystery I had is gone because I watched an 8 minute video. Amazing.

Mau365PP : I can't understand how 120V can create enough current to kill a person and in this demo 200,000V don't (I'm not dissapointed, don't get me wrong haha). But I'm confused since the resistance would be the same and ohm's law says V=IR. If R remains the same then when you increase V, I (current) should increase aswell, right?? Can anyone explain?? Is it because the kind of current?? (You know, AC and DC)

WWaveform Creations : Professor: "What is a lightning rod?" Students: "gdhjsgbdhsjkgbfhdskbghfjdkgh" Professor: "Correct."

Sterlingjob : This is a shocking video, I'm just totally stunned at the quality and content

bahaaldin hmeidan : Wish he had online classes

samsoulee : That's some good teaching !!!!!

Julian George : these high school kids still scream when the lights are turned off :P

Presley Carpenter : itd be such a different society if teachers were more interesting like this more people would be inpired

pipodebeuker : That teacher is awesome. I knew everything in the video already but I still very much enjoyed watching it. +1

Angelo IV : that class seems fun... until they take the exam

aZa : awesome! i wish i had a teacher like him :)

nygeek64 : Wow this teacher is amazing..

Tony nilsson : began my journey about 5 hours ago with some speedway. i saw a guy trying to break glass, i saw some guys shoot nails from a shotgun and now this. this has been an interesting night with youtube.

Anony Mous : Truthfully I didn't learn anything until the end. I thought a lightning rod was supposed to provide something for the lightning to physically strike and follow all the way to ground without going through one's house and potentially electrocuting someone and/or starting a fire. I had no idea it diffused the charge in the immediate area to prevent a strike in the first place.

Nicolas Fernandez : I couldnt understand the reason why he is not dead

Tractorz : so is it at all possible to accidentally hurt or kill yourself with this machine if not careful?

edleedavis :'re supposed to poke holes in hot dogs when you put them in the microwave?

Mr. KP : most of the comments are about how they wish this guy was their teacher. i wish he was my teacher too

Walwalkn Wewnrkl : If I had such a teacher in high school, I would've been a physicist today..

Dimon : So my hair has electrons 24/7 non stop ? couse my hair is always up lol .

supaH : I finally have a reason to watch youtube videos over going to school.

kookoon : I wish I had a professor like him

Joseph De Mello : So I should have a lightning rod at my house?

No This is Patrick : Volts can't kill you, it's amps that kill you.

pooya130 : How can you have a 2000V drop across your body if current is low? Doesn't Ohm's law tell you that V = R * I? So a low current times human resistance should be lower than 2000V right?

Kushothe : 120V? We have twice that in Europe.

Edward Deaney : Do people not understand voltage? You can't have a single point which has zero volts; voltage measures potential difference, which is a relative term not an absolute one. The reason he is 'at 200,000 volts' is just because his charge state is higher than the ground's by a certain amount, not because he is at a level. He could be have a PD of 200,000V from the ground, but if he touched something that had a PD of 100,000V from the ground, he would only have a PD of 100,000.

Aaditya Acharya : I need a phy teacher like him!

Ryan L : What an absolutely amazing lecturer. Phenomenal videos! -Sincerely, An Engineering student (Junior).

AviatorDashie : wow the teacher that every kid wants your awesome!

The Dapper Llama : Wow, this dude is a great teacher! I actually learned quite a bit.

Dadycoool : I participated in a Van de Graaff demonstration when I was 10 at a Science Camp. There were two of us up there: me and a girl. She was touching the generator and I was holding a fluorescent light. It was pretty cool, and when I looked at the girl, her hair was sticking up spectacularly. Much more entertaining than seeing this instructor's hair.

Lelle _123 : I wish I had good teachers...

Israel Garcia : 5:55 look at his hare

wardstone1 : What a great teacher..

EruditeWho : I swear someone said "A Pokemon move." When he asked what a Lightning Rod was.

TheGreatSheikh : There's clearly something good about this guy since I watched the whole video without getting bored

Tylor K : Without amperage it wont kill you.

George Guelis : *Kicks him off the stool*

101ified : Now take your hand off the generator, wait 5 seconds, and put your hand back on >:D.

Tayler Brown : even though it's all justified scientifically, he's a pretty brave dude for doing all that lol I wouldn't

ryanhayn : If his body has a given resistance of say 10k ohms, then 200,000V / 10,000 ohms = 20 amps. 20 amps should kill him. What's limiting the current?

9lives : I learnt something