Should a Person Touch 200,000 Volts? A Van de Graaff generator experiment!

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Namjoonie's Expensive Girl : Why am I not dead? I ask myself the same question.

Dan Stephens : I have a degree in electrical engineering and I can tell you...I wish school was that much fun when I was learning! This guy's a great teacher!

Jake Taylor : And the flash was born

RandomGiorgio : Turns out 200000 volts is a good form of hair gel

Potatoe Johnson : Nice to see smosh's Ian hecox decided to get a more professional job

Alex The Great : When he touched it with his right arm, I was legit scared

Big Dipper : It'S nOt ThE vOlTaGe ThAt KiLlS yOu

I'm Juxie : 200,000 volts? 200,000 subs? Awesome coincidence.

Iceypumpkin head : Oh good. No one died. (Meanwhile, in hell) Death: Dang it! Another one got away! Curse You Science!

Christian DiNunzio : That must have hertz a watt.

Rayan : It probably Hertz

Joyson Wildhart : lol watch this touches metal electricity ball dies class: :O

TheGreatSheikh : There's clearly something good about this guy since I watched the whole video without getting bored

Scorpio Snake : Question - Should a Person Touch 200,000 Volts? Answer - Well as long as that person is not me , Yes , sure why not . I wanna see what happens !!

VegetaSama20 : Finally charge my phone fast

Jose Rodriguez : "What would happen if I touched the dome with my right hand at the same time?" "You would go Super Saiyan!" I was hoping to hear that answer. Was somewhat disappointed :/

Reee : Im confused. A quick google search tells me the human body is about 100,000 ohms. If you touch a 200,000V source, then ground, the voltage is 200,000 V. So I = V/R. So current = 200,000 / 100,000. So Current = 2 Amps. But another quick google search tells me that the current a human can experience before its lethal is 0.1 - 0.2 Amps. Shouldn't he die? What am I missing here?

Simba916k : The science teacher we all wish we had..

Allan Dsouza : When you wanna spike your hair and your a science teacher

Alex Dahan : I wish I had him as a teacher

The last FPS : It’s the amps that kill you, not the voltage

ListenTunes : How many times have you watched this in the last 8 years? cause for me its like 30

Mystic Moose : if i had a teacher like this in high school i would probably have invented teleportation by now

Adarsh s : Now thats a good teacher

Okabe Lintahlo : 3:04 That actually got me

Samsung/Android Is the best/Fortnite sucks : Came here from electroboom

The Drevar : "No baloney just science" "It's not the voltage that kills, it's really current" (or something like that) Excuse me?

Zangetsu999999 : I wish I had a teacher like this guy.

TheeLeg3nd : Funny thing is my school went to see the same guy do the exact same experiment back in Elementary School

That one kid : Video - should a person to touch 200,000 volts? Me - NO.

LEOPARD_GAMING : I want to be in that class

Bayu : When will this bug be patched?

B.W.S.K. : Should a person touch 200000 volts? Depends on the person - I have a list of people who should...

Movie Clips : the science teacher we all wish we had

darkstar_ 8619 : Its Amps that kill you not volts

manoj rajanna : no humans harmed during the act

Austin Farr : We have the same watch.

Airborne : Perfect example on how to teach kids something in a very good way and something they will remember for the rest of their lifes. Well done mr. Teacher - From a colleague teacher

H2NB Productions : i feel bad for coming electricity bill xD

___Jakóp___ : But what... How this small steel ball makes 200 000 volts. How.

Thundra : Aren't lightning rods just catching a lightning bolt and diverting the current through a much better conductor than a house (thick conductors with low resistance) into the ground and thereby keeping the building and the flamable materials as well as electronical devices inside of it from getting rushed through by the full current? I mean lightnings tend to strike buildings that build up an opposite charge to the coulds which much like in a condenser happens automaticly as soon as there is a big enough charge on one side so I could see the idea and why you would want to try getting rid of the opposite (relative) charge that you have but on the other hand wouldnt you have to bring the entire earth (since afterall your building is connected to it) to the same voltage as the thunder clouds for that to work? It seems like just offering an alternative and much better condoctor instead of the building is the much more efficient and reliable way to prevent not the lightning from striking your house but from causing damage to it.

KSAM The Randomizer : Im a insulator

Angelo IV : that class seems fun... until they take the exam

Zavi : Later that day he dies

Nico Coquet : Exactly.. why am I not dead

Goabnb94 : What this doesn't explain, though, is why with 200,000V a high current doesn't flow. You can touch both terminals of a 9V battery and with 100K odd resistance of the body, not enough current flows (lick the terminals and you'll feel it). But if a 110-120V outlet can provide enough current, despite your body's resistance, to kill you, then why can't 200,000V? Especially considering that as voltage increases, your body's resistance decreases as the electrons penetrate your skin to your blood. A static shock can be high enough current to kill but over such a short period of time that their simply isn't enough power to do harm. But with a Van de Graaf it is always building up charge relatively quickly, that shouldn't he be getting shocked (and quite large but not lethal) every time he touches the grounding rod or moves to the floor? Why with such a high voltage is current low? Because ohms law indicates V=IR, so with 200K voltage, and 100K resistance, current such be 2A. Definitely would be a painful shock that would force the body to react uncontrollably.

Pruthvi Raj : I've studied physics, electricity and electronics for 5 years and this is more interesting than all my lectures combined until now!!

Can we get 5000 subs with no videos : Thanks for asking yes they should

Dev Official : *Love Educational videos, keeps up the good work 😁*

Sam Sam : this is the jefferson lab? seems way more chill than i thought it would be