Should a Person Touch 200,000 Volts? A Van de Graaff generator experiment!

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Erhhh Steveee G : And the flash was born

Namjoonie's Expensive Girl : Why am I not dead? I ask myself the same question.

B.W.S.K. : Should a person touch 200000 volts? Depends on the person - I have a list of people who should...

Zangetsu999999 : I wish I had a teacher like this guy.

Simba916k : The science teacher we all wish we had..

AmateurYoutuber : This guy is amazing. Only teacher I've seen in my entire life that doesn't make me sleep. I always had problems with electricity chapter in 6th grade because our teacher would never explain us stuff. Now all that mystery I had is gone because I watched an 8 minute video. Amazing.

connor nicholls : I would love him as my science teacher

Nicolas Fernandez : I couldnt understand the reason why he is not dead

No This is Patrick : Volts can't kill you, it's amps that kill you.

RobbieFPV : That teacher is awesome. I knew everything in the video already but I still very much enjoyed watching it. +1

samsoulee : That's some good teaching !!!!!

nygeek64 : Wow this teacher is amazing..

aZa : awesome! i wish i had a teacher like him :)

Tony nilsson : began my journey about 5 hours ago with some speedway. i saw a guy trying to break glass, i saw some guys shoot nails from a shotgun and now this. this has been an interesting night with youtube.

Presley Carpenter : itd be such a different society if teachers were more interesting like this more people would be inpired

Mr. KP : most of the comments are about how they wish this guy was their teacher. i wish he was my teacher too

Walwalkn Wewnrkl : If I had such a teacher in high school, I would've been a physicist today..

Dimon : So my hair has electrons 24/7 non stop ? couse my hair is always up lol .

Anony Mous : Truthfully I didn't learn anything until the end. I thought a lightning rod was supposed to provide something for the lightning to physically strike and follow all the way to ground without going through one's house and potentially electrocuting someone and/or starting a fire. I had no idea it diffused the charge in the immediate area to prevent a strike in the first place.

Julian George : these high school kids still scream when the lights are turned off :P

supaH : I finally have a reason to watch youtube videos over going to school.

Joseph De Mello : So I should have a lightning rod at my house?

kookoon : I wish I had a professor like him

Israel Garcia : 5:55 look at his hare

ryanhayn : If his body has a given resistance of say 10k ohms, then 200,000V / 10,000 ohms = 20 amps. 20 amps should kill him. What's limiting the current?

George Guelis : *Kicks him off the stool*

Aaditya Acharya : I need a phy teacher like him!

bahaaldin hmeidan : Wish he had online classes

The Dapper Llama : Wow, this dude is a great teacher! I actually learned quite a bit.

Edward Deaney : Do people not understand voltage? You can't have a single point which has zero volts; voltage measures potential difference, which is a relative term not an absolute one. The reason he is 'at 200,000 volts' is just because his charge state is higher than the ground's by a certain amount, not because he is at a level. He could be have a PD of 200,000V from the ground, but if he touched something that had a PD of 100,000V from the ground, he would only have a PD of 100,000.

R L : What an absolutely amazing lecturer. Phenomenal videos! -Sincerely, An Engineering student (Junior).

wardstone1 : What a great teacher..

Tylor K : Without amperage it wont kill you.

Dadycoool : I participated in a Van de Graaff demonstration when I was 10 at a Science Camp. There were two of us up there: me and a girl. She was touching the generator and I was holding a fluorescent light. It was pretty cool, and when I looked at the girl, her hair was sticking up spectacularly. Much more entertaining than seeing this instructor's hair.

Lelle _123 : I wish I had good teachers...

IJN Yamato : Not gonna lie, when he put his right hand on it and went "boo!" I jumped out of my seat

Info Geek : awesome..wish India had such professors

managMent : I dont understand yet why youre not dead. The Current is the Voltage divided by the resistance. The Human body has a resistance of ~100.000 Ohm and 200000V /100000 Ohm = 2 A. 2 A is fatal. Why arent you dead?

Angelo IV : that class seems fun... until they take the exam

9lives : I learnt something

Guitarfollower22 : Why is this on my suggested list? Why did I watch it? I don't really care about the preceding questions, I enjoyed this video. Thank you YouTube

99 Peons : even though it's all justified scientifically, he's a pretty brave dude for doing all that lol I wouldn't

WWaveform Creations : Professor: "What is a lightning rod?" Students: "gdhjsgbdhsjkgbfhdskbghfjdkgh" Professor: "Correct."

DaeOh : Lol, the kids don't seem to laugh at his jokes about blowing up and his blood boiling and stuff o_O

ZolaMagic25 : What's wrong with just spelling it 'theatre'?

Mau365PP : I can't understand how 120V can create enough current to kill a person and in this demo 200,000V don't (I'm not dissapointed, don't get me wrong haha). But I'm confused since the resistance would be the same and ohm's law says V=IR. If R remains the same then when you increase V, I (current) should increase aswell, right?? Can anyone explain?? Is it because the kind of current?? (You know, AC and DC)

Peet Zuhoot : THIS is how you teach kids, not reading this off a book or having them read it off a sheet of paper.

Bayan Zabihiyan : so in case if someone doesn't know. Voltage is the potential or difference of strength of two sources. current is the amount of electricity. Imagine a river, voltage is the incline, current is the water, and resistance is the width. without voltage (incline), no current (water) will flow no matter the resistance. adding voltage increases the flow. now if you go under a water fall will a super high voltage ( elevation) but little water (current) you will survive. same if you have a lake (lots of current) but no incline (voltage you will live). with both you will die. voltage forces current through the resistance. I hope I made it clear for some people.

Tractorz : so is it at all possible to accidentally hurt or kill yourself with this machine if not careful?

101ified : Now take your hand off the generator, wait 5 seconds, and put your hand back on >:D.