Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim [Official Video]

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AlexM : I guess Gaben is the last form of evolution

junior : In my opinion, one of the best music video clips ever made!

Taikamuna : Who's watching this _RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW?_

Ancor3 : For those who've missed the point, the video is a critique of humanity. All throughout the video we have new species evolving due to new selective pressures. The fish needs swim faster so it becomes more streamlined, then the amfibian needs feet to walk on the land, then the crocodile thingy needs paws to climb trees etc. Only when we get to humans in the video does the trend change. Technological advances have made our lives so easy that we've become fat and lazy. There is no reason to evolve, there are no selective pressures to drive evolution and the t-shirt drives this point home by stating '#1 already so why try harder'. This one of my favorite music videos for sure. Very artistic and it has a message behind it.

wekakiwi : I love how it starts with a round blob and ends with a round blob....

Onuma : I watched it at 2x speed, so it only took 175 billion years.

Dr.Sonny : This one is one of my favourites..the music and the video

Moug MeDuro : Jesus Christ this is just too much nostalgia...

The Racing Monkey : Instant classic

Kai Proton : Longest Simpsons couch gag ever

олеся касимова : Почему не слышно группы Фэт Бои Слим

jump731 : Это прекрасное видео, да и вобще один из прекраснейших фильмов :) Фэтбой Слим блеск!

Pocket Purrer : Oh, it's one of these "everyone knows this song but don't know it's name" songs, welp, glad i founded it

iGREKKESS : Bless MTV for making this video possible <3

Manuel Matteo : We watched this in Biology class lol

Oscar jimenez : 370 Billion Years Later We're still Here

Colin McMahon : Sort of grating, isn't it? I've never set foot in the place. Why would I need to?

ACID : Uno de los mejores videos musicales de la historia

J. Cam : Yeah, that's basically every biology lesson in 1 3 Minute and 48 Second video. Very Impressive.

David Perdomo : When life throws a crisis your way, you better figure out how to evolve, to become something you’re not yet, something better :)

[toastedroast] : Right here in the Nostalgia, I miss 1999

Wir sind Katzen : Saw this remember in 2010....Looked at the video and the music fits perfectly....After 7 years later i found this song........

Ericsson : Better than James bond mission impossible

optiorespb : So, Gabe Newell is the final form of evolution?

Charlie Andersson : Loved it 1998 and still love it 2019.

marko 2001 : It took many years for animal to move.

Matrixed : 1998.. 90's.. the good ole years

Mistrr Zerry : "That's not what I've said! :'(" - Charles Darwin

Anya Bilto : this was the first song on earth

Alex Shiva Botez : one of the most brilliant vids and concepts ever, along with massive attack's "teardrop"

Lesner : I do not want to criticize anything, but I got scared of this gorilla XD

Ruffyisad : But i need my back in then win xp pentium d (?) Laptop with the media player that has the visuals. Then we good gs!

harako 素人Tuber 目指せ登録1000人! : 何かが今から始まる時に最適な一曲ですね! どこからともなくヤル気がみなぎります♪

terrorista31 : "This isn't even my final form!" 😂

Ogre Thug : Refference song. Perfect !

ADEDOTUN AKANDE : Who's right here right now in 2018 ? 😊

Jarrah White : Loved this video back in the 90s, but I gotta say that the timer is grossly inaccurate. The earliest lifeforms date back to 3.5 billion years ago, not 350 billion years ago. Hell, the entire universe is only about 13 billion years old! And the Earth itself is only 5 billion years old.

Olega_friend : *James Gang – Ashes, The Rain And*

Ram Kumar : The theme song of mindfulness meditation !

Lord Skeptic : A lot of people saying about the Timeline not being accurate and that this it not how evolution happened. This is a music video not an educational video about evolution.

astyanx : that god damned happy dinosaur in the background pisses me off

fullmetalu : Apex soundtrack totally stole this.

Michael Rose : A great song to play when football teams enter the pitch before the game

Peter Griffin : listening to this song gives me nostalgia

Rainer Hans-Josef Becker : AA TT AA RR II ME oNe trillion times one trillon sun turns old and from beyond your weltenall !@#

Joy Thekiso : after about 7 years searching for this I found it I found it I found it I found it

Zlatko beljan : yessss 2018 croatia

Принцесса Надя : Как изучить теорию эволюции за 4 минуты

Armand Brown : the most 90s thing on youtube thats not Sandstorm