Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim [Official Video]

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Kai Proton : Longest Simpsons couch gag ever

Ancor3 : For those who've missed the point, the video is a critique of humanity. All throughout the video we have new species evolving due to new selective pressures. The fish needs swim faster so it becomes more streamlined, then the amfibian needs feet to walk on the land, then the crocodile thingy needs paws to climb trees etc. Only when we get to humans in the video does the trend change. Technological advances have made our lives so easy that we've become fat and lazy. There is no reason to evolve, there are no selective pressures to drive evolution and the t-shirt drives this point home by stating '#1 already so why try harder'. This one of my favorite music videos for sure. Very artistic and it has a message behind it.

Anya Bilto : this was the first song on earth

Riv Ras : 2018 anyone ?

junior : In my opinion, one of the best music video clips ever made!

Lotus : After 350 Billion years I found it!

The Racing Monkey : Instant classic

optiorespb : So, Gabe Newell is the final form of evolution?

Gio Pal : Meaning of the song: Evolution is finished, we are not running anymore


wekakiwi : I love how it starts with a round blob and ends with a round blob....

ColonelRoge : I like the follow up song better 'Somewhere else, maybe later"

TheRadishBros : This music video is amazing, but it always makes me feel a little melancholy too. Humans have effectively "won" the race; we control the planet and can do whatever we want to the environment and other species. After billions of years, it feels like we've reached the end... and we might be the last great species on the planet if it becomes unlivable in the next hundred years or so.

Pocket Purrer : Oh, it's one of these "everyone knows this song but don't know it's name" songs, welp, glad i founded it

ADEDOTUN AKANDE : Who's right here right now in 2018 ? 😊

Belle M : A top song of 1999, still listened to today

TheSlenderman : was watching the Movie Strange Days from 1995 and at runtime 1:43:15 the lady smacks the guy and says this is your life RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW! im 99.99% sure thats the audio cut for this song it just jumped out at me. the music beGAN TO PLAY IN MY HEAD

Veni Vidi Vici : I dont quite agree with the timeline but the baseline works

Snip : RIP Darwin ...

Joe Jupiter : The Big Bang happened 13.8 billion years ago. This video begins with "350 billion years ago". It's clearly a video from the Pre-Wikipedia-Era.

Ukulele Dude : 2018!!

DaniMan13 GD : The Evolution Right Here Right Now!!! 😃😍😍

Dr.Sonny : This one is one of my favourites..the music and the video

Matthew Vorster : The only problem with this is '350 billion years'

Andriy Shamryk : one of the greatest video i ever seen

Alex Shiva Botez : one of the most brilliant vids and concepts ever, along with massive attack's "teardrop"

Baby Driver : The love the part where the beat starts when the fish starts walking on land

Joy Thekiso : after about 7 years searching for this I found it I found it I found it I found it

Mohamed Abdalla : We watched this in music class lol

Joshua Hossain : Holy shit. This was amazing.

Brandon NAYLOR : it took a 100 million year to put tshirt on

starquant : I'm glad the evolution series includes JUNK FOOD.....

AnderssonArad : Charles Darwin's favorite video

Gaznuza ;-D : Best fcking music video ever!

electrictroy2010 : ERROR: The earth is only 5 billion years old, not 350. Also primate-mammals evolved from furry reptiles, not croc-type reptiles.

Just Skullz : This brings me back memories of when I was in primary school. Good times ;).

Jorge Alexander : Right here, Right Now presente en los suplementarios, en Russia 2018

TheRubberStudiosASMR : Amazing how far we've come.

T u X : The first time I heard this song was in 2007 when my teacher played this to pump up his students before a race.

Jake Jake : 2018 русские, прием

Notis Asikis : +1 αν ήρθες εδώ από τους UH

Manuel Matteo : We watched this in Biology class lol

DaMusicMan. : Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim [Official Video] :D

Fingaz Mc : One of the best songs, from one of the best albums, by one of the best artists (under any of his many names, look it up) and one of the best videos ever!

DaXtrose : and now the space era will start

David Perdomo : When life throws a crisis your way, you better figure out how to evolve, to become something you’re not yet, something better :)

Jan Bruns : What a video.. in 2018. The music always played in my head.

chido vlogs : Si evolucion lo que me me gusta estuvo chido like porfa

Paul Widdowson : When I used to go arsenal they used to play this before games and it used to be rocking before big games especially

Jatinder Singh : Creation of God.👍