Fact Fiend Update - Selling Out (No thanks)
Former Cracked writer replying to MCNs egMaker and Studio71 after his channel Fact Fiend gains over 100k subs in 3 weeks

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With the recent explosion of subscribers to the main Fact Fiend channel, we've had a lot of interest from people wanting to partner with us. Here's a conversation myself and Brad had about one in particular and why they can suck my nut sack. Enjoy. Soulless Corporate Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHwmtbhfvCY Email Correspondence: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x-SJPAmHmtCABIeaFn-HyA3vmnsGWUzkv08gti5WK_M/edit?usp=sharing


Eleanor Garrity : Brad appreciation comment

Vallahd Sacretor : Gotta give Ben this: he put it in plain English, and that I can respect.

Big fan of Gorillaz : wow man a legit creator that actually does it for fun and entertainment more than money,Good man

[sic] : We want to advertise on your popular media... but first we want you to remove everything that made it popular and worth advertising on...

Kore : I have the same stuff going on in my emails. No one wants to be bull shitted, so why do they always do just that? *"I've been a fan since I saw your most popular video"* jokes on them my most popular video is completely different to my normal content πŸ˜‚

MrTinyface : "But I'd rather keep my soul" Hot damn Karl

Carlos Rodriguez : Even when you guys pass a million, keep the content like this. Don't make it formal and hyper professional. I like that the production is a bit amateurish (no offense).

Baron von Quiply : _"Can you smell what The Wood is cooking?"_

Fandangoh Analo : I enjoyed this video very much. As someone who just watches youtube videos and does not make them, this was rather informative on how businesses try to get ya. This is why i subbed to both channel. Its because i can tell that you and brad actually care about these videos. Please keep up the great work karlsmallwood and brad. Cheers!

2thinkcritically : Alcohol - that's a paddlin' Non-family friendly subjects - that's a paddlin' Swearing - OH, that's a paddlin'


Ian Austin : But if an alcohol company tried to sponsor you, would you accept? Would you sellout for infinite Alcohol Karl?!

ClokworkGremlin : Cards on the table: if an advertiser actually wanted to run ads against Fact Fiend, swearing, politics, alcohol and everything, I would definitely be more inclined to look into their brand

Epsilon : Hey Karl. Good to see people like you and Brad still exist. I found your channel recently and it was become one of my favorites. Keep up the good work and I will continue to look forward to new videos.

Zane Hall : Thank you. As a cameraman for hire and a creator myself. Thank you.

Mischa Sofyan : You got some big balls for someone named Smallwood. Got nothing but respect for that

A Random Guy : "I'd rather keep my soul" OOF

Luna Otimas : somebody please make a gif of him bringing the laptop up. I need it. For reasons.

Corylus Bluefox : I love your content, and it's rare to see a channel with such integrity. Keep doing what you're doing, you're awesome!

Megan Doherty : That's it.... Arnie and Mat Pat are ruined for me.. thanks for sharing this . It's good to know about what the hell goes on in the background with YouTube. Love the content!! X

Azujem the Mage : Shove it down their throats, Karl. Give them your namesake.

Taffy Apple Gaming : How is 'them' editing your videos, not taking away any creative control?

Will Mcmeekin : Karl's editor is named Brad Pewdiepies editor is also named brad Pewdiepie is Karl confirm Pewdiepie is also Dolan Dark So is Karl Dolan Dark?

Henry Smith : I am so glad you showed as this. Brad,the drink,the swearing,the green screen not fitting are as much a part of the videos as Karl is.πŸ†πŸ˜

Dan Lloyd : I wouldnt mind you taking a sponsor as long as you actually enjoy the product and agree with it. At the end of the day "selling out " is needed to grow as a channel. But obviously it's your say

TheOtherGuys2 : I used to watch Matthew Santoro, until I saw one of his videos where he practically read, word for word, an article I'd read years before on Cracked.com. I recognized the article, went and found it, and then immediately unsubscribed. Also commented and told him (and everyone else) why. Also, I didn't know you used to write for Cracked until just now (after writing the above). I checked and you wrote several of the articles I read and enjoyed! Now I'm gonna have to read them again, but I'll have your voice in my head. :D

Jessica Bouchard : I appreciate your continued screw you to sellouts, thank you for being badass.

Ambrose : I love karl, so funny. But bro you asked for more info.

JetpackDino : I don't say this often, but u two are bloody legends. I am so happy I found this channel cause u guys are one of the few content creators on YouTube that I respect. Cheers.

A A : He maybe Smallwood but once again shows who has the largest balls.

Darren Kelly : Karl Smallwood: the only remaining person on YouTube who doesn't sell out

TheShadowfire204 : I already loved your videos but after seeing this I have so much more respect for you. Your content makes my day. Keep up the great work. Also long live Brad.

Fakjbf : What would you think about working with a company like Studio 71, but instead of homogenizing content for a wide variety of creators they would find companies who are fine advertising against content that includes things like drinking and swearing? There are probably lots of companies who are totally fine with potentially controversial content, it seems like it should at least be possible to have a company who's goal is to pair such companies with creators like you who refuse to change your content to suite the major advertising companies.

LetsPlayKeldeo : Studio 71 For reals ?

james smith : Karl, I'm sorry for getting your channels mixed up.

Scuffed Reaper : Thats why i love fact feind, karl and brad cause you guys arent sell outs and you think of the content before the money

Jakewake 52 : The best bit about warcorps666 is he only has one video on that channel and it’s form 3 years ago saying he wants a drink

Camp Kemp : I literally just found your channel around that time...I might be Illuminati? Not sure? But I do enjoy the channel... keep up the great work... lmao πŸ˜‚

P Z E : *Our videos *We made. Brad is right next to you Qarl. He's as much why I watch these vids as you. Either way, Im proud of you both. Keep doing you.

revmpandora : Good on you mate!

Thomas Grant : 1 word to describe you Karl Legend

Rory Vazley : I'm glad Warcorpse got mentioned, one of the classic NEETs

Andreas Kure : Yay Call out to Lurpak... Or call off??? Shouting at... What you wanna call it. I know this isn't a positive thing in this case. I'm just showing my dane colours.

Evelien Boekhout : You are the hero this platform needs

TheShadowfire204 : *accepts partnership* *Brad disappears* *bleeps out every other word* *any alcohol is censored and blurred out in a circle at all times*

MagicMaster667 : *>Subscribed to this channel 5 hours ago* *>Finds out that it has uploaded a **_kinda-sorta-not-really_** main channel episode* *>Nice*

daniel hunt : This is a great video

Laura Henriksen : Dude, I live you guys all the more. Well played as well done. Good Sirs! 😁

WILL GILLIES : APPLAUSE! You do you Karl, I love your videos as they are. Their you, their unique to you.