"Dillon!, You Son of a Bitch" Predator Epic Handshake (ORIGINAL)

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F BB : My guinea pig saw this, I now live in his cage.

The Real Last Jedi : Gillette hates this scene, too toxic

Dredd : I send this video to a Nigerian prince and he wired me a million dollars.

SkeleToN ! : The handshake that stopped racisim

jerzy franek : when it was still legal to be a Man.

Alex TheAsianSensation : I was watching this in my car I got off and left my phone while the video was still playing. came back to see my car was now a choppa!

Ramon Cruz : I saw this with my 1yr old son. He can now bench me.

Playtime Sid : Took a leak after watching this and pissed out bullets.

UrbanOutlawsSk8Co : I watched this on my Xbox and now it's a PC

Tacomaholic : This scene made my facial hair grow faster.

VaughnJogVlog : If the Predator was watching this he would have gone back to his ship to cry.

randy yav : I showed this to Chuck Norris. He's still Chuck Norris.

Conor McGregor's Dolly : 0:20 That clap shattered my screen

Srinivas Sriramoju : So you don't need an infinity gauntlet to wipe out half of universe.

Neophyte : that sound when the palms make contact is like 90 decibels.

Corrupt Cop God : Whenever I run out of Cialis or Viagra I just play this clip

Red Hood : My battery was very low before this. Not anymore...

Mr. Handsome : I showed this to an ordinary octopus, now he's a kraken

ScotchScotchScotch : Was drinking a bud light while watching this. It turned into Jack Daniels and motor oil.

Somali pirate who's actually somali : I showed this to my cat.... Now he's a tiger.

Christian Moreno : I grew a third ball.

John Hutchins : This is the only ever video to get Chuck Norris to raise an eyebrow.

1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !! : I played this video in a job interview and they made me plant manager the next day. 👍

Kuda95 M : Watched this in the gym.....now they need heavier weights

Zofirael : played it on my phone in a bus... all women in here are now pregnant.

1Mrsweetness : Daaamn,that sweaty hand shake and biceps , Testosteron is pouring out of my computer.

Rhys Nichols : 0:21 The shirt Carl weathers (Dillon) is wearing actually was his own and cost around £200, he brought it so he could go out on the weekend. However it had long sleeves so the director said he had to cut the sleeves short to show the muscle. Carl was mad about this but he got paid $200 so he agreed. If you look closely you can see there wraps around the cut off point to cover it up! Just some info so you can impress the ladies

Brian Huts : Imagine if it was filmed by Michael Bay. Whole budget in that handshake explosion

robvanspunkmeyer : 212 people have been pushing too many pencils.

Phillyinthis BitchYouhearddat? : This is how i greet the elderly In the retirement home i work in

hugh jarms : watched this in my truck driving to work: it turned into Optimus prime!

Andy Doufreisn : When Americans were still men

Heaven Piercer : i showed this to my 2 year old son and now he 's the dad.

Muhammad Shuginubi : I've heard that Chuck Norris himself blessed that handshake

blackiechan52 : The handshake that beat thanos in avengers end game

Morf Morf Vandewalt : You can still feel the shockwave from it in 2019

JagsFan '95 : I used to have problems with erectile dysfunction, and other aliments associated with low testosterone, but this scene cured it.

BeatboxMitchel : My girlfriend was watching this scene with me. She now has a beard and she is top and i am bottom

benrocks 309 : 0:21 and that was how the universe began

Man O'Neal : At the moment of their hands touching, somewhere in a pocket across the universe, a young boy experienced his first erection and didn't understand why.

Nate River : My beard grew biceps after watching this.

Rowdy Brown : so thats why dillion had a wooden hand in happy gilmore...

Jonathan Mendez : The handshake that ended racism.

Mark Angel : I watched this and some how i was bench pressing my house

Ailes : My sperms turned into frogs after they heard the smacks

Khongor Enkhbold : i showed this to my little brother now he's older than me

papillon : I watched this scene 9 months ago. Now I’ve been slapped with 23 paternity suits. Thanks a lot Arnold!

nkosi collier : Greatest handshake of all time! 🙌🏿

lucky dominguez : I was 10 when watching predator the first time two years ago, i see this scene and now i´m 47 and have eleven kids, killed a women having sex too.