When City Planning in Cities Skylines goes even worse
Cities Skylines Building a city with visible class divisions

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We have deliberately created a class divide between North and South where the rich pump their waste to the poor. Everything was fine until the flood struck ~Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/rtgamecrowd ~Merch Shop: https://eu.rtgame.net/ ~Twitter: https://twitter.com/RTGameCrowd ~Discord: https://discord.gg/rtgame


RoyTards : “Why are they all dying?” *”Well I’ll build a graveyard I guess”*

Krownake : Reporter: a sinkhole has appeared somewhere in the city RTgame: it’s fine

C0PY CA1 : "Wait I can just put this pipe anywhere... *wait, where's the school?"*

C0PY CA1 : "You can't have unhappy citizens, *if you don't have any citizens"*

Absolynth : This is a great example of how lets plays can sell copies. I honestly have zero interest in these types of games, but seeing a poop pipe flood a street and people running around well. There's only so many excuses I can make to NOT open my wallet.

Jesse Nguyen : Top Ten Quotes Moments Before Disaster #10:”I’ve learned how to play City Skylines now!”

Plasminium : “Let’s go back to the north side! :D” *INHALES* “M O R E F A C T O R I E S.”

In-Depth Gaming : +People are sick sir! -What are our options? +The people are so desperate they say they will build a clinic for free! -And a graveyard? +150000$ ... -Graveyard it is then.

Send S : RT: *puts sewage pipe on school* RT: Why are they all dying? Me: WELL I DOn't KnOw

xReadyAimMissx : My husband just installed cities on his xbox. I've been playing on pc. I told him, he should watch some how-to videos to get a good idea of how the basics work in this game. He works two jobs, so he doesn't have much time to play. I figured that would help him understand the game quicker so he can take advantage of the small amount of time he has to game. I'm going to insist he watch this video. :D

RedLikeARose : having seen some of your videos now on my recommended... does your name stand for "Ruin That Game"?

Nicole : "New Dublin will triumph again! We will rebuild it but the 240- 230- 220 people left in the city-" 9:02 God this killed me :D xD LMAOO

Thomas The West : As a dubliner I can confirm that this is exactly what Dublin looks like.

Baxter Colloid : You can’t have unhappy citizens If you don’t have any citizens

shaloooooam : “That’s the last thing she ever did” lmaoooooo #runrunrun

Christine Rhiona : "I have now learned how to play City Skylines. And, because I've now learned how to play it, I can now do much worse things than just meteors." That's where I stopped the video and came back after making sure that I'm mentally prepared for whatever madness shall occur next.

Feather The Third Wheel : Tsunami? More like poopnami

Ya Boi : RT, that kiiilllls people.

Chief Huff Daddy : Oh No The North Side is so poor *Hits with Meteor* Oh No the South Side *Hit with Tsunami* Oh No There Are still Some Survivors Alexa Play Country Roads *COUNTRY ROADS! TAKE ME HOME! TO THE PLACE! I BELONG! WEST VIRGINIA!!!! MOUNTAIN MOMMA! TAKE ME HOME! COUNTY ROADSS!!* New Dublin has been hit with like 20 Meteors #RunRunRun

Mish 24 : I lived in that poop hole ya know. Thanks for flooding it.

Zh ng : > tsunami comes > RT panics while a sound clip of " city of a thousand dreams " play

Bálint Borsodi : 6:07 welcome to the socrealistic district of Soviet Dublin

KangaKatt : “I guess if they’re so sick we might just pop in a second-“ *me: hospital?* “Graveyard.”


Lilliz91 : “Oooh, you’re supposed evacuate before the tsunami comes. That makes sense” lmao

rizune : New Dublin? Hmm, don't let the American invade. They always make a ton of fries, and we all know what happens when the potatoes are gone...

Timothy Frick : this is one of the very few times he did a city skylines video without country roads in it

Bill Wilson : >A Bouncy Castle >right next to a 200 Feet deep Sinkhole What could possibly go wrong?

CooperPlayz- Roblox : 1:25 those two plots of land that aren’t green *takes a deep breath* It’s fine... No it’s not we all know that

Buck : “I’ve now learned how to play Cities: Skylines”-RTGame

Rogue Viper : How many people were on a bouncy castle jumped to high fell into a sinkhole and lived long enough to see it become a poopit... #snorkelday

Chandler Sun : Sick? More clinic? No no no More grave yard✅

DarkOmegaMK2 : "I now learned how to play city skylines"

Axel 92 : Welcome to the salty spittoon how tough are ya I live on the north side Right this way sir

Otis Jaimon : *stay calm! i think it missed us!* - the meteor hits - E V E R Y O N E D I E S

Lol !ouch oh no Pleas don’t hurt me : I think this is why the moon has so many craters

Ya boi God : “Red brick houses” “posh”

Orcus : as a young lad from Longford, you recreated Dublin perfectly RT. good job. only one thing... you forgot the hellhole known as Dublin airport.

Nathaniel Snyder : "It can be a little rough on the north side" *Makes a sewage pipe pumping sewage onto an elementary school*

Protagnis YT : And I thought MY town was a shithole

I'm obsessed with anime : *i swear to god it always ends with mass destruction*

Justinaccurate : This time ISP stole YOUR video *clap clap*

DonTNT Games : Vote RT for toiseach

GD Dreadious : 2:38 “You know class divide doesn’t exist despite the evidence you see here that shows that class divide clearly exists.” XD

Luiz Eduardo : "Why are they all dying? Ok let's get a graveyard I guess..." And that's how you solve issues.

Sam Johnson : *Floods the entire city with shit* “Financially, this was a great decision”

Ben Poole : New Dublin is pure class divide

Maddy Evelyn : People are getting sick???? Hospital???? RTgame: 2nd grace yard

Amazuber : RTG for President!