Sci-Fi Short Film "The OceanMaker" Presented by DUST

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Darion D'Anjou : wow. i really loved this short. for me no dialogue forces the storyteller to find visual ways to tell a pretty complex story in this case. very impressive.

Jody Fulford : Plot continues.... Rains don't quit until everything is under water. Along comes Kevin Costner.

D Cat : I was reading a bit about the making of this short. In spite of the troubles, the animators, sound, writers and composer all have put together a wonderful story. Your passion shows through

Red Coat : Another brilliant!!! So much talent, such good stories, its a Sci Fi at its most beautiful and best.

Floyd Looney : Too bad about that village depending on the airliner, all those dead dehydrated children.

Jason Price : Great animation but I am growing weary of these eco-end of the world stories that take completely impossible starting points. The atmospheric carrying capacity if it was all 35 C is nowhere close to enough to hold all the water that is in all the oceans. Yes, I am nit picking. Yes, I will continue to. Great scifi is great because it starts from a point of plausibility and then wraps it in a moral play.

Mike Btrfld : I live in the driest state in America, Nevada. We used to have aquatic dinosaurs in a vast inland sea. Then, 16,000 years ago the Sierras rose up, and turned us into a desert. Really enjoyed this movie!

Wayne Clarkson : That is a totally amazing short film loved it.

Michael Hovsomething : Glad I finally watched. Kept passing it by because the pic for the video looked like Kim Jon Un behind binoculars.

Josh K : One of the best shorts I've watched

Pennine Lad : Another classic that could be a much bigger project if someone had the faith to run with it. Good luck! Still fully loving "Dust". Keep up the awesome work people! (& thank you!)

Lawrence Kownacki : Why are all these new Sci-fi ideas showing only dystopian futures? There should be themes showing cool, inspiring, what's possible etc.

Tim Brennan : The animation is great, but the SJWs are killing science fiction.

Andrés Rodrigo Escobar Arias : Interesting how they turned an OV-1 into a biplane

Marty Smith : The RainMaker would make much more sense to me as a title

Zogg from Betelgeuse : Are we sure we know who are actually the bad guys in this story? Let's see: We have a) a dry, post-apocalyptic world, obviously after some (probably global) climate catastrophe, and b) Some VERY advanced, seemingly magic weather manipulating technology, based on a strange yellow fog that triggers a large scale atmospheric chain reaction. (The sudden appearance of a hydrogen compound in the atmosphere suggests some kind of cold fission.) It is extremely unlikely that such a sophisticated technology has been developed after the catastrophe in a society struggling to survive, You don't develop cold fission in a makeshift lab in a garage. However. it would be much more likely that the technology dates back from before the global disaster. From there, it' wouldn't be much of a stretch to assume that said technology was actually the very cause of the catastrophe. In other words: In an attempt to "improve" the climate, mankind toyed with powers it couldn't control. In the aftermath of those events, it's safe to assume that the continued usage of weather manipulation technology would be if not illegal, so at least morally reprehensible. On the other hand, merely harvesting atmospheric water would be much less dangerous, and possibly just a common way to provide water for the survival of the population. In other words, the lonely pilot with his climate manipulation device is the bad guy here, and the harvesters are simply enforcing the law, and - more importantly - desperately trying to prevent an irresponsible jerk from repeating the errors of the past and messing up the climate even worse by triggering another uncontrollable chain reaction, possibly pushing mankind further towards extinction. In the tragic end, our brave heroes destroy the villain's aircraft but ultimately fail in preventing the disaster; the chain reaction is triggered, and the film ends with the shocked reaction of the inhabitant of the lighthouse who finds the plan of the diluvian device, sees the uncontrollably rising sea level and realises what just happened, possibly thinking "Oh no, not again!"

Dan Harmon : How incredibly clueless. If the Earth had lost that much surface water everyone would have to live 24/7 in survival suits. Hell, I doubt those planes would even fly with the atmosphere being that thin either. Etc, etc, etc...

Dude Itsjeff : You get an a+ on animation. But why was everybody shooting at each other? I didn’t get that part. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation it’s just weird they didn’t say.

Idkgamer 57 : Cool

NEEL KAMAL : Beautiful shot film I love that really

Ramon Mata : Superb animation!

Merchant Ivory : Bravo! I really don't enjoy shorts on YouTube but that had me hooked from start to finish! You deserve an Oscar Nom!

mrmongo673 : Fantastic story, great animation!

LIGO : Too bad they got the physics concept backwards, "funneling" seeded or unseeded clouds would increase the AP therefore reducing moister...

Mercurion : Brilliant is an understatement. This is an excellent message. Thanks for the share!

John Parrish : If you feel a need to make a few hundred thousand more of these then PLEASE DO.

Idkgamer 57 : Should be a movie

LaBibbia : This is deep

FreshCoffeeParts : tears

ezzz9 : An outstanding film! In less than 1 minute you lay a backstory on us without a word. Then tell a wonderful story of hope and still no words spoken. 10 stars :)

Philip Rhoades P : Just fantastic realism! Amazing . .

RowDogSA : Brilliant short! Great thing about CG is you can create whatever you want. It doesn't have to be realistic or logical. If it touches your emotions, it has done its job. Great work. Well done.

John Langley : Awesomely done!

TurnTimeTable : One of the very best shorts I've ever seen. Very moving and meaningful.

DAVAD M DAVAD : There are so many poorly contrived short films theses days, created by kids with access to amazing technology. This one? AMAZING. A true clean short story without a single word of dialogue. We understand it beginning to end. Wonderful, whomever you are.

Mr. Response : THAT. WAS. AWESOME!

bmdiver09 : Just awesome

Rich Cripps : It's amazing what you can do with 10 mins, bravo!

Madness by Design : Brilliant. From beginning to end, it engages, and doesn't let up. Well done! The few naysayers here are apparently unfamiliar with cloud seeding, unable to grasp the concept of fighting for resources, or don't like good storytelling.

SirNugger : That was absolutely beautiful

michael raynor : 1 best little short sci-fi's I've seen. Although I never agree with the hero dying in that manner in the end

BNoble52 : That is story telling... excellent!!

meryem gayhan : o son uçakta THY logosu mu vardı?

fuldk : Dumb disjointed flim...yuk

Kyle Jackson : that was a great film 5 stars for a short film

Santiago Gutierrez : Actions speak louder than words.

belinda hawkins : Water is precious now If and when water becomes more Precious than life We r all doomed Excellent cgi the story is heartbreaking

dinesh bharathi : Woow... Such a brilliant one 😍😍👌👌👌

indyjons321 : And then theres that one guy that got the A-10.