Episode 1: Steamed Hans

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Those sneaky little nazis are at it again! Follow along with the crazy hijinks of Obergruppenführer Ploetz and his ragtag group of nazi clones! Not offended by our adorable nazi cartoon? Then consider supporting us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/supersciencefriends Check out our full episodes! Episode 1: The Phantom Premise https://youtu.be/GjKGWvdSamQ Episode 2: Electric Boogaloo https://youtu.be/dmWvb1UXiZY Episode 3: Nobel of the Ball https://youtu.be/OqddyhYb6zI Episode 4: Freudian Sleep https://youtu.be/6VBWwvJjdxc Episode 5: Are You There God, It's Me Darwin https://youtu.be/-WJlwMxvJA0 Super Science Friends Christmas https://youtu.be/QbB8CYZT0RU

Comments from Youtube

miko galang : *Aurora borealis? At this time of day?*

Godzilla King503 : A steamed hams pun! At this time of year,at this corner of the internet! Localized entirely on your channel!?

Erin Lacey : I can already tell this is gonna be a good series.

Liraaell : Can't believe I'm about to say this... but poor Nazis just wanna have fun :(

Кирлджифук Стан : -Well, Nazi, I made it, despite your directions. -Oh, superintendent Nazi! Welcome! I hope you are prepared for an unforgettable Stalingrad occupation! -Meh...

Cat Cuty ღ : nazis are actually so precious edit:animated ones

Firecow124 : Those gosh darn sneaky little nazis

Spazz Tic : "I don't work on the sabbath" I feel like someone joined the wrong group...

Giuarco97 : You made me love nazis... what's wrong with me???

StaticSapphireStudios : How do you make nazis so adorable? (Nice steamed hams reference btw.)

K-Tech ___ : I NAZI that coming

Despicable Gru : Is this the Tapputi episode? I mean she got more lines then in all the others combined

An Intellectual : The intro reminds me of that one scene from the Steamed Hams meme.

Scarlet Letter : 0:51 does that keypad display say BOOBS?

Rafael Medina : Who's your favorite Nazi? Mine's the little blond one.

Dovahxull : i picture this having a laugh track for some reason i think it could fit somehow

richard that person u don't know : Somehow these little scamps caused ww2

Just Another Account : I have the full sneaky little nazi’s song on a cd in my car. I loop the song, it’s so catchy and confusing as heck to my friends

Mr Man : And on today’s episode of out of context sentences... This comment section!

Shizuko _ : I love the Nazi's they're so cute 😊

Remy Fate : It's fun cause I live in argentina, and most people say that's where they came after ww2.

Víctor Báez : was that donkey darwin?

gunnarchannal : 0:50 the door code is 80085 but he only hit 1 and 6, what kind of nazi technology is this?

o : When Count Dankula have fun with his pug it is a crime. When a cartoon makes nazis lovable, cute creation is ok. Just saying. (IMHO the first case was taken a little bit too seriously but who am I) Well these things are beyond me.

naomi walton : The only Nazis I’ll tolerate.

Ice Kor : Number 6 is definitely the worst

stickynotes : i never thought i would say "yay, the nazis are back!" and actually mean it

una clarke : Finally someone created a GOOD spin-off series

gumshoe : “Mary? - I mean, Marie?”

Doran L : Steamed Hams Will Never Die

Gat the Man : I think what make these Nazi's so likable is how unthreatening they are or more concern with just goofing around than global conquest.

Mustache Ham : oh, those Nazi clones. Pulling all dem shenanigans instead of spreading terror.

meat boy : a super science friends episode? at this time of day? in this part of the country? localized ENTIRELY in my youtube reccomended?

Tad Strange : I never thought a video about nazis would cheer me up so much

The Trash Lord : The expendable nazis remind me of d-classes

D1ZZY DUDE : 0:24 a secret way to flip someone off 😆

Alicja Dzitkowska : Screw you for making me like nazis by making them into a adorable sitcom

Merlin Melon : No invading Stalingrad today.

Rin12Allen : Why is this so cute? ;;

french backstabber : Steamed hams but it's nazis

YTTHEB Productions : Yessss a spin off series!

João Jacinto : I would like to see more details in the uniforms ;-;

MistuhRobe : Can we get ore Beri... Bureer... their Lovecraft beast next episode, please?

Oskar The guy : Yay, THE NAZIS!

Mariusz Kuszaj : Just wunderbar.

Sterben1942 : Yes a spin-off

Anish S : Rip 83

Avid Arois : Did... he just turn his head 360 degrees to see down his own back?

Fluffy Boio : God damn that Simpsons joke...also invasion of Stalingrad? We all know that isn’t going to go well