Sneaky Little Nazis | Episode 1: Steamed Hans

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Santiago Hiroshi Valdivia Moriyama : Oh nazis..., (.Sitcom laughing sound.)

Godzilla King503 : A steamed hams pun! At this time of year,at this corner of the internet! Localized entirely on your channel!?

miko galang : *Aurora borealis? At this time of day?*

B_D_W_S'_Animation_ : Swastika tits... (it's a background poster)

ΔΘΛΞΠΣΦΨΩ : The code is 8 0 0 8 5

K-Tech ___ : I NAZI that coming

Liraaell : Can't believe I'm about to say this... but poor Nazis just wanna have fun :(

o : When Count Dankula have fun with his pug it is a crime. When a cartoon makes nazis lovable, cute creation is ok. Just saying. (IMHO the first case was taken a little bit too seriously but who am I) Well these things are beyond me.

Scarlet Letter : 0:51 does that keypad display say BOOBS?

Erin Lacey : I can already tell this is gonna be a good series.

Кирлджифук Стан : -Well, Nazi, I made it, despite your directions. -Oh, superintendent Nazi! Welcome! I hope you are prepared for an unforgettable Stalingrad occupation! -Meh...

Cat Cuty ღ : nazis are actually so precious edit:animated ones

Giuarco97 : You made me love nazis... what's wrong with me???

Firecow124 : Those gosh darn sneaky little nazis

Spazz Tic : "I don't work on the sabbath" I feel like someone joined the wrong group...

Despicable Gru : Is this the Tapputi episode? I mean she got more lines then in all the others combined

StaticSapphireStudios : How do you make nazis so adorable? (Nice steamed hams reference btw.)

An Intellectual : The intro reminds me of that one scene from the Steamed Hams meme.

Dovahxull : i picture this having a laugh track for some reason i think it could fit somehow

Just Another Account : I have the full sneaky little nazi’s song on a cd in my car. I loop the song, it’s so catchy and confusing as heck to my friends

Remy Fate : It's fun cause I live in argentina, and most people say that's where they came after ww2.

Shizuko _ : I love the Nazi's they're so cute 😊

richard that person u don't know : Somehow these little scamps caused ww2

gunnarchannal : 0:50 the door code is 80085 but he only hit 1 and 6, what kind of nazi technology is this?

Wheatley101uk : Hey bro, what's the password to ya "secret nazi lab"? Oh ye, sure thing, the code is: BOOBS.

Víctor Báez : was that donkey darwin?

Mr Man : And on today’s episode of out of context sentences... This comment section!

Ice Kor : Number 6 is definitely the worst

naomi walton : The only Nazis I’ll tolerate.

Doran L : Steamed Hams Will Never Die

sugarfr0g : “Mary? - I mean, Marie?”

Mustache Ham : oh, those Nazi clones. Pulling all dem shenanigans instead of spreading terror.

stickynotes : i never thought i would say "yay, the nazis are back!" and actually mean it

Tad Strange : I never thought a video about nazis would cheer me up so much

The Trash Lord : The expendable nazis remind me of d-classes

Merlin Melon : No invading Stalingrad today.

french backstabber : Steamed hams but it's nazis

meat boy : a super science friends episode? at this time of day? in this part of the country? localized ENTIRELY in my youtube reccomended?

Oskar The guy : Yay, THE NAZIS!

Rin12Allen : Why is this so cute? ;;

Fuck the System : Nazis are like little puppy dogs

Shizuko _ : This is basically my family 😂

D1ZZY DUDE : 0:24 a secret way to flip someone off 😆

YTTHEB Productions : Yessss a spin off series!

una clarke : Finally someone created a GOOD spin-off series

arstygarbage : I love them

Mariusz Kuszaj : Just wunderbar.

Sterben1942 : Yes a spin-off

Avid Arois : Did... he just turn his head 360 degrees to see down his own back?

Rafael Medina : Who's your favorite Nazi? Mine's the little blond one.