Taz Mania Opening Credits and Theme Song

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This is the opening credits and theme song from the hit Saturday Morning Cartoon "Taz-Mania." Lots more to come. Request your favorites!

Comments from Youtube

Joni Zee : One of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons! (Along with Bobbie's World!) <-- That was Howie Mandel's pet project - Bobbie's World (hint hint) ;)

Jose Parcenary : This is an memorable tv intro, but a terrible one. It doesn't make you want to watch the episode and it's hard to even work out what the guy is singing half of the time.

DedifferentiatedPeen : This was a funny show and I wish I had a copy of the entire series.

Dav Gal : The last part is why I loved the intro

Aaron Elahi : the one I used to watch had more lights and another verse when topsy meets turvy they start to spin like a Tasmanian devil and his closest kin

Danny Spelman : Not the full intro

Remey Rune : I remember this show, did not watch all the shows but I liked it as a kid, makes me want to go to Tasmania.

Anguilla2001 : I remember the theme vividly but I don't think I watched many of the shows.

Shirokuma Otaku : 0:43 *Insert Goofy Holler or Wilhelm Scream*