Kirby With A Gun

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This is my Magnum Opus. With Kirby Star Allies Out, I've been thinking a lot about Kirby, the great environments and super fun power ups that Kirby can transform into so it got me thinking about new power ups that might be added into the new Kirby game! Check out these gamers: Carson: Failboat: Social Media Twitter: Twitch: Songs: 1: Kirby Star Allies Menu Theme 2: Main Menu - Kirby Super Star 3: One of the town and city tracks 4: Kirby on the Draw - Kirby Super Star 5: Green Greens - Kirby Super Star 6: Kids with Guns - Gorillaz Can you find the hidden Ravioli?

Comments from Youtube

Nuclear ClusterFunk : Kirby inhales gun Kirby becomes a gun

Talo Taylor Grogan : You criticize someone for calling Kirby with a Gun "Gun Kirby", yet you mispronounce the Kirby anime as "Kirby right back at *YOU*"? For shame Altrive. Seriously Great vid tho

Crash the Bandicoot : I mean Shadow the hedgehog has a gun so why can't Kirby also have a gun?

Milk Man : whispy woods more like *dead*

Alex : Dedede? More like dededead

Silver Man : Maybe they'll make a game where a character similar to Kirby that is darker and grittier has a gun, and because he has amnesia, he has to find the secrets of his past and kill a bunch of aliens that try to trick him into becoming more evil and there's swearing and it's edgy and amazing! Oh wait

DJ Waluigi! : Kirby HAS used a gun before in the anime "Kirby Right Back At Cha!". On accident. *HE'S UNSTOPPABLE*

Funny Fishbirds : "what's up with u and the gun kirby" - Mario and Sans Gaming EDIT: HOLY SHIT GOD PUT THE PIN ON ME!

mushroomdude123 : 3:45 OOOF That one hit a little too close to home.


XerxesTexasToast : Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Final boss. You're welcome.

JC the Caster : Worth the wait! I guess

Wyat Gamer1 : *Gun Kirby*

jj the victini : I got a friend heart from altrive so I'm on his team

Kristopher Aguero : The song at the end... I need a full version of it, please!

RotatingDisc - : Does... laser count?

Kegabits : Wait so....Toyota glock....sooo maybe S&W supra?

Zeph : Yes

Unsubscribe : AKirby 47

peteabyss : I fucking love this video. It actually made me laugh. Thanks for this keep it up :)

Pink Scissors Media : Good video. I am entertained while simultaneously learning nothing.

harrijwsesuorg : They'd rather give kirby a cannon before a gun

24gaytherp : My Idea : Cowboy Kirby Hat : Cowboy Hat Gun : Smith & Wesson Model 3 Revolver ( search it up ) Does the same damage as a cutter attack or maybe just a bit more attack power If you could reply for what this Kirby's attack would be that would be great and yeah that's my idea :/ wait crap the whip has a cowboy hat...

sockshop : Definitely subbed after this

Marx Galactic Ambition : Thought this would be some garbage animation or mod or so something so i ignored it for the whole week and got tired of wondering what it is. *AM NOT DISSAPOINTED :0*

Jawsh Vevo : I hate this show

Technonova : First the sonic series, now this.

blood knight : Kirby with the gun Baby with the gun (kirby is a baby)


Logan Derieux : Gorrillaz reference is awesome

jj the victini : That is basically me

SkySilver2 β€’-β€’ : I was dying with that Gorillaz parody πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

Bee APeach : This... this was beautiful.... I take back my complaints on subbing to you on twitch

plushiefan890 or pf890 : Altrivez Kirby with guns Lyrics: Kirby with guns Kirby with guns Taking over they won't because Kirby don't have no thumbs Kirby with guns Kirby with guns

VideogameViktorpaws : "Kirby With A Gun But Some Funny Stuff Happens"

Zane Adamany : Kruby nend strap fr portecton nd sdcdond amendmendt

Anonymouse67 : No. You deserve to be burning in the eternal pits of the Hades Dimension for thinking that.

MaxiMaster711 : And Sonic had guns before anyone! *coughShadowTheHedgehogcough*

fireballftw1123 - : Kun Girby

Video Game Vittles : I skipped through this video to three separate spots to see Kirby with a gun. I am very dissatisfied 0/100

ZennDemm : and subscribe

HEHEHE I AM AN EDGY WARRIA : *Right Back at You!*

Spartan War118 : This wasn't what i expected But it sufficed regardless Lmao

The Clobbah King : 0 north korean kirby x loser

Hugbox : Excellent editing Mr. Adobe

FoxTrotter : Less than 1000 subscribers? That's honestly a travesty. You're actually pretty damn funny. You certainly deserve many more subscribers than you have.

pingy717 : kirby with a gun kirby is my favorite kirby powerup. i sure love the bmw p90

gingerbread : dededelet this

CloudySkies17695 : Yo there’s a actual plush based of Quick Draw, and guess what? Kirby has a GUN!