Kirby With A Gun

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j dog : you think ninto would give a small cute kirby for little kids and babies and even ADULT? a violent destroyer weopon like a gun, i think N O do you know what that soells NO. also you said toyoto glok? but toyoto makes car not gun (i asume you ment gun not glok?) also you playing demo????? why not full game my parents got me it already take THAT loser. also you called ledgendary mario maker shigero miyamotu MARIO he isnt he made mario i bet you arnt even a gamer and that wasnt a gun it was a laser blaster IDIOT. andyou try to sing but you CANT stop making this dumb videos and everyone in the kirby fans will e happy.

CallMeCarson : Kirby shouldn't have guns unless they're fucking massive muscles

Nuclear ClusterFunk : Kirby inhales gun Kirby becomes a gun

JC the Caster : Worth the wait! I guess

Hugbox : Excellent editing Mr. Adobe

Zeph : Yes

sockshop : Definitely subbed after this

Crash the Bandicoot : I mean Shadow the hedgehog has a gun so why can't Kirby also have a gun?

mushroomdude123 : 3:45 OOOF That one hit a little too close to home.

Kegabits : Wait so....Toyota glock....sooo maybe S&W supra?

Xavier Scholz : whispy woods more like *dead*

Talo Taylor Grogan : You criticize someone for calling Kirby with a Gun "Gun Kirby", yet you mispronounce the Kirby anime as "Kirby right back at *YOU*"? For shame Altrive. Seriously Great vid tho

Silver Man : Maybe they'll make a game where a character similar to Kirby that is darker and grittier has a gun, and because he has amnesia, he has to find the secrets of his past and kill a bunch of aliens that try to trick him into becoming more evil and there's swearing and it's edgy and amazing! Oh wait

NothingBurger : I hate this show

kirby is cool : I got a friend heart from altrive so I'm on his team

bruhbro : *how does he press the trigger*

Vodkamon Vids : kirby with a gun

Alex : Dedede? More like dededead

RotatingDisc - : Does... laser count?

Technonova : First the sonic series, now this.

Pink Scissors Media : Good video. I am entertained while simultaneously learning nothing.

kirby is cool : That is basically me


harrijwsesuorg : They'd rather give kirby a cannon before a gun

peteabyss : I fucking love this video. It actually made me laugh. Thanks for this keep it up :)

ZennDemm : and subscribe

Fuji Frost : Gun

Kristopher Aguero : The song at the end... I need a full version of it, please!



Tails The Fox : Shooter Kirby?

luigiboard : oh god

Dook : this is my magnum opus, good night

Kefen K : Cowboy kirby

Rivster : this pales in comparison to THE Magnum Opus

pop culture : ahhh one of my videos appeared in one of the google images.

Baggins XL : Good Video.

Jeffrey Stonehill Jr : I was dying with that Gorillaz parody 😂🤣

Harry Tidmarsh : I think Kirby with a gun should be called Sheriff Kirby

Pixel Bomb : get em

lovers hearts : What about police kirby

TheDogilope Productions : Boi I feel u

RealKidZ Reviews : When ur soft but you got an attitude

Logan Derieux : Gorrillaz reference is awesome

Flashy Goomba : Hey Altrive. How about Sheriff Kirby or Soldier Kirby?

24gaytherp : My Idea : Cowboy Kirby Hat : Cowboy Hat Gun : Smith & Wesson Model 3 Revolver ( search it up ) Does the same damage as a cutter attack or maybe just a bit more attack power If you could reply for what this Kirby's attack would be that would be great and yeah that's my idea :/ wait crap the whip has a cowboy hat...

offical Book Bfdi : Theres a reason he can't have a gun. Gunkirby

Skillguy 4 : Nice bro

Cruz M : finally it's here

TheDogilope Productions : I mean... they give him a GIANT HAMMER, and a freaking UFO, but not a gun. Wow nintendo