2CELLOS - Thunderstruck [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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2CELLOS : OMG 3 MILLION!!! It's unreal, this video gets more than 1 million views per day... We don't know what to say but Thank You!!!  2CELLOS - Thunderstruck [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Limey Lint : *this horse hair went to a good cause.* *rip.*

Mahdi T.Ranjbar : Get a girl that looks at you like Stjepan looks at Luka

Zachary Jensen : Can't believe AC/DC stole this from these guys. That's messed up

SuperWolfman9 : When you're classically trained but ya just wanna *HEADBANG*

Hodge and Jono : The two young men were never heard of again because they were burnt for witchcraft, along with their cellos.

Andy Xu : I can imagine how hard the actors for the parents were trying to keep a straight face and not just go with the music. Especially those that grew up with AC/DC

Hayden Elias : Oh God the bowstrings. Good thing they made enough money off this to completely replace everything 😂😂

Phaxatrix : 0:39 me and my besfriend when we first met 2:30 me and my bestfriend when we got to know eachother

Jasmine Schutt : I feel like it’s a competition of who can loose the most bow hair 😂

IguanaSushi : Damn, who knew ACDC would do a cover of this a hundred years later

Malachi Cleary : When you have to finish a music theory assignment after snorting coke, you play this.

xVerrsace : Like IF YOU'RE HERE IN 2018!!!! Always Loved This Video!!!!!

B. H. : 'SOMEONE CALL THE INQUISITOR!' -Everyone in the audience

Piano Notes : I feel thunder

Tacomaholic : More than a few bows have fulfilled their destinies and can now rest in piece.

LEWD POLICE : I'm pretty sure they did *_MORE_* then void the warrenty....

Awa Burridge : I searched "insane cello" and I'm not disappointed

DY Hong : When you realize those bows cost 10000 dollars each.



J-J Kit : i had first came across this video around 2-3 years ago and i keep coming back to it just to watch the performance again and again i love the energy and the the 2 of them actually made imo the best version of AC/DC's Thunderstruck of all time

leo peters : do you have bow insurance?

Izzy Wizzy 2002 : How to look possessed 101, great video nonetheless! 👌

Lizzie Sanders : how are there necks not dislocated??

2CELLOS : Thank you YouTube!!! :-)

Zizi Davis : Still want to thank my orchestra teacher for showing me this. 💗

Wolfie Ellis : Sam and dean are classy men

Alex Carranza : 2018 anyone?

Risto Talves : Is that actually possible with cellos?

Dayvo : If only Mozart or Beethoven wrote this in their time lmao

Bethany Griffiths : I feel this is what Tchaikovsky, Grieg, and Camille Saint-Saëns would have wanted modern music to sound like. Good.

CLOROX Bleach : It gave me chills there is still beauty in the world. I miss the old music

Mike Iervolino : The Devils Cello. Masterpiece.

WhodeeWho 78 : This is the best greatest music video ever. Dot end of it. Period


sdushdiu : And myriad rock musicians for whom a fretless bass is intimidating are wondering how those guys can figure out what to play without the frets..... ;-)

Patrick Sparrow : Came across this after watching a 'Tiny House " vid od a violinist from The Trans Siberian Orchestra, so glad I did. This is ALIVE, makes me want to start playing the cello again, and I was good, as a kid, free instruments and lessons at a state school but I didn't follow it through. Thanks 2CELLOS

90 Lancaster : Back to the Future - when Marty plays for Hewey Lewis is what this reminds me of most - laugh.

Canovar :D : Time travel completed

SamSoccer _07 : You know you’re good when you have to replace your bow 2-3 times a year. Oops I mean DAY

Obi Juan Jabroni : Amazing. Only if this performance and that audience was really in the 16th / 17th Century. Love the looks on their face...hahahaha

Running Creek Stables : When you go through 2 or 3 bows a day you know you're good ❤️🎶😎🇺🇸

Tummy Yummy : Yo this is literally me whenever I’m playing an instrument

Snorkel Boi : This is like at least twelve better than the original.

2CELLOS : WOW, 2 MILLION Views! Thank You all, we Love You so much!!! :-) 2CELLOS - Thunderstruck [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Loretta Belden : Their bow is literally holding on by a string! Do you have to get a new one every day? Incredible work guys and keep it up!

François FR : Where are these guys from!!? Like just wow man!! Mt fav is shape of my heart" and you?

Zinc : watch at 2x speed....you can thank me later

Robert Spain : Mozart would have joined them on stage.