2CELLOS - Thunderstruck [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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The Great Lemon : If time travel was a thing I take up violin and this is what I would do

TasmaniaIsAHole : I had no idea AC/DC's Thunderstruck was a cover of a song from the 18th century..

Pig King56 : Bow strings have left the chat

Thedeadleader : My music teacher showed the class this and some people stayed after the bell to watch the rest

Tacomaholic : More than a few bows have fulfilled their destinies and can now rest in piece.

captaingreek : They have more views and likes than the AC/DC live versions. Damn.

SImmons18 : You weren't ready for it. But your kids are gonna love it.

Franz Liszt : How many bows do you need in one day

Timothy Issler : "Oh, how nice: a cello duet!" "THUNDER! Aaaaaaaaaaahhh THUNDER! Aaaaaaaahhh!" "Oh Lord!"

2CELLOS : OMG 3 MILLION!!! It's unreal, this video gets more than 1 million views per day... We don't know what to say but Thank You!!!  2CELLOS - Thunderstruck [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

error 0100101001001010000100000101100010101101001 : GUAARDS !!! THIS IS WITCHCRAFT ! BY THE NAME OF THE KING, HANG THEM

Neil Varwandkar : People in the audience were SPOOKETH!!!

The Lonely Potato : Turn off the sound and watch them. I think they’re having a seizure.....

Standing Hat : In the 1800s how the audience reacted (maybe) (hopefully) Grown ups: Oooo cool they look good Yay calm song Huh? Oh Jesus Pls stahp AiiiiiiiiIiiIiI! Stop! Horror! Kids: Ugh another boring classic song Ooo Me like Yeyeyeyeyyeyeyeye Grown ups: STOP U CANT LIKE THIS DINT ENJOY IT! ITS PAIN! More grown ups: I need my meds

Erik Wingerter : I’ve never seen anything so intense 😂

TheRhythmicTale : I can’t decide wether this is seizures or orgasms on stage

Mrchickenface66 : 4:39 god has left the server

Jr The Person : 4:35 when your a drunk cello player

Panic Station : Listen closely... there are three cellos playing this song

JustDJ : If only Mozart or Beethoven wrote this in their time lmao

Lucas Fontenot : 2CELLOS, the only channel that can play great music while also getting whiplash...

Charlotte Snow : October 2018?

Guille h : Its funny how people think classical music is soft and slow, and rock bands are more intense.

Isaiah Studios : When i was having a test my teacher took this on and i was like its cello and everyones like no. And im like ok idc. And im the only one who had right on cello lol


Jami Jackson : My music teacher showed me this

Edge7YT : You know I always thought cellos were kind of a boring instrument...until I saw this...

Nuovo : You can abuse bows as much as you want if the outcome is this

Peraou : After listening to this video more times than I literally can count (and being so enthralled by the music that I hardly had the brain capacity left over to think of anything more than how genius it is), something has finally just occurred to me........ how the fuck did these guys have enough money to pull of a video like this??!? That's maybe a hundred people in full baroque attire!!!!! How even did you do it??! Regardless, it's beyond awesome, and I'm glad you did!!

2CELLOS : Thank you YouTube!!! :-)

Uchiha _ : *MOM* :First complete your homework then you can go to play *Me* : 1:30

Linda Mullin : 2:36 Kid in red in the second row is HERE FOR IT. >.<

Kpi Kerp : I think I found the holy grail

Kyle Chapman : If you were to show someone this with no explanation or title they would be so confused and laughing super hard at the same time

planetol : That intro is just perfection - top notch compositional skills. It blended seamlessly with the main riff.

Andrea D'Ambrosio : How destroy the cello

Music Studios : That try-hard in your class.

mary gallegos : The kids have the best reaction but the grownups be like 😒

2CELLOS : WOW, 2 MILLION Views! Thank You all, we Love You so much!!! :-) 2CELLOS - Thunderstruck [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Xivo : 1:47 sounds like some Egyptian music XD

Dr. Gromov : this is easily the 10th time i am watching this and i JUST NOW for the first time saw the children in the audience going wild, haha

Josue Zuniga : Obviously on cocaine 🤣

Josep Anton : ... i know id have already made a comment... ... but right here, right now... ... whatever we are currently sending in to space, to impress the... ..."aliens"... (is that still politically correct...? 😂) ... please can we send a copy of the original... and this interpretation... ... so that there's an appreciation of the talent... and intellect... on this forsaken planet we call earth...

Jacob Schear : *Beethoven has left the chat*

Alexander Cummins : When your parents force you to classical but in your heart is Rock.

Simon Chris : This is youtube gold.

Wilby The Wizard : Who personally finds this song better than the original?

Rohz Rohzzy : which one can lose the most bow hair? LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!

Emin Haktan ALTIN : when your parents forced you to play cello but you like rock