You're Mentally Ill If You Don't Eat Raw Meat
You are mentally ill if you dont eat raw meat another masterpiece from sv3rige raw meat eater flat earther and ex RuneScape pro

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Gustavo Ferreira : I was missing these kind of videos

David Craddock : I love his “duh, are you dense?” Type attitude

pnr pnr : I am in love with your laugh

Trish Armijo : I just love your chuckling

Carnivore Life : You should start writing a manifesto Sv3rige: "The Retardation of Modern Society and Nutrition"

Sue Dern : Right on Gatis!! Glad this style of videos are back

Reddgie Thormann : The proof is in the pudding. You have to give raw meat a try to see how your body responds to it. The very first time I ate a raw steak, I immediately felt my body respond to it. It was like my body was saying,"Thank you" over and over again. My muscles felt stronger, my thinking was clearer and my energy level improved. In fact, it was kind of scary because after eating raw meat, It felt like I had taken a dose of steroids.

Lucien Grondin : I would eat raw meat if it came from a wild animal I had killed myself. Since it never does, I cook it, albeit slightly. Also, paleoanthropology suggests humans have been cooking meat for millions of years. Basically since Homo Erectus. So cooking seems to be our natural way of eating.

Diego Lugo : These are the best types of videos in my opinion. Keep up the great work man! One of the managers where I work is constantly bragging that he hardly eats any meat. Always boasting that he only eats organic fruits and vegetables blah blah blah. The best part is that this man is constantly sick, I mean once or twice every 2-3 months this man has a cold, runs a fever, nausea and other illnesses. He's probably in his mid 40 but looks 50-60, is overweight, and has nothing but grey hair and his skin looks like it's about to just peel away. Best part is that he comes from a family of Doctors! Crazy how blind people can be, and how easily people can be manipulated.


WhiteFox : These are my favorite kinds of videos from you. Excellent. Thank you.

Steved D : This is very good "forced repetition" Sv3rige. Keep up the good work.

kyle ober : I see the blood has given you clarity, nice gotta get some myself.

Non Dscript : u put it down the best man, straight forward direct raw unadulterated. : 4:13 Yes this is my experience as well. Eating raw meat makes me feel good after eating it. E.g. ground beef "tastes" neutral or kind of aweful but after eating it I feel great. The exact opposite with most tasty carb foods. It's simple - you either feel great WHILE you're eating and BAD AFTER eating, or you feel neutral/ok WHILE you're eating and GREAT AFTER eating.

Ben Linford : Can you make a video about the Do's and Don'ts of drinking blood from your personal experience?

Alex W : *Gordon Ramsay ITS RAW*

Lucius Borich Drums : Great channel! Cheers for your work well done!

Prismatic Sovereign : That's the way! I fucking loved this one and the title too! Please do more. I'm halfway through Aajonas's book "We want to live" and it's changing my mind about food and healing as well as the raw meat. Thanks for being you.

Wibbly Wobbly : I got food poisoning during the second week of going all raw. I've never been so sick and it really put me off. Can you make a video about sourcing high quality, fresh meat? I would really appreciate it. Also I think cold raw meat is seen as repulsive to most people out of good instinct. In nature we would only eat hot, beating organs straight from a killed animal or we would take the meat and cook it to remove contaminants. Do we really lose such a large amount of nutrients from cooking meat rare? It is the only feasible compromise in my mind because I can't afford to get sick again.

Alex : Ate fruitarian then vegan for months, was 60kg x 190cm and going down while eating 3000+ kcal per day. and im already skinny. Returned on meat and returned energic and got 10kg in 3 months while on 1200kcal per day. All the modern theory is bs, nutrients are everything

Arri Love : I love butchering meat, and the smell of the blood. I just cant force myself to eat it. It is solely due to the fact I was learned that raw meat is dangerous etc. Yet my brain makes me crave it, and I am at peace when working with raw meat.

Fuck Veganism And Political Correctness : I find that listening to black metal while eating raw meat/organs and drinking blood enhance s the experience ten thousand fold.

TruckDriverBuck : I was gonna make myself scrambled eggz, then I saw this guy and just ate them rawww :D

C_HStst : had the thought: if stuck on a deserted island, with a vegan accomplice no point to cannibalize them, because it wouldn't taste like anything but barley grass and 1kg of soil

Derya Yagci : When i found your channel and saw you eating raw meat, i was craving it so bad ( i wasn't vegan). So i bought 10kg quality beef, but i only enjoyed eating liver and heart raw... These days i still prefer my muscle meat cooked rare, but i love brain, liver and heart raw and eat it everyday. The benefits of raw meat compared to cooked meat are undeniable. It digests so great and makes you feel happy. I am so glad to found out about your channel.

Nirvana : *shopping at supermarkets is a eating disorder* 😹🍞🥦love the tittle btw🤣😂👏🙏🍌🌽

SM : Love the outdoor forest videos when your talking. This shows your raw side so keep these videos coming.

Magda M. : Finally another video like this. I love my chicken liver raw, I love raw fish and pork fat also raw. People say that something is wrong with me. But really this raw stuff is tasty for me.

PAUL MICHAEL : RAW HEART is best. Raw seafood is great too.

Inna Ivanova : Absolutely true. The last liver I’ve eaten tasted like sweet and juicy😍 thinking about adding another types of meat for variety. One thing upsets me very hard. There are no sources of raw brain in Russia. It seems like nobody sells the brain alone, only the whole head:(

b k Klijn : RAW MEAT IS LIFE !!!

Stef Diaz Diaz : Anyways a little hard to chew sinew may be good to develop nice jaw and dental occlusion

Alec Enkiri : Absolutely agree bro

Nathan M : Militant meat man. I like your passion my guy, keep these videos coming man YouTube need to sort your monetisation out. If you do something good, don’t do it for free

The Weekend Warrior : But I was under the impression that raw meat made you sick

Meat Builder : What about salt intake and energy/muscle mass/cortisol?

asdfghjkl : What about parasites in raw meat, blood, etc?

Davide Pattibiomed : I'd love to learn more about raw vs cooked carnivory. All implications of it.

Nick Byms : Good stuff, keep it up!

Ethan Snider : Chomping on a hunk of raw pasture raised chicken as I watch this. :p

JB_XYZ : Jordan Peterson and many others are doing all meat diet and cannot believe the change of life

Filipe Santos : d realest right hea! thank u man, hope i can send u some big money soon

Jak Tam : 4:05 best moment xD

Lunar Angel : Well thanks I guess for saying I'm mentally ill..I am working towards a raw diet but I was never raised to eat any organ meats or brains (cooked or raw)so I have a bit to overcome! I appreciate your videos!

LBC Ulrica : I absolutely agree with you. I’ve been Paleo/keto for 16.5 years, but I have been lately getting really sick after eating salad. And I would be swollen all of the time, so I stopped eating vegetables/fruit, started eating the meat that I usually eat raw, and I’m feeling so much better. I’ve not been ill since I stopped eating vegetables. My right knee patellar tendonitis is nearly gone.

Sphinx : Primal diet is the best type of eating you can do - backed up by the rest of the animal kingdom

CaoimÍn : Im tryin to dive in and actually make a proper decision about what ure sayin but. 1 thing bother me if red meat is so healthy how come when norway spent almost 1generation without red meat the heart problems was better than ever before by more than 85%. Btw im not vegan. I like this theory but it seems more like a wish factor.

III1 III1 : I love blood sausages