You're Mentally Ill If You Don't Eat Raw Meat

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Lolita xx : Human evolution has left the chat

Gut Gains : Raw is so good it makes babies.

Gustavo Ferreira : I was missing these kind of videos

MrDaron777 : So if you drive a car you mentally ill because you have to walk on foot like stone age man? Bro people is people lets eat what we like and be happy.

mikimuzika : Anti-noootrientzzz

Muffin : Don't swear at your viewers, after some of them donated money to your GIRLFRIEND!! have some respect for your channel. This isn't the type of persuasion that will intrigue people about eating raw meat, its aggressive and off putting.

Trish Armijo : I just love your chuckling

Carnivore Life : You should start writing a manifesto Sv3rige: "The Retardation of Modern Society and Nutrition"

Илья Быков : I ate mostly raw primal diet for 2 months, yesterday night It seemed like I almost had a heart attack, my heart is still sore. I never felt anything so scary in my life. I craved and ate some fruit and veggies today without any fat, and my heart feels better, even though I'm bloated and brainfoged. I'd say it's too irresponsible to say that fruits and veggies are useless, Aajonus uses them extensively in his book by the way.

Vegan No-Gains Lenny : When you think about it, why would humans need to manufacture synthetic supplements like multi-vitamins etc.? It’s completely unnatural, those nutrients should be found in nature. If everyone had access to a proper nutrient rich diet, there’d be no need for these drugs. The vegan diet exists so sheep can voluntarily take part in a health experiment so the government can document the long term/ short term negative health consequences.

TNT DOGS : I have a valid complaint to your videos, you said it was ok to torture animals before you eat them to get the adreanlin. But I have heard that our forebears did not torture their own cattle or such before killing it. And I think it was also applied to prey they caught. But I don't have any evidence. I don't like that you think it's ok to torture an animal before you eat it for the adrenalin. I think you should kill it and thank they prey.

Lucien Grondin : I would eat raw meat if it came from a wild animal I had killed myself. Since it never does, I cook it, albeit slightly. Also, paleoanthropology suggests humans have been cooking meat for millions of years. Basically since Homo Erectus. So cooking seems to be our natural way of eating.

Z_Goombah : Gatis, you should be linking the sources you use in your videos in your description, so others can use them.


Old Growth Artisans : I'm adhering to a Native American diet since we live where they thrived. I like raw/very rare meat, but I don't like raw egg whites, I love raw egg yolks though. Also don't feel good after egg whites, but feel great after egg yolks; Food for thought. I'm not down on raw ground prepacked meat. I broke my carnivore diet today with some pumpkin soup with butter, made me feel better than just straight meat. I want to hypothesize that if we were meant to strictly eat meat, and meat alone, we would have built in weapons(claws and fangs), rather than utilitarian hands, that allows us to do infinite numbers of tasks. Although, I feel incredibly well eating a ton of fat and animal protein, I feel even better when incorporate a small amount of other food that seems to flush the system from time to time. Today, it was essentially a squash, flavored with animal fat. I'm not into a lot of vegetables, but it actually sounded and tasted good today, where I was craving nothing but meat for a long while. Just take it into consideration, I haven't poured in hours of research like you have, but I'm always having conjecture as to attempt to better my understanding of all things. Seems like the second you think you've got it all figured out, you're(broad use of the word) wrong. Seems to be a reoccurring theme throughout history. Thoughts? btw, I also emailed you, I was almost dead about 7 days ago until I have downed probably over 20lbs of lamb's and cow meat and 10 gallons of raw cow/goat milk; Veganism almost did me in.

Diego Lugo : These are the best types of videos in my opinion. Keep up the great work man! One of the managers where I work is constantly bragging that he hardly eats any meat. Always boasting that he only eats organic fruits and vegetables blah blah blah. The best part is that this man is constantly sick, I mean once or twice every 2-3 months this man has a cold, runs a fever, nausea and other illnesses. He's probably in his mid 40 but looks 50-60, is overweight, and has nothing but grey hair and his skin looks like it's about to just peel away. Best part is that he comes from a family of Doctors! Crazy how blind people can be, and how easily people can be manipulated.

Wibbly Wobbly : I got food poisoning during the second week of going all raw. I've never been so sick and it really put me off. Can you make a video about sourcing high quality, fresh meat? I would really appreciate it. Also I think cold raw meat is seen as repulsive to most people out of good instinct. In nature we would only eat hot, beating organs straight from a killed animal or we would take the meat and cook it to remove contaminants. Do we really lose such a large amount of nutrients from cooking meat rare? It is the only feasible compromise in my mind because I can't afford to get sick again.

CroMetal : How does the fact that veganism is bad means that we should all eat raw meat. Maybe it means that we should eat meat, but how did you get that it should be raw meat.

Raw T : After eating raw meat I felt like I was on drugs, like a natural high. Amazing!

Magda M. : Finally another video like this. I love my chicken liver raw, I love raw fish and pork fat also raw. People say that something is wrong with me. But really this raw stuff is tasty for me.

Matt Darwin : Never understood how people enjoy a cooked steak. Tastes like dirt. I feel alive when I eat raw meat. It’s like swallowing pure energy. Almost feels like an unfair advantage as I watch everyone around me downing nutrient devoid garbage.

Timeless Vick : I’m on raw milk, raw eggs, raw butter and my meat is barely cooked at all only because I don’t trust the meat here where i live but it’s still bleeding crazy when it’s on my plate. 😎 Thank you for helping me change my life Sv3rige

POP : Careful there big guy. People don't eat these foods because they aren't "normal" in today's society, i wouldn't put it on them for being ignorant

Fred Kelthser : Trying steak tartare soon. I feel a natural pull toward eating raw meat and, more recently actually, drinking raw eggs.

j.marie : Extremely controversial videos/content get views. He knows that. He isn't a stupid man. Whether people agree or disagree they are going to view the video, and replay it again and again trying to nitpick all his claims, and send their friends to watch "This crazy bastard" talk about how we are all mentally ill for eating our food cooked. Love it. I like intelligence.

Simon 33 you cant handle the truth 33 : I asked the butchers the other days if their was blood in the black pudding. The butcher said it was illegal to put blood in pudding. (Ireland) NWO IN ACTION.

Nirvana Burns : *shopping at supermarkets is a eating disorder* 😹🍞🥦love the tittle btw🤣😂👏🙏🍌🌽

Western Survival : I don't eat a raw meat diet just mostly cooked meat but I have to agree with what you said. I was vegan for a year and it messed up my metal health. Keep up the good work brother. Incidentally what was the track at the end of the video?

Jötunnomachy : Eating raw pig fat made me feel like a kid eating ice cream

Scrubzor : Are you able to post the links to the presentations you reference in the video please? I find its easier to convince people irl with them.

David Craddock : I love his “duh, are you dense?” Type attitude

Z_Goombah : Is your girlfriend healing quickly as a result of raw meat eating?

TheFUSIONWheaties : love the beard brother

easdcoastlover : Only reason i eat fruits is because they taste good especially strawberries,watermelons,cherries etc it may have some benefits or not i dont care the taste is great lol

Ryan Ray : " ...The only explanation is , that you're an idiot or an addict , probably both … " LOL :-) :-) :-)

delta FBHD : A balanced diet is the best option. Period.

Generator : Love your sarcastic chuckling..

M B : Like this style and format. Bread, baked grain sludge. 🤢 can I have a loaf of baked grain sludge please

Reddgie Thormann : Maybe Jesus has already returned and his name is Sv3rige!

Clement Toubin : This is some good unpasteurised talk.

Tofer The Gopher : Well i have tried liver twice & yes it is VERY good for you but it does taste nasty to mr

Wicelock : I have followed this channel for ages, and started out laughing at this guy, but after own research and tips from him, he has actually changed alot in my life. Im almost a full raw meat eater, taking it slowly, and i can feel my energy, and get more and more taste for raw meet, like im getting addicted to it, never been sick since i started eating raw meet. Slowly adjusting my body to it.

the lone wanderer : Hello there I got a good topic for you vegans say if where design to eat meat then we should go hunt and kill an animal with no weapons just like a lion and use our canines to rip the flesh, little do they know its our intelligence is by far the perfect weapon and evolved from nature itself that would definitely shut those cunts up. Go vegan and die.

Fativore Lifestyle : I'm only half mentally I'll. I gotta eat mine rare still. Just a touch of the flame. But I dont eat any plants. I'm not that crazy.

Alex : Ate fruitarian then vegan for months, was 60kg x 190cm and going down while eating 3000+ kcal per day. and im already skinny. Returned on meat and returned energic and got 10kg in 3 months while on 1200kcal per day. All the modern theory is bs, nutrients are everything

NonObjectiveForm : Please name the black metal song at the end

Dasmon23 : black belt In philosophy

Ben Linford : Can you make a video about the Do's and Don'ts of drinking blood from your personal experience?

Lunar Angel : Well thanks I guess for saying I'm mentally ill..I am working towards a raw diet but I was never raised to eat any organ meats or brains (cooked or raw)so I have a bit to overcome! I appreciate your videos!

MrDaron777 : Raw meat tastes like shit to me man, I can't eat it, I can't even eat cooked fats because It tastes bad to me . But I enjoy raw salted and cold smoked meat.