True Facts: Frog Fish

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dzeeff : I honestly didn't believe this when I noticed it in my sub box

ComiXProvider FTW_02 : Disappears for 3 years, comes back and everyone misses him. That is what a YouTuber do.

Izzy Nobre : Oh my god he’s back

Where is Lamb sos : Finding Jimmy

D'andre : ALL OF THE YES

TierZoo : back from the dead, are we?

Johnzilla : Hoooray! True Facts is back! Missed you Ze!

iceCandyxx : This channel gives me life I just finished the vid about the sea pig 🤣🤣


Cannibal Teddy : Make a Patreon so we can pay you to make more of these.

sexy korean girl : the laugh is so forced n creepy

DrownAFish 420 : ok atheists, explain this

No this is Patrick : This made me tear up a bit Not the video but the fact that hes finally back

Josefin Stjernqvist : “They are short, stocky and scaleless and often look like little pieces of garbage”. Yeah, that’s me

The Guy : It was literally *3 years*

SU Anything : i didnt get notified! wtf youtube!!!

Abel NInan : gone for three years. comes back like nothing happens. i love you.

Skylar Thesmiler : Thank you lord, santa, tooth fairy, everybody

Ren_posted : Ur... ur... ur not dead

Chris Mason : I hope I live long enough to see the next video.

Sophie Why : im crying tears of joy

Jeridiculous : 1:07 wasn't this clip in the angler fish video? So is that an angler fish or a frog fish? WHAT IS IT

AwesomeKazu : I am so happy you are back!

Eye of Horus : Guess who's back? Back again Zefranks back Tell a friend Guess who's back? Guess who's back? Guess who's back? Guess who's back? Guess who's back? Guess who's back? Guess who's back?

Neurillogical • : WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!

Michael de Leeuw : Okay, which one of you sold their soul?

WolverIan : Simply amazing. I thought the day would never come. So glad.

MASTER OF TRAINS : The god has woken from his slumber

Bronzewarrior : K, time to wait 3 years for the next video!

Dina Danay : That "Boo" at the end actually made me jump.. A little

TootiusFruitius : Guess who's back Back again Zfrank1's back Tell a friend

iPirateTv : Ah, back from the hands of death, are you?, yes, it's been, so, so, so, long, three years to be exact, you're starting to disappear more often now days, what happened now?

LightWarrior Kaz : Psudo-Morgan Freeman returns!

Levi Guerra : I have never clicked a video so fast...

ColicoVis : I watched Zefrank when I was a freshman in high school, 3 years later I’m a freshman in college. Seems like forever ago.

Is a bell : I thought I was dreaming when I saw you made some new videos lol

Mauro Molinero : omg. my prayers has been answered!

Dark Stories : I am so excited that you're back!! I knew staying subscribed would pay off eventually lmao xD


ClasicKlasher : Omfg i cant belive it

Booper 343 : I could watch them walk all day

Silvally : You abandoned us. But you come back, and all sins are forgiven.

XgameJ : what the difference between an angler fish and a frog fish

tallasianchick : IT HAS BEEN 1000 YEARS...

Joshua Monet : This makes me happy!

Oglebee : Holy shit he is back

Connor Liebo : Boo!

Harbz : we are unworthy

miniZergling : Legends speak of his return. As a young lad I could have only dreamed of such a glorious awakening and yet here it is, right before my very eyes. A single teardrop flows down my cheek as I gaze upon its magnificence in awe.

Godzilla fan 2014 : Omg his back,I’m telling charmx