True Facts: Frog Fish

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Where is Lamb sos : Finding Jimmy

Chloe Young : I feel like he made this was when he was drunk, all these giggly n chuckles from watching these fugly frog fish :p


HERPY DERPEDY : "I once dated a rock for like a week" Realism at it's finest

ComiXProvider FTW_02 : Disappears for 3 years, comes back and everyone misses him. That is what a YouTuber do.

ColicoVis : I watched Zefrank when I was a freshman in high school, 3 years later I’m a freshman in college. Seems like forever ago.

Paulocaney : Dad came back from the milk store

Steffani Luna : Honestly I was having a really bad mental health day, just lying around depressed and miserable and decided to cheer myself up by rewatching old true facts videos and saw that you were back and there were new ones and it’s the first time I really smiled today. So, thank you!

Ren_posted : Ur... ur... ur not dead

dzeeff : I honestly didn't believe this when I noticed it in my sub box

Eye of Horus : Guess who's back? Back again Zefranks back Tell a friend Guess who's back? Guess who's back? Guess who's back? Guess who's back? Guess who's back? Guess who's back? Guess who's back?

New Message : Fun Fact: Hipsters use their fancy mustaches for exactly the same reason.

sherlock homie : LIKE A PHOENIX FROM THE ASHES (three weeks later, I didn’t know I was unsubbed 😭)

Cyber Jackalope : Do true facts on Sacculinas. Those terrifying parasites latch onto crab penises and turn them into transgender zombies.

TierZoo : back from the dead, are we?

Dina Danay : That "Boo" at the end actually made me jump.. A little

Justin Tolman : Have you considered making one of these about mudskippers? A fish that is a reverse scuba diver and climbs trees has to be worthy of a video.

LightWarrior Kaz : Psudo-Morgan Freeman returns!

Is a bell : I thought I was dreaming when I saw you made some new videos lol

Haedox : I’ve missed you :)

Dark Stories : I am so excited that you're back!! I knew staying subscribed would pay off eventually lmao xD

FetchQuestAssigner4423 : A fish who identifies as a frog. (Gender politics are huge in the fish world,what with deepsea fish constantly turning into actual dudes.)

M D G : I just discovered the existence of this channel and my life is already better because of it lmao

Minty Mations : if its a frog fish,can it *bOUNCE?* 🤔

Berd : he LIVES

Salokin : God has returned


A wild Filing cabinet : Ok, but what is that thing at 2:53? Like, where’s the head, mouth, which of those appendages are actually fins?

ItzFaith Diaz : Frog Fish:*eats the clam or something* True Facts:oh oh hahahaha Part 2 will be released if this comment reached 200+ likes I will release part 2....

jade : is this the second coming of christ?

TheNecroticRaptor : *W H A T T H A T M O U T H D O*

Hundred Years Boar : As if lions looked like couches lmao

Nilelier : I miss you so muchhh

XgameJ : what the difference between an angler fish and a frog fish

Justin Y. : Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, he has returned

XXX Tentacion : Did this vedio took you 3 years to make?

Infinite-E : This narrator is very entertaining

ioana ilea : Im so glad you are back !!! Because i just discovered you and i would ve hated it to see you're gone. Its so rare i find a good youtube channel!!!

Jimmy Johnson : HE IS BACK!!! OHMYGOD HE'S BACK!!!

JaxBlade : He HAS RISEN! Damn the last one of these I saw was when i was still in College xD

YeahItsJohn _ : The legend is back

JakeTheCake : Poor Jimmy T^T

melody : i have watched all of your videos and have laughed uncontrollably at them all, but my favorite part of them is when you just can’t keep it together and laugh. my heart... sings. you’re a gem.

Silvia Song : If you were a teacher.... just know that you’ll be my favorite teacher 👨‍🏫

Kat Aclysm : Welcome back, ZeFrank! We've all missed you so much.

The Fresh Prince : jumpscares at 2:30, 2:35, and 3:09

Gore Obsessed : Frog fish destined to die out because they to derpy

white : We have problem jimmy is dead

Darrell Calhoun : I am happy u have returned with important info!!