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Bruno Vance : My father has been suffering from pain in his left leg after his heart surgery and this video finally convinced him that amputation was the answer. As someone who has been watching him struggle with pain and getting around, I cannot thank you enough for that.

slyk nyk : best video ive seen all day👏👏

thathotfeeling : This is a cool video

LettersToVas : This made me smile :)

Toby Saunders : More power to you.

JP Garcia : Hannah, you're awesome! Chronic pain is a major deterrent, so I'm happy you can now enjoy life to the fullest. Thank you for helping others and for opening up a little window into your day to day life.

Deus Volk : *This was linked to on reddit so if you get a large influx of degenerates, beta males, and leftists don't be surprised.*

Kamikaze Gorilla : Wow...this is really depressing.

beedee211 : You're awesome

Mitchell Fleming : You're amazing

clint brunke : Awesome of you Hannah, world needs more beautiful souls and positive messages like you and your video. I am sure this will make the world of difference to this young girl.

oobaka1967 : Thank you for reaching out and try to alleviate any fears the young lady might have about what her life might be like in the future. If more people were kind and helpful like you, the world would be a paradise.

Lopin Drift : Ive always been afraid of losing a leg, specially since i race in a car but this was actually pretty cool and interesting, seems like we've come a long way with tech. Good to see you can enjoy what you want without pain.

John Keane : Thats such a sound thing to do. Fair play.

drfiver2 : As a teacher! I am so impressed with the way you presented this video! I can only hope "sunny" saw this and gets the positivity you put out! Keep on going!

Butiq Escapes : You are RAD.

moho moho : What Do You Say To A One Legged Hitch Hiker Hop In nah nah jokes wouldnt have leg to stand on with these jokes

PimpNet Crew : It's honestly so refreshing not watching a clickbait video on youtube. Something informative and helpful and kudos for making this. Good on you!

Full Metal Wizard : Awesome

The Technician : It was fun to see how easily you could jump around and move once you had the prosthesis on

Kevin Yu : you are so cool - that's all i gotta say.

DisturbedMoNo : That is pretty cool! I hope it helped her!

IntotheGloam : Wonderful video! Thank you for making this. I love your demeanor :)

Kenneth Mixson : Excellent and very informative video. I bet you could even do the Hokey Pokey with that on.

Tim O'Leary : Thanks for sharing your video & your story!

cwa92464 : That was so educational for me because I'm always curious about stuff like this but afraid of offending people by asking how stuff works, what are the biggest challenges, etc.

Belford Lancaster : I wish I could hear what she said.

duy : LOUD NOISE WARNING at the end

HaploidCell : I had no idea! The last time I "knew" how a prosthetic leg worked was when I saw Long John Silver in one iteration of the Treasure Island movies. lol I think it's really cool you made this video, and wish you a lot more bombastic adventures. Curious thought: What's the wear-and-tear on a prosthetic leg? What wears down first, do you have socks to change in your bag, and do you sometimes have to replace a part "on the fly"? The best of luck to the little girl who is about to embark on her amputation. Look at this! A robot leg! That's kinda awesome.

Nonsense : That design is killer! Looks so cool

Matthew Lavelle : Bless you for dong this! I bet it will be a great help for that little girl. You rock!

Kyle Dickson : Man I want a fake leg. Shit is so cool

jmckasy85 : Your Rock - Stay positive <3

beefknuckles : You're amazing for doing this for the little girl! Have a great day :)

Andrew Tolmasoff : Wonderful video! Brought some brightness into an otherwise pretty crappy day!

Chris Rickett : This is soooo important - amazing work! Could we possibly feature this video in a news story on and its social media channels to try and reach more young future amputees? With credit and links back!

buerger3 : I am surprised to find this actually useful content on YT with this ocean of braindead vlogers and beauty queens:)

cooct baddo : she should get a job at ihop

Zak : So it goes on like a condom

No lives matter : Just a reminder that no one should use the leg press, or you'll be needing two prostheses.

Hearthing : Gross