I walked into the wrong restaurant.

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Wolfie Chan : Both of them together might just end me

Gretgor : Caleb City, population: 2. Caleb and the other guy.

Taylor Coley : You and Long Beach Griffy pretty much make up 90% of my watch history.

Fire Nation Files : I'm tired of drinking water *I wanna CHEW*

Immanuel Adaka : Who else thought he was gonna piss in the cup


Vher : Wow you really upped your costume game in this one, I almost didn't recognize you when you came in as the waiter

Ethan Willie : *sees bill* "NO, I GOT THE WRONG ONE" lmaooooooo

Chicken Fingers : How tf could you possibly accidentally walk into the wrong restaurant and manage to sit down

Ilyass B : “Egyptian import waters” 💀

SmasherREX : *If Caleb's there, I give it a 5 Star's*

Lancea1ot : The year is 2099 water is almost gone from the planet, a poor time traveler goes to the future and noticed no difference until...

Cartooniverse : When you so broke you develop super powers

Donnie Yen Jedi : Bro there's not a thing I can do for you, you done drunk all six of them things LOOK AT THEM, I can't do anything for you!!! Proceeds to regurgitate waters as he walks away!!! GOLD

demonic critter : “somebody get him” 😭

So social shut-in : "we cannot take that back" Me: shiiiit u Gon take this water back 😂

Danton1990 : This man is funnier than any movie, tv show, stand-up, ANYTHING I've seen in like the last 10 years.

EmO Gi : How poor people go to very expensive places and they ask what the cheapest meal here 0:14

Jade C : 😂😂that was great you should do a collab with hardstop lucas

that one dude that comment stuff : 2:38 Top ten anime moments where characters unlocked their full potential

THEANIMEGUY 31 : What store you eating at? Apple cuisine?!

Kj Thegamer : Bro I was crying when he spit the water back I woke my grandma up

Jose Leler : I never comment, but I have to say this had me weak

Marcus Watson : *YO.. YO.... WE CANNOT TAKE THAT BACK!*

Marcus INfinity : This is a old Jewish technique.

Unknown : *I hate it when I walk into the wrong restaurant*

VibeCloset Beats : My man looking like some type of water Pokémon😂😂😂

lord hokage : Imported mouth water

Donnie Yen Jedi : Why Caleb always stressed?!!!

Da'Joun Dotson : That's how these expensive restaurants get you, they don't even be having the price on the menu, then when you ask the waiter he nonchalantly replies that you only have to give plasma. 😂😂😂😂

Hex Hub Music : When Caleb was pouring that water back into those cups with his MOUTH, I lost it... I almost choked on my food... 😂😂😂💀💀💀

Brandon Reck : *WHY WOULD YOU WANT THAT?!* 😂

SloMoe Official : This is actually a scary thing to happen to you

Lovelyrose221 : This was great Caleb really is hella creative🤣🤣

EpicAntos : Water probably got everywhere while they were making this XD

Super Black : A Lenar and Caleb collab?!?!?! Today is a good day!!🤙🏽🔥🤙🏽🔥

Shimo Dragon : Woah what? Caleb isn’t every single character?! I was under the impression that he lived in some sort of pocket universe where nobody else existed.

Dirty Diesel : *You better start washing dishes*

My AshyKneeCaps : Parts that made me laugh .... The whole video...ok no sorry for wasting your time

The Dark Master : *Am I the only one bothered by the fact that he didn't even eat the appetizer?* ;-;

Hex Hub Music : Here's a Tip: If you ever have a customer that drinks that fast, bring a pitcher...


KaibaCorp HQ : Kinda how I feel about restaurants everytime I go in one that isn't McDonald's.

Saucem : Damn mans ordered Fiji water.

Mineblox Xbox : Whats the name of the sound effect at 1:50? And at 2:10?

Depression Talks With Immanuel : "$90"? I would have walked out too! .......Egyptian water my butt!

JustJeff23 : BRO im at the barbershop and im dying rn😂😂😂💀

C Guy The Guy : It feels like a weird jojo scene. Stand User- Caleb Stand Name- { It's Raining Men } " the stand allows Caleb to excrete any fluid that had entered his body in the exact form it was consumed" other abilities are unknown

linux750 : Steve has left the building...out of sheer *_disgust_*

Adrienne C: : Omg I got second hand anxiety when he looked at the check this is my worst nightmare lmao