I walked into the wrong restaurant.

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Ska Tune Network : Yo when he started pouring the water back in the cups, all I could hear in my head was Caleb going “YOU CRAY-Z”

Thomas G : All we do is drink water I'm tired of drinking water I wanna CHEW

Dopest Dope : Appetizer 8$ Meals 90$ water 100$ lmaooo

Larain Taylor : He was really not paying that $608. 😂😂😂

so social shut-in : "we cannot take that back" Me: shiiiit u Gon take this water back 😂

Krazy Jazper : Lmao, didn't expect him to spit all the water back 😂😂😂😂

Darion : Mans didn’t even eat the appetizer

akalilbit08 : idk why, but i felt anxious when he found out them waters were $100 each

Taylor Coley : You and Long Beach Griffy pretty much make up 90% of my watch history.

SmasherREX : *If Caleb's there, I give it a 5 Star's*


Immanuel Adaka : Who else thought he was gonna piss in the cup

Random Viewer : Who goes to the restaurant just to drink some Egyptian Hippo waters.

Conn Toons : 2:38 im fucking dying XD

Super : A Lenar and Caleb collab?!?!?! Today is a good day!!🤙🏽🔥🤙🏽🔥

Donnie Yen Jedi : Bro there's not a thing I can do for you, you done drunk all six of them things LOOK AT THEM, I can't do anything for you!!! Proceeds to regurgitate waters as he walks away!!! GOLD

ATRIX : "Some one get out here, *STEVE* "

Stella Buchli : How tf could you possibly accidentally walk into the wrong restaurant and manage to sit down

Ria Robinson : Lmao you can tell he was trying not to laugh when you started spitting the water out. 😂😂😂

Hex Hub Music : When Caleb was pouring that water back into those cups with his MOUTH, I lost it... I almost choked on my food... 😂😂😂💀💀💀

Jose Leler : I never comment, but I have to say this had me weak

Monique Butler : The sound of the menu when he slapped it back together and handed it to him 😂😂😂😂

Panzer Man : Top 10 Anime Crossovers

Ilyass B : “Egyptian import waters” 💀

Hex Hub Music : Here's a Tip: If you ever have a customer that drinks that fast, bring a pitcher...

Em0 ցҽҽ : How poor people go to very expensive places and they ask what the cheapest meal here 0:14

Kenji Nakamura : 1:23 "Do you want any more waters."

мr. sнiทʑυ : Egypt doesn't have water Unless that shit straight from the Nile

Lancea1ot : The year is 2099 water is almost gone from the planet, a poor time traveler goes to the future and noticed no difference until...

THEANIMEGUY 31 : What store you eating at? Apple cuisine?!

Jade C : 😂😂that was great you should do a collab with hardstop lucas

Mrs. Koma : The collab is making my day,its just perfect!!!😂😂

Donnie Yen Jedi : Why Caleb always stressed?!!!

Lovelyrose221 : This was great Caleb really is hella creative🤣🤣

Wolfie Chan : Both of them together might just end me

Akif Ansari : Wut about tax tho?

Fire Nation Files : I'm tired of drinking water *I wanna CHEW*

Marcus Watson : *YO.. YO.... WE CANNOT TAKE THAT BACK!*

lord hokage : Imported mouth water

Unknown : *I hate it when I walk into the wrong restaurant*

Astral Panda : It turned 6:08 as soon as he saw the check. Yo it gettin weird out here man.

Cartooniverse : When you so broke you develop super powers

demonic critter : “somebody get him” 😭

EpicAntos : Water probably got everywhere while they were making this XD

Brandon Reck : *WHY WOULD YOU WANT THAT?!* 😂

Vher : Wow you really upped your costume game in this one, I almost didn't recognize you when you came in as the waiter


Road to 100 subs with one video : Apparently I walked into the wrong comments section, all messages are about the first Venus flytrap vid

Depression Talks With Immanuel : "$90"? I would have walked out too! .......Egyptian water my butt!