Fire Bolt - Epic NPC Man (building up an epic spell) | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)
Fire Bolt

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Léon H. : You're a level 1 firebolt 😂

Cornelius Diefenthal : So much After Effects for this one bullet :D

GIMP : She won the duel because he left the field :D

Dlol Face : Mrs strange... is that you?

Retar Joe : I expected Rowan to just smack her over the head during her 1 hour prep for that spell.

Sidewinder Forge : Nice day for level one aint it?

Orthien : Fireball level 1 Mental manipulation level 30

tapeandpencil : When your character casts a spell in a cutscene vs when they cast a spell in-game Peeeeeace out!!!

TheBlueTortoise X : “Was that a level 1 fire bolt?” “You’re a level 1 fire bolt...”

RyTHAScorpadorp : The feeling of being a lvl 1 mage ahahaha. Awesome effects though!

TheAlcoholic27 : I wonder how much mana she burned through just for the build-up.

Random Person : Good Morning, nice day for commenting, aint it ? heh heh

Richard Krasky : I was waiting for it to reveal the reason he kept saying "ouch!" was that it was a DoT (damage over time spell), and he'd suddenly keel over dead.

Aldor : Sorceress uses Fire Bolt It's super effective!

JohnKazuma : Go cast your fancy magic someplace else

The BDG : Would have been hilarious if he exploded after he walked away.

Xileer Torias : That subtle reply at 1:02 :p

Cebra Ulkenne : PREVIOUSLY ON DRAGON BALL Z *Watches the spell charging*

Croissant : "You're level 1 fire bolt.." Funny and cute xD

Smirk75 : Nice graphics. Reminds me of the time it took to summon Materia monsters in Final Fantasy 7. I used to set up a few characters with summons and then go and make myself a cup of tea.

anthonyt4154 : I want to see a video of a tamer class character being charged at by a ferocious vicious animal, then the tamer casts a tame spell (obviously), then a split second later the vicious animal becomes the friendliest pet ever. This happens in quite a few old Chinese MMOs. I also guess this is like Wolowolo from Age of Empires.

Nairo Camilo : Jokes on the warrior, she actually cast Charm, and he failed the save

Regil : Epic casting time Looks really powerful because of its looks And the result is *1 DAMAGE*

R3digit : When you reset your skill points

mission report : ayyy, forgot the decrease casting time skill point. Maybe a breastplate with magic buufs? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

rainbowdash 205 : Ur a lv1 firebomb😂

Cocytus X : the chanting was very powerfull or i say the introduction of the spell tahahaha

Rey Norbert Besmonte : "You're a level 1 firebolt" lol

Luckyleol Gaming : Little does he know that firebolt singed a curse mark that will kill him in 3 days.:p

Treisiess : Newb warrior was newb letting her free cast.

TheArklyte : Hmm, was expecting this to be a joke at spell crafting from TES and warrior to just run away after seeing her basically open a portal to hell in preparations;)

madquest8 : Mornin' PennyC, nice day for fireballin' ain't it.. huh hur...

TheRealDerohneNick : When your Fire Bolt cantrip hits but deals 1 fire damage in D&D.

MRM3ON : Did anyone else immediately think Dr Strange?

Traci : It’s a day early but I love it!!!

LemonRedstone Gaming : Formation of the magic *Dr strange Join the chat Shot of Lvl 1 firebolt *Dr strange left the chat

Fero : this is basically all Japanese action RPGs. Huge flashy magical effects to damage a fraction of bullet spongy enemies

Stevano Chandra : EXPLOSIONS!!!

MakoRuu : Firebolt is an instant cast. lol

Linus Vacuum Tips : OMG BrutalBritt we have Missed you!!!!

Velacroix : Next time I end a heated conversation, "You're a level 1 firebolt.."

DHF F : congrats on the visual effects. I have never seen you use flashy effects before, well done.

Sututiv : Casting Pyroblast be like...

W 13 : PvP Witch vs Warrior - After the BDO patch ...

doublejace : 😐🤨🤔.....I'm not even sure that's a level one Firebolt. As far as I could tell, that was a pebble-like ember being thrown at the chestplate.

Penny C : I WIN! You lose by forfeit! Go me! :D P.S.: I'm up for lessons anytime you want, Baradun! ;)

MetrislicA : Fire bolt is low level spell xD …And 8 is max hit

bukan siapa-siapa : Evolution of RPG

JT Etana : For some reason I was expecting to see an Ironman moment where as soon as he walked away there would be a giant explosion. Still a great video though. Chur