Fire Bolt - Epic NPC Man - VLDL (building up an epic spell)

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Dlol Face : Mrs strange... is that you?

Cornelius Diefenthal : So much After Effects for this one bullet :D

Naru : Developer update: It has come to our attention that since the last update the beginner level Firebolt spells share the same casting animation and time with the high tier Hellfire Nova Inferno, making beginner mages unplayable. Unfortunately the issue can't be fixed until the update next week. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Sidewinder Forge : Nice day for level one aint it?

Mr. Blyat : Footage of dr strange attacking thanos in infinity war

Léon H. : You're a level 1 firebolt 😂

GIMP : She won the duel because he left the field :D

Retar Joe : I expected Rowan to just smack her over the head during her 1 hour prep for that spell.

wesker fan11 : Ur a lv1 firebomb😂

RyTHEdragon : The feeling of being a lvl 1 mage ahahaha. Awesome effects though!

tapeandpencil : When your character casts a spell in a cutscene vs when they cast a spell in-game Peeeeeace out!!!

The BDG : Would have been hilarious if he exploded after he walked away.

MRM3ON : Did anyone else immediately think Dr Strange?

Orthien : Fireball level 1 Mental manipulation level 30

JohnKazuma : Go cast your fancy magic someplace else

Lol E Pop : Wow im so early, can i get a heart?

Normal Fag : Good Morning, nice day for commenting, aint it ? heh heh

Smirk75 : Nice graphics. Reminds me of the time it took to summon Materia monsters in Final Fantasy 7. I used to set up a few characters with summons and then go and make myself a cup of tea.

Xileer Torias : That subtle reply at 1:02 :p

mission report : ayyy, forgot the decrease casting time skill point. Maybe a breastplate with magic buufs? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

TheAlcoholic27 : I wonder how much mana she burned through just for the build-up.

TheArklyte : Hmm, was expecting this to be a joke at spell crafting from TES and warrior to just run away after seeing her basically open a portal to hell in preparations;)

anthonyt4154 : I want to see a video of a tamer class character being charged at by a ferocious vicious animal, then the tamer casts a tame spell (obviously), then a split second later the vicious animal becomes the friendliest pet ever. This happens in quite a few old Chinese MMOs. I also guess this is like Wolowolo from Age of Empires.

Richard Krasky : I was waiting for it to reveal the reason he kept saying "ouch!" was that it was a DoT (damage over time spell), and he'd suddenly keel over dead.

Folie Deux : When you reset your skill points

Red Rose : I can prank you Read more

Luckyleol Gaming : Little does he know that firebolt singed a curse mark that will kill him in 3 days.:p

Shadow Razor : You need to level up your intelligence

Sandra Thompson : I needed a laugh this morning!!! This had me and my husband laughing

What's my name? : Early squad!

Stryder Pryme : Since when did Brit train with the Masters Of The Mystic Arts and became the Sorceress Supreme?

Roomstrid102 MC : Eeeeey shes back

Cebra Ulkenne : PREVIOUSLY ON DRAGON BALL Z *Watches the spell charging*

xSWERVx : For some reason I was expecting to see an Ironman moment where as soon as he walked away there would be a giant explosion. Still a great video though. Chur

kahara : Who needs firebolt when you have large dog

Duro Monsta Cardo : Typical girl gamers

Duro Monsta Cardo : Yeah ill just wait while you channel your spell that may or may not kill me what a noob

Traci Welch : It’s a day early but I love it!!!

Ennas78 : well, maybe she couldn't afford lvl 2 yet! God, elitists :O

Esther ZL : PennyC lives to tell!

Linus Vacuum Tips : OMG BrutalBritt we have Missed you!!!!

Myles Lasham : I loved this episode so much xD

the punisher : Yo bros

57Shades of Pixels : Haha

PhrontDoor : Rolling a ONE on a D20..

madquest8 : Mornin' PennyC, nice day for fireballin' ain't it.. huh hur...

lord Tachanka : So she won as he walked away from the dattle right?

Aldor : Sorceress uses Fire Bolt It's super effective!

Wanderson Santiago : PvP Witch vs Warrior - After the BDO patch ...

TheRealDerohneNick : When your Fire Bolt cantrip hits but deals 1 fire damage in D&D.