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Aidan (0IQ) Gutierrez : Do a school stereotypes plz that will be so funny

Michael White : *Tys rage monster should have come out when silver bullet blew up. RIP*

FoxGaming1647 : 2:27 USSR’s attempted launch of the N1 Rocket -1969, colorized

Oskar Plays : Model rocker battle 3 Like if you want more of this👍🏽

mohammed alzarooni : 3:29 that thing flew out of my screen bro 😂

Arif Rizal : Kim Jong-Un wants to know your location

Capissotor : Basically NASA, but all the employees are fighting against each other

Yaniek Sarneel : Who also saw something purple on 5:34

Karim Emad : Garrett's hight was 2237 Your welcome

FB I : Model rockets battle 3 sponsored by NASA

ZurZur Ilay : Do a metal detector battle 2 (like so they can see this)

Noé Roure : MERCI POUR LES SOUS TITRES FANCAIS !! 🇫🇷 (thanks for french subtiles)

Ratish Nandiwdekar : I like the red one as it is powerful and broke the ground

Pizza Panda : Here is the height of all the rockets in both episodes Tyler 0ft In Episode 2 Coby 89ft In Episode 1 Cody 300ft In Episode 1 Cory 600ft In Episode 1 Coby 845ft In Episode 2 Tyler 865ft In Episode 1 Cody 1010ft In Episode 2 Garrett 1813ft In Episode 1 Garrett 2237ft In Episode 2 Cory 2450ft In Episode 2

Cameron White : R.I.P Silver bullet....Unlucky Ty Ps.Ty’s my favorite 👇🏻

Alex Buhr : You guys gotta do a sleepover stereotypes

Rhys Ablen : Next up rocket model Sponsored by space X, 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

DefaultAllTheWay :/ : “I’d like to introduce you to Bumblebee 2.0 **Says Bumblebee V2** *;-;*

TMP Instinct : Ty 17 Cody 7 Cory 6 Garrett 6 Coby 1!!!

Johnte Allen : Technicaly the bumblebees never toiches the ground so that should be a catch bonus for Cory.

Артемий Воробьев : I wait version 3 with real rockets and Elon Musk

Tyson Memes : New notifications: *North Korea wants to know your location* *NASA wants to know your location*

Joshua Hopper : Next time, everyone should do dual engine rockets!

Persia Brown : Cory should of named his second rocket wasp.

dorkqueen_tom_✌ : From the other vid Cody and Tyler have swap places, Cory and COBYhave done the same thing

Magali Veran : Ignore for Logan Paul Like for dude perfect 👇🏿

Karen Partridge : Team I was team coby but I switched to Cory after

Turner Barretta : “This is a G Class Rocket Engine and only about 5 of these are launched every year!” -Grant Thompson. Huh, well here are all of those launches for the year.

Magenta The Skeleton : Turns out the Silver Bullet 2.0 was actually a blank round the whole time

Karthik M. : The small documentary of Ty’s rocket was awesome.

Aidan Maxwell : North Korea wants to *know your location*

Skyler's Animations : when Tye's rocket exploded i cried and laughed so hard

Afg_Mythical 1 : 6:48 Did it hit a bird or was it the parachute

Mountain Dragons : What engine was in the purple hoser? looked like magnesium.

Lorenzo Columna : Literally the intro sounds like "Dieud Pierfect" or basically a 5 year old in a gangster-like voice -_-'

Christian Bartkiewicz : Next up on Dude Perfect: Rocket Battle 3 Promoted by NASA

owo : 2:34 _They asked how you we're,You just have to say that your fine,when your really not fine_

Azerbaijan Baku : Model rocket battle 3 please. +1

Jodachische Wachtel : All the people who disliked the video are from russia :D

finny kaas : Silver bullet is exploding in 3,2,1

WanderingSafa : not gonna lie...felt the pain when the silver bullet exploded......

TheGhostHunter Marquez : Past me wow i like this vid future me i feal bad for Ty he took a long time for silver bullet

Djduck 293 : Going back to this video makes me cry everytime seeing ty lose😥

I-DeroX : Rocket Battle 3 : Calls Naza...

25tynebkev : I have been team Coby since battle #1

Jonathan Sanchez : 1 like = 1 respect for Tyler’s rocket RIP silver bullet version 2 2:23

Marc-André Blais : but how high did that last rocket go?

Gilbert Yumol : 3:28 holy COW get it?