Reddit, Redditors and Self-Promotion
Reddit Redditors and Self Promotion

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The website in question: Has Reddit become a place where celebrities and big brands benefit from free advertising, while the average user who's created something cool gets shut out and turned away? I'd say yes, and this video explains what I think is wrong with Reddit's attitude toward self-promotion and why it hurts the website's community.


Hitori VEGA : This video was well spoken and professional and I agree.

KoG GoK : whiny hipster go occupy something

Kshaway : Have the same problem. I was #1-#3 on leagueoflegends subreddit many times, was strict to all reddit rules and then suddenly SHADOW(edit)banned. No explanation, just fans msg me later on. After talking with mods/admins, it was a "self promotion", when redditors voted after my every video which video i should do and show them. Most of them liked it, i was happy with my work. So why? Some people are just weekly posting same things over and over again with their accounts and it's somehow fine. I can't even defend myself, i can't post/comment :/ (Edit: since i can't comment on reddit- i'm sure that i commented more than 9:1 ratio (, i hope i'm not wrong about that.  Most of it was on LoL subreddit, comments, not.. posts. Maybe i should write longer comments too.That rule is hard to understand.)

Boyinaband : I have had this same issue, once having a video taken off the front page because I posted it, despite the community clearly enjoying it.   Several people suggested "why don't you just make a fake account?" but I just hate that concept, it feels wrong.   I posted something similar to you a few years but got no big response, awesome that you've taken the time to make a concise video on it and it's gained traction!   Also I'm not massively into indie rock but I think your site sounds awesome, hope it goes well man!

Hjalmar Nyman : Wow I got here from reddit and remember scumbag Steve woody Harrelson who tried to plug his movie rampart! Up-thumb if you hate when people do that! reddit is not your advertising platform! Hjalmar Nyman

Vinny v : I'm surprised the r/videos mods didn't delete this one. I've had 90% of my video submissions deleted by those morons. 

Perrseus : Just came here from reddit... it appears they deleted your account. Edit: Link, not account

Reddit Gold User : The same thing happened to me when I tried to promote feminism and chivalry! I can only hope that one of these few flaws our great supreme community has will one day be fixed! Until then my friends *Le Tips*

Jesse E : 1/10 no fedora  +1 for the coffee mug

Jono Charles Davey : That is an amazing reason for creating something. "It's nothing revolutionary but it's the kind of website that as a music fan I really wanted to see made."

IlovePandas : You seem to really appreciate and listen to your comments. So just wanted to say I agree totally with you. Good Job for speaking up.

FlickMyFuj : Incredible video and very well-made.

Nick Huber : Can I ask what what video camera you used for this?

Zach F : The hipster is strong with this one

willkilla : This is on point. If you are a celebrity you'll automatically get free upvotes and karma

Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer : I left a monster comment on your Reddit post already, but I'm in full agreement when it comes to your concerns about policy.  The Reddit admins have really lost their way / vision of how such a site is supposed to work.  The cream should rise to the top, with the viewers acting as the filter.  Admins and moderators should be unbiased to the actual content submitted, but instead many have become corrupt.  They can't see outside of their own bubble. 

patchesdf : What beer was it?  I'm microbrew snob myself. 

123berryhead : Happy Bilated birthday

Jamie Heppner : I am going through this RIGHT NOW with a mod. They won't let me post a link to someone reading my book in books, because it has a video and when I post it in videos they shut it down because it has to do with a book.

TheKephas : I've even had my YouTube videos removed from reddit because of self promotion. Even though my videos were completely relevant to the subreddits they were posted to and there was nothing on the sidebar that said anything about self-promotion.

eastendthug : It's a shame there was no mention of reddits userbase. The majority being free thinking atheists like myself.

Chriskuva : Really interesting topic! Why so many views and no comments though?

Vindsvept, fantasy music : This. This is my life.

0ddc1_kovacs : You should create your own subreddit for this stuff.

Joe Leonard : This is great. I'm going to share this on reddit.

All Your Blocks : You make some really strong points here, great video - I hope it moves the debate along on this topic!

Sneaky Zebra : Same issue here and I'm glad this is getting the exposure. r/Videos is strict against posting too much of 1 channel (regardless if its your own) this can cause it to be on a spam list and never have a chance to be voted on. It's one of the reasons why you don't see popular YouTubers in the links there any more. It has this great potential to help content creators grow and make better content but sadly never get the chance to even be voted on because of a outdated view.

michael fractor : You can share it to my subreddit r/neetocheeto

Eric Morrison : Turn off your lens stabilizer. You're using a tripod.

Abby Kruse : Thank you.

Easily Crazy Hat : Gotta point out that the vote statistics on posts are pretty useless now. Since a change not too long ago, Downvotes are always zero and the Upvotes are just consider the total, and even then it's still fudged a bit. Reddit likes to mess with that stuff for some reason. Other than that, I'm with you. Reddit's becoming more and more business oriented and it's worrisome. Hopefully they slow down a bit, and if not, another site will likely take its place.

Athan Immortal : James, this is a great discussion and well put, thank you. Clearly reddit has a problem when they rely heavily on content from other sites and creators but place such heavy restrictions on users submitting their own content. I agreed with the post you mentioned where they say "as long as there is transparency, it's fine". I make game videos and submit them to sub-reddits, mainly /r/watch_dogs, but the mods there are OK with it, and people know I'm submitting my own stuff. Like you I just want it to have the same chance to be seen and voted up or down. I hope this video get's some attention and sparks good discussion among the rule makers at Reddit.

Yelling Birds : You did some good research dude. Happy birthday :)

Abraham Nixon : O wondrous, happy day, I am simply trembling with euphoria! Finally a Film about Reddit itself and the issues that affect We the users. As a moderator for several subreddits, it saddens me that the fascist r/Music moderators are giving this poor fellow a hard time, however, I believe I know why, allow me to shed some light on what I think may be happening. Now as I'm sure you are all aware, music is a very *trendy* industry and those whom have managed to break in to the music business are very territorial and hostile to newcomers and outsiders. The key to fitting in is to actually look the part of a musician, and you, sir, quite frankly do not look the part at all. What you're going to want to do is up your fashion game as I am noticing a distinct lack of stylish headgear and Duster coats. Also there's no need to rent out someone else's living room to shoot your film (that house looks too open and bright for a real Redditor to be living in). Just shoot it in your natural habitat, We don't care if you're basement apartment is a mess, because that's what Us musicians and Redditors can relate to. This whole film just seems contrived and if you actually are a real Redditor like myself and not just another corporate shill then you should know that we are a perceptive bunch and can see right through this charade. Ciao.

Reversed82 : offtopic: turn the damn compressor on the audio down, we can hear loads of background noise. (or use a gate before it)

Otium200 : Oh god that laptop is loud you could hear it all the time in the whole vid...drove me mad

DarkPandora : From the video that I seen it seems like. Reddit content creators>Youtube content creators

Michael Jay Tucker : Absolutely right. Bravo. Well said.

Chris Stone : You're so well-spoken and your presentation here, if I may call it that, is exceedingly clear and concise, and it flows perfectly. You could so many things, dude.

Laquisha Jones : A self-promotion video condemning self-promotion

Juno672 : "cakeday" /r/cringe

Kranku : with this I shall become the memelord and collect all your upbaots. edit: thanks for le gold kind stranger oy vey my brisket is almost ready, better post it to /r/foodporn

leehamify : Hey man, I really like the clean, unbiased, style and format of this video. You should consider making more. Subbed. 

patdes19 : laptop sleep mode 5:42

Ken Westin : Well reasoned argument and great project idea. The only thing I see lacking is no Portland bands :-)

Izanagi Iza : Wait WHAT?? The community get paid?? Ok. That's what i call a good companie. Rare these day.

Andrius Daulys : Would be great if you include links to all discussions that you mention in video, would really like to read them too

Jif F : MethBling shares vid, subscribers roll in.

Tim Morgan : can i come live with you  (im a dude)