Reddit, Redditors and Self-Promotion

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Hitori VEGA : This video was well spoken and professional and I agree.

Kshaway : Have the same problem. I was #1-#3 on leagueoflegends subreddit many times, was strict to all reddit rules and then suddenly SHADOW(edit)banned. No explanation, just fans msg me later on. After talking with mods/admins, it was a "self promotion", when redditors voted after my every video which video i should do and show them. Most of them liked it, i was happy with my work. So why? Some people are just weekly posting same things over and over again with their accounts and it's somehow fine. I can't even defend myself, i can't post/comment :/ (Edit: since i can't comment on reddit- i'm sure that i commented more than 9:1 ratio (, i hope i'm not wrong about that.  Most of it was on LoL subreddit, comments, not.. posts. Maybe i should write longer comments too.That rule is hard to understand.)

Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer : I left a monster comment on your Reddit post already, but I'm in full agreement when it comes to your concerns about policy.  The Reddit admins have really lost their way / vision of how such a site is supposed to work.  The cream should rise to the top, with the viewers acting as the filter.  Admins and moderators should be unbiased to the actual content submitted, but instead many have become corrupt.  They can't see outside of their own bubble. 

Boyinaband : I have had this same issue, once having a video taken off the front page because I posted it, despite the community clearly enjoying it.   Several people suggested "why don't you just make a fake account?" but I just hate that concept, it feels wrong.   I posted something similar to you a few years but got no big response, awesome that you've taken the time to make a concise video on it and it's gained traction!   Also I'm not massively into indie rock but I think your site sounds awesome, hope it goes well man!

Perrseus : Just came here from reddit... it appears they deleted your account. Edit: Link, not account

Hjalmar Nyman : Wow I got here from reddit and remember scumbag Steve woody Harrelson who tried to plug his movie rampart! Up-thumb if you hate when people do that! reddit is not your advertising platform! Hjalmar Nyman

Sneaky Zebra : Same issue here and I'm glad this is getting the exposure. r/Videos is strict against posting too much of 1 channel (regardless if its your own) this can cause it to be on a spam list and never have a chance to be voted on. It's one of the reasons why you don't see popular YouTubers in the links there any more. It has this great potential to help content creators grow and make better content but sadly never get the chance to even be voted on because of a outdated view.

ChrisAwake : James, this is a great video. I recently wanted to promote my channel/videos on Reddit. And found this hilarious loophole saying "You can't self-promote but it's okay to share (promote) other people's content...". This is just hilarious. I'm not planning on spamming or anything like that. But Removing a post before it was put for downvote (or upvote) in the first place is just wrong. Thanks for doing this.

TheKephas : I've even had my YouTube videos removed from reddit because of self promotion. Even though my videos were completely relevant to the subreddits they were posted to and there was nothing on the sidebar that said anything about self-promotion.

Athan Immortal : James, this is a great discussion and well put, thank you. Clearly reddit has a problem when they rely heavily on content from other sites and creators but place such heavy restrictions on users submitting their own content. I agreed with the post you mentioned where they say "as long as there is transparency, it's fine". I make game videos and submit them to sub-reddits, mainly /r/watch_dogs, but the mods there are OK with it, and people know I'm submitting my own stuff. Like you I just want it to have the same chance to be seen and voted up or down. I hope this video get's some attention and sparks good discussion among the rule makers at Reddit.

patchesdf : What beer was it?  I'm microbrew snob myself. 

KoG GoK : whiny hipster go occupy something

Gaming with Mikey! : Reddit is the only community website that complains about reposts but equally complains about user's submitting their own original content... Some flawless logic right there.

Vindsvept, fantasy music : This. This is my life.

Joe Leonard : This is great. I'm going to share this on reddit.

Verlisify : I have had a mixed experience with reddit. On the Pokemon Reddit I got a fair bit of popularity from my early pokemon video guides without removal issues. I made a controversial video about smogon and the mods disagreed with my opinion and started to remove my successful video posts. There is a lot of double standard and opinions, if mods like something already popular it gets through. If mods don't like the person or video itself it is discriminated against. There are a lot of people that will abuse the system for self promotion and monetary gain, but sometimes there is legitimately good stuff out there waiting to be found and many industries are so saturated that deserving people are hurt by rules like this when one of their main breaks could come from reddit or similar site

Lengths On Lock : Going through this bullshit now every time I post something even after reading the moderators rules they threaten to remove it because it links to my site sharing my own pdf work. Its rediculous.

Mysticalzelda : I never really had a problem with this. I sometimes make videos on League and share it. Theres a ton of people who do that. Only once I had a problem, I made two videos and made two posts, but that was too frequent so one got deleted. I didn;t mind it were the rules. But once it just got deleted voor no Self-Promotion. I was wondering how they would see if it was Self-promotion, or just a random person posting it. I mean I could just let a friend post it if I wanted and that wouldn't be self-promotion. Which is weird. I also don't mind Self-promotion as long as it's not 10 posts of the same thing in 10 seconds (spamming) or scam. : I totally agree with the comment about the typical Reddit reaction to just linking vs linking and claiming authorship/ownership. Very backwards mentality to down-vote someone who is being creative and enterprising enough to write or start their own business, or even nobler, to start a charity for a good cause, and *heaven forbid*, promote it or mention it at all! Of course nobody wants Reddit to go to spam, but I'd like to see most subreddits allow you to post about your own work, material or cause once a week. Hope your video gets the mods attention. BTW I love your website and cause, and tweeted about it to help promote it.

Jono Charles Davey : That is an amazing reason for creating something. "It's nothing revolutionary but it's the kind of website that as a music fan I really wanted to see made."

Reddit Gold User : The same thing happened to me when I tried to promote feminism and chivalry! I can only hope that one of these few flaws our great supreme community has will one day be fixed! Until then my friends *Le Tips*

Jamie Heppner : I am going through this RIGHT NOW with a mod. They won't let me post a link to someone reading my book in books, because it has a video and when I post it in videos they shut it down because it has to do with a book.

Wanderbots : I'm a moderator over at /r/letsplay- and while letsplaying is a whole different type of media from music, it's still one that gets heavily promoted on reddit (might even be the most self-promoted type of content on the site, but I'm probably wrong). I'll admit, on my subreddit, we've banned all types of self promotion, cause it got absolutely flooded with self promotional spam, and very few people bothered to discuss anything. The day we banned self promotion was the best thing that could have happened to our sub. Then again, that includes sharing anyone else's content as well, so that may be considered a balancing action. If /r/Music was like this, where it was discussion only, then I'd say you're in the wrong- but it isn't, and you're not, and it's stupid. The thing is, no promotion was our choice, and we even made a separate subreddit for people to self promote on, carte blanche. Except this can get you banned regardless- as the 10% rule you mentioned doesn't take into account comments, or what subreddit the content is being posted to. You could be the most active commenter on reddit, but if the only content you share on there is your own, you'll get shadowbanned. It's kinda nuts. It's not the same situation, but it's another facet of the really dumb solution reddit has for self-promotion. I realize a lot of reddit doesn't like the idea of being advertised to. I hate it when someone's trying to sell a product I don't like/I'm not interested in to me. But I agree, if promotion is allowed on a subreddit, let redditors vote with upvotes/downvotes- regardless of who made the content.

KineticGTR : In a twisted sort of way, I see YouTube has morphed into a similar monster. Less and less underdogs are promoted on the front sections (such as gaming, music, movies) and instead the system caters to already popular and established channels. This is why the "Big YouTubers" just keep getting bigger and bigger all the time. YouTube loves to show their videos on the side of a video you're watching, after the video you watched, and highlight them in their categories. Meanwhile, the lesser known channels have little to no exposure. There's a lot of talented people here on YouTube that hardly anyone knows about and I wish they had a better chance to be seen by a bigger audience.

Zach F : The hipster is strong with this one

Chriskuva : Really interesting topic! Why so many views and no comments though?

L-Dixon : This has definitely been a problem of late.  I manage a website that is been banned without notification from several subreddits for 'spamming'.  You cannot create a post about it whether you are associated with us or not.  The crazy thing is,  we have only posted relevant content AND have adhered to reddits ludicrous 10:1 ratio rule.  The insane thing about this is you could essentially assassinate someones ability to be shared on reddit by 'spamming' their site.  Don't want a competitor to be able to reddit?  Just make a bunch of post about them and sit back as they are invisibly banned.  6 year reddit user here, looking for alternatives.

Easily Crazy Hat : Gotta point out that the vote statistics on posts are pretty useless now. Since a change not too long ago, Downvotes are always zero and the Upvotes are just consider the total, and even then it's still fudged a bit. Reddit likes to mess with that stuff for some reason. Other than that, I'm with you. Reddit's becoming more and more business oriented and it's worrisome. Hopefully they slow down a bit, and if not, another site will likely take its place.

Jameson : We had this same issue when trying to post (a single) link for our kickstarter to /r/gaming. I messaged the mods pleading my case that we should be able to post just a single link to the KS, but they refused saying my posting history was primarily self-promotional. I guess that's true, but if you actually read what I post, it's nearly 100% free content I'm sharing with the community. Just because I created it doesn't mean it's somehow less valid to receive votes just like any other post. As a long-time redditor I can tell you that this is pretty much what the community has always done before. The censorship from mods is actually a new development, and it's really starting to turn me away from the site. Later during the Kickstarter, we got a message from one of our backers who had nothing to do with the project beyond being a backer. He said "Hey guys, submitted the project to /r/gaming to help us get more backers!" I thought this was really great that a fan of the project who I didn't know would take the time to submit it for us. I clicked on the reddit post to see how it was doing, only to find this too had been removed. Why this was removed is less clear, it wasn't self-promotion at all, and the only reason I could come up with is that they remembered the name of the project. This kind of thing never happened in the past, original content used to be encouraged on reddit, and now any time you post something that is even a different redditors original work, it's censored by the mods. Meanwhile, I posted the link to /r/games. Then this happened: The post hit the front page with 857 upvotes with 75% positive. If it had not been for this I don't know that our project would have ever gotten the visibility it needed to get funded. But beyond that, if this was just some self-promotional scam people would see that on their own. They really just don't need protection from mods. The fact is, there are 10 mods on /r/gaming, and these 10 anonymous people control what over 6 million people see on gaming news. This is particularly interesting during what has been one of the most controversial years in the game community in all of history due to the major events surrounding sexism in the industry. I tweeted this at one of the reddit founders to get his input, but I was met with no response. I think the reddit party is coming to a close. Where now, folks?

Walt Duncan : Another bizarre thing that perturbs me about Reddit is how if I want to occasionally post content that I create, that's frowned upon, but very few people give a second thought to copying the works of many to imgur, where imgur gets the ad revenue for the content, not the content creator (some subreddits are moderated to prevent this though).

Roger Fedoraer : No fedora no upboat for you. Fake Redditor. *Roger Fedoraer*

ThatRatGuy : Reddit rules are a mess because I think they contradict with each other. You can pour hours into creating something (a video, song, website, game, tool, art, etc.) that you think people would enjoy. And they would, but they can't because of the mods. It's silly when you can't self-advertise on reddit, but it'd be totally okay if someone else posts your link. Which brings up the question - what is the difference between the creator posting the same link and a random content-enjoying redditor. I think it's because you can't make a redditor purchase an ad for content they did not make. But a celebrity on AMA? They'll allow it - it brings them a lot of traffic, they don't need an ad.

All Your Blocks : You make some really strong points here, great video - I hope it moves the debate along on this topic!

Laquisha Jones : A self-promotion video condemning self-promotion

IlovePandas : You seem to really appreciate and listen to your comments. So just wanted to say I agree totally with you. Good Job for speaking up.

ddddavid4 : Just post your site on 4chan or even better 8chan. Most likely no one will take down your O.P

willkilla : This is on point. If you are a celebrity you'll automatically get free upvotes and karma

Joshalots : I am cool.

Nick Huber : Can I ask what what video camera you used for this?

michael fractor : You can share it to my subreddit r/neetocheeto

0ddc1_kovacs : You should create your own subreddit for this stuff.

Jesse E : 1/10 no fedora  +1 for the coffee mug

Ame Ookami : Happy birthday man.

FlickMyFuj : Incredible video and very well-made.

123berryhead : Happy Bilated birthday

MTSL Zerox : Yup. I'm a game developer and had my game taken down from r/gaming last week because I was the one who posted it. So a cosplayer can post their own cosplay as often as they like, but I can't post my own *GAME* on the GAMING section because that's "self-promotion"? What an arbitrary rule. smh.

Abby Kruse : Thank you.

J. Maynard Gelinas : This happened to me about a year ago. I'd written a 22K word essay on 2001: A Space Odyssey. The mod of /r/scifi deleted it, derisively calling the work "blogspam". Not because it repackaged another person's word - real blog spam - but because at the time it was hosted on It was original content censored on the grounds of being blogspam because it had been hosted on blogger. So why were there were numerous other instances of material posted to the same subreddit also hosted by blogger? Where was the consistency of policy? There was none.  Ultimately, the work was found by, a site managed by UPenn Creative Writers Group and front paged there. Then it went on to Slashdot. And finally found its way back to Reddit some time later. Admins and Mods are arbitrary in their enforcement of rules. There is clear bias that leads the skeptical to assume public relations gaming of link placement for payola. And even if that's not the case, these repeat instances of double standards leads to an appearance of impropriety. Finally: Good luck with your project.    

Dizeliun : Somebody should post my music on reddit <(^,^<)

sniperkitty 1400xx : moderators are just annoying