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Lucy Lacemaker : Imagine if kittydog saw this.....

Natalia .B : Like wtf is this for !!

Annapia Gambardella : super wtf??0-0

아뉴란 : It's so crazy. wtf

marco marco : ⚠️note: no animal has been mistreated for the realization of this video⚠️

Moonchay Animation : the first time SCIENTIFICALLY ACCURATE make something die in in me

AJAY KUMAR Shukla : Omg this video is heart stopped when i saw the rotten cat... Because i love cats

Abygail Moore : Noooooooooot the 🐕

Abygail Moore : Noooooooooot the 🐈

ᴏɴᴇ ᴘɪᴇᴄᴇ ML Gaming : Childhood destroyed

AnotherHipster More :V : Ok am about to kms that was gross

Cholif Bima : cat + wolf : miawauuuug

Bezderiusz : Wowo very very very good animation #(PROPS)

Ellie’s Channel : Why does all the videos have to be so disturbing and grim?? O-o

mirko scerrino : 😫😫😫😫😫😯😢😥

mashed : RIP Cat Dog :(

Aurel & paul Facja : WTF

Sueki Bonwell : That made me cry at the end :(

Arian Jupa : oh SHISH

MONO _YT : No vuelvo a beber vídeos de este canal porque me quedé traumado

Kamori-San : ;-; you are a monster

Funz : What was this all about???

ItsMyturn HD : That so disgusting

SelenaGomezVEVO VEVO : I'm cried at the end ;(

Christian Kion Garcia : Pee hahahahah

Keenan Henry : You guys are killing my soul. Time to watch another one.

Hunt3r 96 : ...

dina and dita sumatera utara : poor catdog....

Bg Master : funny or sad?

Anne45g YT : This Is the funniest vid I'd ever seen lol and I hate the dog head it's since 1940 I hate it!

Abeenorml : The ending hit me in the feels...

Rihanna Justus : that was sad and like if you think it is sad

KalixPL YT : It's isn't funny

yt Andrei kendama : RIP DOG CAT 28.4.2018

Luc Senioris : non pas sa non non non😢😭💔🐕🐈

David, de la chaîne Ganesh2 : The goriest episode you've ever made, so far the best

Luc Senioris : RIP chat et chien 😢😭💔🐕🐈

Jazlin Jameson : Stop i hate that boo

He painted for all Acosta Matallana : Eso me traumoo like si tu igual

Ailyn Del Rosario : Wtf who ever made this video Why would you make me cry Your not a YouTube your a mudrer

Singles : Wow. That was probably the saddest one out of all scientifically acccurates.

Pascale Donat : Trop triste

Foxtrap14’s Gaming Channel Is Here : EEWWWWW THATS SO FUCKED UP

Susy Tentle : rip a cat dog😭😭😭

wojakpl700 : That don't funny ...

Purple Villager : Well that was depressing.

Leigh : They are demons. They know it hurts for a dog to be with a cat. So stop doing this. Because PETA is coming. They will stop this what ur doing

Italo Costa Vericío : Morra quem crio esse animal. Coitado

Adam : Am I the only one to find this extremely depressing?

Chris Malcovic : WTF