HELLYEAH - Jagermeister

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Angela Haywood : Rest Easy Vinnie Paul

Matthew Begay : RIP Vinnie Paul. Send some jager up with you to Heaven

HELLYEAH 1313 : Saddened by the loss of Vinnie Paul. He will forever be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and everyone affected by this. RIP Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell

SlayeD wills : jager must be the worst drink in the world :D everytime i had many shots of this next day was totally shit.. worst stomach headaches and generally the worst hangover ever...

CgFoSho420 : R.I.P. Vinny, HELLYEAH!!!

Lyle Bear : RIP Vinnie

kcrockaholic4life : RIP Vinnie. Thank you for everything.

Nick Anglin : All that jager <3

william hummerick : I used to think this was so cool, lololol

Custom24pdjm : rip what a good dude

Joe Acosta : RIP Vinnie Paul

Harrison Willans : vinnie paul you are one of my favourite drummers

kim nirvana : RIP Brother

Jorge Fox : Jägermeister.. Hitler troops favorite drink.. you tell me 😳🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️😳

LambertOfGod666 : R.I.P vinne

Lucian Flores : say hello to dimebag and peter steele,Rip you leyends

Alonzo Diabolus : This Friday should be lit..imma do a shot to V/P. Taking them shots. And drinking some brew. R.i.p. Vinnie Paul!.

Robin Hansen : Rest in Peace Vinnie! May you and Dime jam till the end of time and throw one hell of party up in heaven, make that motherfucker scream! Getcha pull! \m/

The Basement Brawlers : I wish I was man enough to grow a handle bar mustache and chug Jagermeister!!

Yoshiling : RIP Vinnie Paul. Thank you. Hug Dime.

primate4 : Was this in Arlington or in Vegas?

MeRk SHocK : fuccen alcoholics

Ed Hanzl : The Green Goblin... HELLYEAH

Gellert Nemeth : Rock in peace, Always an inspiration

aavmarine1833 : Time to jam with your bro. RIP

eastweymouthchris : I have a hangover from watching this.

Donnie Partipilo : R.I.P. VINNIE AND DIME! Together forever!

kornfanatic2008 : The Devils mouth wash!

Bambi Pardis : Some jerk murdered dinebag Darrell your minds are crazy dyning guns knives in montana being on the INTERNET 30 some years

Charisma_XP : I'll pour one out for you n dime.

bryan green : Bought him a shot of yeager once he poured it out on the floor

mtn silviu : Jäger makes the worst parties in the most epic ones. ;)

kidstryke : I wana party with these guys

Skott Coucill : VP THE GOD DAMN MAN!

Charles Pwnage : lol watching this with my bottle of Jager and see date I was 17 back then I had to water a year to even drink (I'm Canadian lol)

M. Arts : RIP

Ishbu101 : Jagermeister sucks

W1XK1ND : 30 (?) bottles for 1000$ ? WTF ? In Germany you would get about 70-80 bottles.

Zombie Racing : Good song playing in store backround 🤘🤘🤘🤘

multiestonian : 3:10 I started crying out of joy. HELLYEAH!

Matt Parker : video bob!!

Zombie Racing : Great shot could hang allnight

jacinak : Did NO ONE catch the shout out to Dimebag at 3:10?!?! Imma drink a Jager for Dimebag Right tha fuck NOW!!

Frank : 3:33

Bambi Pardis : I have had murder threats beat up like bullies from your high school days .I busted school bulkying wanting to murder my son bullied him 8 years up til he died July 22,2007 .You mirmid sob

eric irwin : you figured they stopped get some jagermeister they didn't even bother to stop by and grab a taco from taco bell unless they got 1 after they stopped recording! who knows!

Va1k1n : Jägermeister.. \m/

CHeWy : Vinnie Paul is a dipshit..


ChriZyman : so you never drunk Lockstedter