HELLYEAH - Jagermeister

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Angela Haywood : Rest Easy Vinnie Paul

Matthew Begay : RIP Vinnie Paul. Send some jager up with you to Heaven

jacinak : Did NO ONE catch the shout out to Dimebag at 3:10?!?! Imma drink a Jager for Dimebag Right tha fuck NOW!!

SlayeD wills : jager must be the worst drink in the world :D everytime i had many shots of this next day was totally shit.. worst stomach headaches and generally the worst hangover ever...

HELLYEAH 1313 : Saddened by the loss of Vinnie Paul. He will forever be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and everyone affected by this. RIP Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell

Nick Anglin : All that jager <3

kidstryke : I wana party with these guys

Lyle Bear : RIP Vinnie

W1XK1ND : 30 (?) bottles for 1000$ ? WTF ? In Germany you would get about 70-80 bottles.

william hummerick : I used to think this was so cool, lololol

Jorge Fox : Jägermeister.. Hitler troops favorite drink.. you tell me 😳🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️😳

T Moody : Boy,,, this made me laugh!!! HA!

CHeWy : Vinnie Paul is a dipshit..

TeleTiaVision : Got I get a Goddamn!? HELLYEAH!

TeleTiaVision : CAN I GET A GODDAMN!?

Marc Schelz : im from wolfsburg near wolfenbüttel where the shit is produced :D

theblackpacomurder : Jagermeister,Jack Daniel's and Corona beer Dammit!!!

El Fefo : Besides I live in the other extreme of America (South America), never met Vinnie or Dime in person and never saw them live. It´s so confortably to watch Vinnie laughing n` hangin with friends again. R.I.P. Dimbag we miss you so much!

Natt Stjerne : Paul we drink Jagermeister here in Brazil! come on!

jedimastersexy : Dude I wanna party with them lol :-)

CgFoSho420 : R.I.P. Vinny, HELLYEAH!!!

Harrison Willans : vinnie paul you are one of my favourite drummers

withinspace : yeah man! that's the spirit.

Bethany Cook : yes Disturbed in the background!

dmjinc : the Big bottles cost between 30-40. If I wasnt such a lightweight I'd be a more hardcore Jager fan. But I do consider the Jagerbomb "My" drink

Disc : @t1mTV It might be, I might just agree a bit cus it's way too sweet, I'd rather take some whiskey or vodka BUT. One big BUT here. This is Vinnie Paul, and Vinnie Paul played in the most badass band this world has ever known: PAN-fucking-TERA. And now he's in HELLYEAH. And he fucking rules, so that makes it cool. There y go.

Friz : love the music, hate the pose.

TemplarReturns : 1:33 OMFG ! I want to party with these guys

The Basement Brawlers : I wish I was man enough to grow a handle bar mustache and chug Jagermeister!!

TeleTiaVision : Shit! He visto este video por lo menos 30 veces!

TeleTiaVision : It's not Stricken! It's Ten Thousand Fists!!!

HellsCowBoy666 : holy shit i'll have a Jager

gocubs1815 : can they legally sell one person that much alcohol at once?

PantsuMann : Hahahaha Hell yeah! xD

Daniel Contreras : "That Has Dimebag Written all over that" w00t! Vinnie is awesome

Telbun the Warrior : That's my cousin :)

Peter McCann : wtf whos gonna drive that car home hahaha

TPCrisis : 36 people walked out with Bud Light.

Joe Acosta : What's the song playing in the background towards the end??

bigbillbob88 : Dude i fucking salute you, your the mannnnnnnnnnnn

elwulfo666 : just saw them yesterday evening as support band for stonesour not knowing that it was really them... fucking awesome show and i was casually wearing my dimebag shirt... it was awesome

Jack Norman : im 12 and i jus had my first ever bit and i downed it and its fukin amazin and do go avin a go at me cos its not illegal to drink it jus to buy it so fuk ye!!!!

MIR : I have only ever had Jagerbombs. All you can taste is Red Bull. But fuck they're good. Pretty pricey though, get one next time you're out having a drink.

Robert Lee : if yall inv me ill brg th redbull lol

davep666 : he must have been bored.... I mean filming himself going shopping? I drink a grand of Jage in a blink of an eye. Come on Vinnie... make it 10,000's worth! Notice u don't see them wince when they have guzzled down a mini! hahahaa... gotta love the VP!

Donnie Partipilo : R.I.P. VINNIE AND DIME! Together forever!

Eric Blaich : i love jager so much

Your weird uncle : 333!

Zcypot : Props.... Me and Jager have a love hate relationship.... Yet I cant refuse the shots when they are just there.

GNJK : @VSerbianBossV you should have drank it in 2 minutes