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DaveIsMyName : Plot twist: He's actually the cop.

ProtoMario : Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z

CPF Juan manuel : To be continued....

HumorBagel : I have questions.

Zuzu : Honestly I think it's better for the next part to be a mystery

Ikhlaas Mj : Wanted level: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Justin Y. : So this what happens when Dio achieves over heaven

ƝveR : So that's the power of omnipotence

Justine Zeta : ...and anime at my side aghhhhh!!

Thomas Owens : *God has joined the server*

Kasia Wesołek : Sounds like God to me.

Cady Otcalimot : Spolier alert: he dies in Infinity War

Sam is Someone : Press F to pay respect

elitegamer45 : *Legend says, he's still using the great power of god*

Ninjaguy MC : This is the most American thing I have ever seen.

Yajirobe : I like to believe that he is completely naked.

White Beaner : Top ten characters who can defeat thanos with infinity stones

Erfan THE RED : *two minutes later* "Man with revolver, riding a tractor found dead"

Jinx The Babe Cannon : "I have the power of God!" Me: Oh god...

jOnAtHaN yyyeee : When you download the gun mod in Minecraft

JustinJKJ : *Stand User:* Hol Horse *Stand Name:* Emperor

thatrandomguy : 0:06 we'll be right back

Tekap G : Serbian student Gavrilo Princip shoots Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria-Hungary and nephew of Emperor of Austria-Hungary, Franz Josef, starting WW1 (Circa 1914 colorized)

Dragon King638 : Did he just illegaly just pull out a revolver at the end on youtube infront of police?

Rudolph J. Pineda : Skill Name: Power Of God Mana Cost: 1,000,000,000 Mp Skill Description: Harnesses the passive powers of God to smite enemies. Stat Changes: Attack: +1,000,000 Bravery: +1,000,000 Weapon Mastery: +1,000,000 Judgement: -999,999,999 Intelligence: -999,999,999 Defense: -999,999,999 Luck: -999,999,999

Creator Sun : "Oh shi-" *video ends*

Edward Gaines : I see a lawn mower is the modern-day horse. 🐎 YEE HAW!

I I M U S P : When the winged hussars arrive...

Average Youtube User : Far Cry 5 in a Shellnut

Moskov Snake eye commander : *PROCEEDS TO CREATE A RELIGION*

Derek Stronf : What brand of mower was he on?


Yakxter's Bass Music : *Top 10 Anime Endings*

Super Fan : This is America

Wild_ Rush123 : how it feels to chew five gum *plays the vid* new five gum stimulate you senses

Lovelle : "WE'LL BE RIGHT BACK."

adjie rexa : To Be Continued.

The Real Exp : This is my Favorite anime

Mammoth Supremacy 55 : Who else noticed that he sounds like Peter Griffin?

a cute pest : GTA in a nutshell

Stephen Hogan : And this is how America won independence from Britain.

Danielch : Just a regular day in the US.

Aleph Null : Tfw 30 year old boomer

the mattcaptain : The secret to defeat thanos!

The Angel Of Death : Thank God Justin Y isn't here

Under!Ed Sans : Top ten characters who could beat thanos (even without the infinity gauntlet)

Crimsonferret : Nothing more American than a drive-by on a lawnmower with a revolver.

The dancing Charmander : He sounds like peter Griffin

Alan Reyes : To be continued ➡➡➡

Goofy Goober :