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HappiestSadGuy : That memy Bassline should played at the end

Mythos MUGEN : I remember having a WebM where he pulled the trigger and said "oh shit" while falling off from recoil. Does anyone have it?

GigglelAlittle8D : is this gta

Metaroose : Half life 2 story in a nutshell

creative username : Far cry 5 gameplay revealed

Stephen Hogan : And this is how America won independence from Britain.

MrDaxy : 0:02-0:04 is me when I play tf2 and go ambassador spy

Goofy Goober :

Peeltheavocado SS : Jesus Christ it's Jason Bourne

Clip : I will give away my future kids and wife to see 10 more seconds of this video

Pika The Bonk Boy : when you got a new gun in tf2

skater die : *but does he have Anime on his side too?*

TheReal AMG : I bet he has a grey mustache or beard and wears suspenders or dungarees


Springz the Dead Bunny : I wonder how many times he got shot

Queef : Grand Theft Auto: Oklahoma

Tlactl : every time i hear his voice i think its Peter Griffin even though they only sound remotely similar

wateringcan : RIP lawnmower guy, ????-2017 He had the power of god

steamedrice97 : Development on the new Far Cry's looking good so far.

Ninjaguy MC : This is the most American thing I have ever seen.

Cooper Bentley : When you finally unlock the unica 6 in battlefield 4.

Blackasnight426 : Respect women

Dennis Colbert : Kind of sounds like Doug Lawrence at first (Plankton's voice actors).

mellowandjello : Dale Gribble and the Mason 5000 ride-mower finally go up against the powers of the government and the law enforcers.

Bethesda Addict : Wow, this Far Cry 5 footage looks awesome

random gamer 23 : Rare video of George Washington gaining independence

Joseph Stalin : Top anime battles

HeartlessGreg_ ! : Is there not a complete version of this?!?!

some abomination : when Mcree gets his ult and the enemy teams all in one place

captaintaco2345 : I want to know the story behind this so bad

World Of Stickboy : i think he actually have power of god xD

Ryan Gordon : Honestly, this video is perfect.

Bismark Feat. Ori! : Top 10 brutal deaths in anime

Strange Axle : I would LOVE to have known what went down after the cut.

afroman9541 : Oh, I'm sure this went fine. ... What do you mean he got shot?

Official Supra Hot Fire : Simply MURICA

King Of Dank Memes : Did he dead?


K9uKNIT : Is it possible to learn this power?

Alex Abrego_T4GH : that "vehicle" and the gun is the power of God to me, that is something I would do in a cop chase

anon deilvers : when you find a unique weapon in new vegas.

joeyforfun · : thats all? I searched allot and this is it. I thought he was gonna shoot but No. dissapoint

TheGhostlyIsaiah : War..... War never changes.

TruMoo : When you inherit your father's school shooting gun, and you ride out of the school after a successful shooting

senko ukura : And those were the last words he ever spoke...

Invisible Fiddle : He lived and uploaded the vid. Must have won the shootout

i cant think of a name so ill go with this name : me when u get a new weapon in bo3

Darkness19Z : Steps of having the power of God. 1.Have a lawnmower 2.Have a Magnum revolver 3.Ride Said Lawnmower while holding Magnum revolver 4.Ride to battle at cops 5.UNLIMITED POWER!!!! 6.??? 7.profit.

BoomStick : me when i get my first paintball gun

Nobody : New GTA looks great so far