Girl prank her bf into thinking she smashed his camera

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Nervous Q : This is nice, I like boys who cares about the person they love more than anything. This is amazing ❤

danish hashmi : Videos like these make me realise how alone i really am.

Mirth Mouser : I my future boyfriend to be just like that... That is literally the sweetest guy I've ever seen. She's found a keeper.

Laocea WhiteEagle : I want my boyfriend to be like that in the future

GodSCulte : korean guys are super sweet to their gfs

Brianna Vue : *I need me a guy like him*

천사별 : aww he's so sweet

C North : Sad thing is, women pass guys like this up everyday. Then comment on youtube saying they wish they had a guy like this.

Elyza Qasdeena : me : *smiling at how cute this is* -VIDEO ENDS-also me : *feels more single than i already am*

Tae Tae : Get you a man like this

Joshua Guting : You want to borrow another camera? LOL!

d tczyk : “Nice guys don’t get girls” that guy is so nice it hurts! “how much was it” “it was really expensive. 30 dollars!” She smiles so hard. That was so nice to watch.

Wolfer King : the chanel is 성수커플

BossBeardMan : Men test ideas, women test men.

THE LOsERs cLUB : I wish I had a boyfriend like that ;—;

choco pie : What that channel ?

infinity251214 : he is a very good man! he will be a very good husband and a father!

kane2103 : Good Guy.

Emaan M : This is so cute, he's so nice! <3

Mitch Mitchell : We should all have people who care about us as much as this boy cares about this girl!

Puja P : if u watched similar prank by joshua you will know how nice korean bf are. ❤

Yui Moonshine : That's exactly how my boyfriend treats me when I cry...😂😂 He acts goofy but when he found out I was getting bullied all hell broke lose

Troll Colate : The correct response for her would be hari kari...

Jesse : Seems like a cool dude

Shuffling Fate : aw we need more people in the world like this!

variabl3 : These two are awesome!

SNOWTASTIC_ 1 : Original channel this vid is from is S. S COUPLE

Yasmina Ayuma : Wow he was so Nice u Lucky to have him

• Satan • : I think korean couples tend to be more.... better(?) than American couples?

UNknOWN N/A : i will comfort myself when i break my own camera

Kezia Frager : When I watch this video I feel like there’s hope in life

Amy A : Stop stealing other people's content

NM Lisha : this is why i cant pronounce korean language correctly, their accent is so damn tough in my tongue 😭

Nico The Rabbit : If you don't know how cameras work... ------------ you need to look into it.

Alice Jones : Honestly the cutest couple I've ever seen

Micheal Sterling : Honestly if every women do that, boyfriend will always be okay 👍 its just take of softness and sweetness..

BLACK 18 : He's so sweet I'm jealous 😍

Florence minty : Omg that boyfriend seems the nicest person ever

Kenia Zhu : Is she older than him??


Keynan Tissing : He's so sweet💋

holimolishit : S.S couple 💘

Corcon : Those two need a speech therapist. Can't understand a word they say.

SuperGeronimo999 : Very expensive camera... bruh, my old 15yr old Nokia phone has better recording quality

Gerardo Trejo : I bet he is high.