Eminem as a Talking Heads song

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Super Deluxe : [EXTREMELY New York voice] Hey, we're talking about music here! https://sprdlx.co/2NrX14R

iDubbbzgames : i cant get this masterpiece out of my head

empty sky : This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen, I hope David Byrne has seen this :)

Biped Of the century : As a big talking head fan this is really Good

Joe Lewis : Okay but there is a crazy amount of talent behind this that needs to be appreciated.

Pinki Mietz : My favorite Lyric is "I am white".

Thomas Reid : the two blackest white artists collide

Dunecat : Ooorange doesnt riime with anyyything

Sam Harradence : BIG SUIT ENERGY

Yak : This needs more views given how well it is made

Libertarian Nationalist : This really sounds like Talking Heads lmao


Amira F : Omg...i came in skeptical but this is..amazing

BubbyTheMaster : Not enough Bass. Needs more Tina Weymouth bass.

calcolash86 : "I put my orange four inch door hinge in storage & ate porridge with George... People say the word orange doesn't rhyme with anythinnngg" this has been stuck in my head for 4 days, thanks! :P

I Do Monologues : 2:04 Nice little detail of the fan looking like she's singing along to this made up song lol SO GOOD BY THE WAY

Akilleus : You might find yourself, with a word, that rhymes with orange.

Dingoes8MeBabies : This made my flippy floppy.

Cartz L : Talking heads are my favorite band, this is actually golden.

Hubblebub Lumbubwub : Second time listening and I’m unironically enjoying it already

King and Peasant : This is so niche, lmao.

Airwalk1616 : This is your best work yet. As far as as an artist videos go.

Mark Titus : david byrne doesn’t deserve this. 10/10 song though

T. Ryan Arnold : I feel like this comes off as more "Eminem as an Oingo Boingo Song", but that's just me I guess.

John Johnson : Uh oh, Super Deluxe. Get ready for your diss track on his next album.

markmeadowz : I wanna know how you guys come up with these gold ideas and how they’re executed so perfectly ???

caroline : haha that's a good david byrne impression

Happy Shitkicker : Stop making sense.

baxterandcotton : Apparently Eminem's first concert was Talking Heads (according to his mom in a documentary) so this is extra relevant lol

puddle : Super Deluxe, I don’t know how many people will see this video, but just know that I really - REALLY - appreciate this video <3

WolfeSpeider : Please keep doing these

Chris Roldan : This was great! I hope he sees this lol

Lamb Chops : This is PHENOMENAL!!! This is the best artist mix-up you guys have done so far IMO.

Wallof0ing0B0ing0 : This is the closest thing to a new piece of music from Talking Heads and Oingo Boingo we will ever get in this timeline, granted both bands are now defunct and won't ever be revisited nor revived as far as we exist. As someone who loves Oingo Boingo and Talking Heads, I approve and appreciate this immensely!

Dr. Ziegler : This going viral!

1337Sauce : I took a chance and was surprised how good this was.

Will E. Fisturgash : Welp, I know what I’m gonna be singing all day.

The Erdoys : This is fantastic. Many people don't know but MM credits David Byrne as being one of his biggest influences growing up. His first concert was Talking Heads.

Politicrat : We isn’t this a #1 on Billboard

David J : This would have been a big hit round 82 83. Very well done as always.

Carpets2k11 : My new dancing around the house song 🙌

Shane Norton : Super Deluxe dropping another fresh tune.

venus as a trash can : i didn’t know i needed this. thank you

allthingsclassicrock : Holy shit this is amazing, I’ve never heard anyone nail the talking heads sound like this. Much less doing an Eminem cover lol. This needs to be released as a single!

Shafty : damnit Super Deluxe you just keep proving how awesome of a channel this is

Selkis Sun : Is this a real talking heads song?

Ebony : /mu/ approved

megan bocks : well i didn’t know that i needed this in my life.

Ipecac IsGoodForYou : give a raise to whoever is in charge of these

Renata Hernández : This is pretty damn good