How to Defend Earth Against an Alien Invasion

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Whatever you need a website for, create yours today with Wix: How could we defend Earth against an alien Invasion? Do we even stand a chance? Could the United States, Russia and China work together to protect us? What are these aliens even capable of doing, especially if they have already traveled most likely at a light speed. They must be far superior to us and their alien technology is incredibly better than ours. Could we simply deploy more debris in to our orbit? In this episode we focus on all the ways we could defend Earth against an alien invasion and what the best strategy is against it! Check out our other videos about space: 🌕 Earth vs Mars - How Do They Compare - Space / Planet Comparison: 🌕NASA vs SpaceX - What's The Difference: 🌕Could Aliens 65 Million Light Years Away from Earth See Dinosaurs Alive?: 🌕What if Earth was Made Out of Lego?: Is There Evidence That Aliens Did Come To Roswell?: 🌕 Evidence That Aliens Have Made Contact: Sources for this episode: 🔔 Subscribe to The Infographics Show : 🔔 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🐻 Our other channels: 🐿️ Subscribe to Fuzzy & Nutz: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: 🐦Twitter: 📘 Facebook: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ✍️ SUGGEST A TOPIC: ✍️

Comments from Youtube

The Aliens : Thank you for giving us more information about how we should attack your planet

Rubbish Ambush : Just build a giant sign that says "Sorry, Earth is closed today."

POLISHED SCREAMING KID : Well...thanks to Donald Trump we can now build a wall around Earth to prevent aliens entering.

Jonathan Ryan : Just tell the Aliens that Elon Musk built Ultron and is prepared to release him.

Darkened Shadow : How to win an alien invasion: 1. clone Simo Häyhä 2. wait for winter 3. whatch while the aliens get sniped by guys camping in the snow

No this is patrick : Answer is simple show them a video about Ali A

Mike Musheinesh : Two words Chuck Norris

Aznhunt : *They just want friends..* On a serious note don't strike if you don't know what they mean yet.. What if they just want a Pizza?

Nitro Esio Trot : Ah mate they can't touch us we have W I X BOI

Mr. Potatoes Head : Bring them to Japan and hopefully they love our food so they don't split our planet in half. Edit: not a lot of Dragon Ball Super fans I see..

Joy Time : Invade us and we'll nuke ourselves. It's clear to see why we have not been visited yet.

R B : We will Just make them watch the new York fight from The Avengers.

yes : Area 51 wants to know your location

Deepak Nohwar : Just imagine the aliens are just exploring the universe and make an alliance with us we will be gifted with the most advance technology and space travel will be possible!

LucioOh5 : Easy, we have Goku.

theblackbull55 : What if some aliens land and we kill them and they just be like bruh i just wanted to get a beer :)

Azilawati Abdullah : Dont worry they will not survive thanos snap

Steve Hoon : What a stupid idea! If aliens are so advanced, they would know how to protect themselves. They would have a different mentality and the idea of war would be primitive to them.

Analiza Rebigan : dont aliens die from being exposed to native viruses and bacterias because there imune system have not encountered such deadly microbes

Itzcreme : Plot twist the infographics got hacked and the aliens made this to predict what we will do and be one step ahead of us..... Edit: THIS IS THE MOST LIKES I EVER GOT OMG THANKYOU???!!!!!??

MarcoMate : I find it stupid how the world would join forces and then shortly after they would go right back into hating eachother.

mayur kale : Aliens want kim jon ung😅😂

Alex Lee : ways: 1.tell abaot humanitys pastime tech and power 2. just trash them ith our satilites

Luis Nesmith : Very entertaining! But the super plagues will finish everyone, without a fight.

History House Productions : Step one: be Switzerland

Hoysala Ragava : Aliens wil c this and prepare themselves 🤣🤣 omg we have leaked out our defence mechanism

CosmosZeroX : There's no way humans could survive. Any aliens that would come to earth with the goal to conquer it would succeed - it would be easy for them because the technology required to travel that large distances through universe is so advanced that humans would be at stone age level compared to the title is a joke. You can't defend earth against an alien invasion. not now. But the point is that they are friendly not evil - the humans are the evil race. That's the joke of it all. We are evil not them. If they would intend to kill us they could have done that a long time ago.

Pandan Leaf : It's not aliens won't contact us, it just they wait to Chuck Norris to rest yet he already awakes since the time of creation

Dank Matter : *THROW THE CHEESE!*

Savage Saiyan : I'd say the most effective way 2 stop an alien threat would either be get a super hyper advanced railgun, use our nuclear weapons, or the number one most effective way, is harness the power of sunlight and it's energy, in order to somehow fire a supermassive heatwave, because I can't remember where exactly this is, but there's a place where there's so many solar panels reflecting up into the sky as soon as a bird flies over it it blows up instantly, so if we can recreate that an amplifier that, so we could potentially instantly destroy invading alien aircraft

Kommander Kool : Waking up Trump?......he would be up tweeting something unproductive, when he gets the call

Tlot Pwist : What we hope: Hot female alien babes What we'll likely get: Giant blobby sentient bacterias

Rebecca Collier : Simple bring out •master chief•

Gamer du Québec : Who would win : Billions of weapons and humans ready to defend their planet at all cost *One green boi* EDIT:Damn I never realised that I had so many likes, thanks

Micheal Montgomery : I wouldn't know about that, but i could speak for anyone in need of an experienced hacker like Samkhack@gmailCom, who is a great recommendation for all hacking needs.

llDEADPOOLll : We can call the avengers

imbackfromhell 6597 : What if aliens aren't that superior as depicted. I mean yeah they have the best aircrafts but what if they dont have an army or at least a really strong one. So that's why they visit earth a few times to see if were still a big threat. Ok long story short all I'm sayng is what if their afraid of us humans and our gorilla warfare tactics?

Meb Kat : How to stop them: Make them listen to Justin Beiber

uday jakhar : build a wall , and the aliens would pay for it

Percival The Mad Crusader : Should I be worried that we have more realistic sounding anti-invasion plan then our economic plan?

Anglo Eternal : Earth's best hope against aliens is a massive shield made out of trash One of the most American ideas ever

ディアスジェレミー : I know how Just ask Japan to churn out huge Robots, like Gundams, or go to the US to build the Jaeger. *_Who else agrees?_*

The AJ : Alien lands. Alien : Who are you ? Us : My name's Jeff

Will Honsal : Great, you just told the aliens our strategy

manish acharya : Give them candies

riceyriceyricey : Remember what UFO stands for Unidentified flying object The minute you describe the objects as aliens and an alien ship is the minute you realise this is no UFO It is no longer unidentified

AGRODEEP ROY : What if aliens watch this video..

Hello Neighbor : Just make them listen to... Youtube rewind 2018

lAsteriosl : We just send Bear Grylls on their mothership, and he just eat them all alive.