How to Defend Earth Against an Alien Invasion

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History House Productions : Step one: be Switzerland

Gamer du Québec : Who would win : Billions of weapons and humans ready to defend their planet at all cost *One green boi* EDIT:Damn I never realised that I had so many likes, thanks

Talkinglegodude Lego Animation : Alien: maybe we shouldn’t invade... they have nukes. Audience: *gasps* Alien general: don’t worry they have em pointed at each other

Karma 59995 : You are safe if you are not in United States..! Because aliens always invade usa only..!

Mr.Techaky : Step one; Bring Gandhi back from the dead. Step two; Give him lots of uranium. Step three; Hope aliens like hell fire.

Dank Matter : *THROW THE CHEESE!*

lAsteriosl : We just send Bear Grylls on their mothership, and he just eat them all alive.

Akul Jamwal : We can't even defend the Earth against humans, how are we going to hold up against aliens? Or maybe aliens kill all humans and save the future of earth.

Faris Ebrahim : I think aliens are smart enough to know we won't explode ourselves with nukes.

Nathan Key-No : We should be able to cross the stars soon. Just because you’re able to travel fast, it doesn’t mean you’re WEAPONS are super powerful or that you have good battle tactics. It’s entirely possible that they just pushed past us in space flight but could be entirely behind us in weaponry. The earth has been in an arms race since the Bronze Age because we are ALWAYS at war so we are ALWAYS practicing. If the invaders come from a planet less warlike, they could be fast space travelers but not know how to hold a proper war or have an advanced military understanding.

thebahooplamaster : Answer is simple. To save the earth, you must deploy all Naruto runners to go out and use their Beyblades against the foreigners.

Rip Films : Power ranger should be considered...

Musica Maxima : Step one. Wake up the president

THE OTHERGUY : One way to defend Earth from a foreign civilization would be to learn how to communicate with them and form an alliance one of them so they could be our friends in space and they could help us defend Earth from another civilization.

Peter .S : First of all. If a F13 military aircraft can't catch up wih a UFO. What makes you think a ballistic missle would take out one. Lol

Michael Jay - Value Investing : If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

POOTIS : I love how everyone is suddenly an alien-biologist now.

Σeegma : Now that I think of it, I wish there was an alien invasion story that is told from the invaders' perspective. (Or maybe rather a story about future humans invading less developed aliens, it would make more sense for a human reader.) Would be quite interesting to see how the invasion would shape the society and politics of the invaders - say, how civilians react to the war.

CosmosZeroX : There's no way humans could survive. Any aliens that would come to earth with the goal to conquer it would succeed - it would be easy for them because the technology required to travel that large distances through universe is so advanced that humans would be at stone age level compared to the title is a joke. You can't defend earth against an alien invasion. not now. But the point is that they are friendly not evil - the humans are the evil race. That's the joke of it all. We are evil not them. If they would intend to kill us they could have done that a long time ago.

Anis 7744 : I don't see where is the problem just call the Xcom Forces ?

No this is patrick : Answer is simple show them a video about Ali A

Hyden : *How to survive an alien invasion:* First, make an agreement with them to provide support and assistance in their plan for the conquest of Earth in exchange for peace with them: • Offer them vital intelligence on landing sites; the Earth's geography, terrain, climate; sources of resources; sources of power; etc. • Offer them bases for their military forces to launch attacks on fellow human nations. • Offer them much needed materials, resources, supplies, etc • Offer to build their vessels, tanks, aircraft, ships, technology, etc on Earth to reduce the cost of them having to transport it all the way from their home world and also providing a valuable opportunity to study alien technology and replicate it. • Offer them knowledge of the local solar system so they know where to set up bases and acquire resources. Secondly, make it incredibly painful for them to attack you: • Promote the immigration of aliens to your country so they can live and work there so there is significant civil resistance (because the aliens would have friends, families, homes, workplaces, property, etc in your country) in their alien world if they go to war. • Secretly replicate as much alien technology as possible and reproduce it to make superior human weaponary. • Integrate the economy of your country with their alien economy (so if they attack you, they hurt themselves and their economy, also again promoting civil resistance). Try to get them hooked on a product that can only be made on Earth to make them dependent on you.

ROYAL NAVY : Well...thanks to Donald Trump we can now build a wall around Earth to prevent aliens entering.

Lil Debo : Next Video Should Be About How To Stop Thanos...

Miro Salmivaara : How to win an alien invasion: 1. clone Simo Häyhä 2. wait for winter 3. whatch while the aliens get sniped by guys camping in the snow

B. Bayella : "And they want us to colonize that mess?" So true. Earth is a mess.

Jonathan Ryan : Just tell the Aliens that Elon Musk built Ultron and is prepared to release him.

sirgrundel : Aliens who mastered interstellar travel would never be phased by any of this...

Jordon Koh : How about unleashing Super AI, just hope the AI won't side with the alien 🤣

Tiny Oats : Why are you watching this video, halo was made for a reason.

The Aliens : Thank you for giving us more information about how we should attack your planet

cainster : Are we assuming Jeff Goldblum is dead in these scenarios?

doggoismyname : One word «Nukes»

The Sapien : Kessler Syndrome is science FICTION. All artificial satellites have unstable orbits and fall back to earth, unless they have working propulsion. The Kessler Syndrome is not observed in the natural world. The closest thing we've seen are planetary rings, but these are more complex structures with different explanations for how they formed. So clouds of debris is not a thing that can last very long.

Zerozone Zz : We need Howard the Alien, to convince the Ayy Lmao's to not invade earth and if that failed to work, then we give them Despacito 2 to ensure everlasting peace.

Poisnu ishere : *DONALD TRUMPS SPACE FORCE!!!!*

christian paulo pelandas : If There's an Alien Invasion they will be easily die due Very harmful viruses. There Immune system had no resistance with Earth Substances. They could be easily die into decease Or Send them an Ebola Virus dengue Malaria or What so ever. Human and Animal Immune system had evolve for Thousands of Years that's the easiest way to kill them. Checkmate

theblackbull55 : What if some aliens land and we kill them and they just be like bruh i just wanted to get a beer :)

[RNG] Nightmare : Make them watch Ali A's videos and they will go away


Blaze : We'll die simple as that. We have 0 ability to fight in space.

Hoysala Ragava : Aliens wil c this and prepare themselves 🤣🤣 omg we have leaked out our defence mechanism

kevin masangkay : But aliens only will only invade new york

Aaron Wang : Or they could just fire a Giant EMP blast, sure there are some drawbacks but it would be pretty much GG minus the scattered groups of resistance fighters armed with primitive firearms. (Most likely in comparison)

THE OTHERGUY : What if an alien race attacks our planet and then another alien race comes in and wipes out the other race and saves our plan. Not all aliens have to be our enemies.

Zuzu : There needs to be a game where aliens want to rule the earth, and Putin, Trump, Kim Jong Un and all other world leaders co-operate to protect earth. Wow im high as hecc right now

One common name : Mark Zuckerberg and several others dont like your video

Amogh Srivastava : None of the strategies would work because aliens have probably seen this video

Mr. Hippo : Step one: move to Mars

Alif Ramadhan : TRump looks cute when sleeping :))