Mary Halsey performs WORK IT by Missy Elliot at Goddard Park (FULL VIDEO)

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Piano Hits! [Pandapiano] : Nicki minaj and Cardi b too busy fighting they won't even see Mary halsey come in and steal the game from both of em

Abi Thomason : I actually can't listen to the original version anymore after hearing this magic

Alexa Benjamin : She ain’t playin wit y’all 🙌🏽

A Vintage Librarian : Anyone immediately recognize that she is holding a shofar? Lol

Rob Brown : If this ain’t considered a certified cure for depression 👌🏽😑👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Kelly b : That lady dancing in the background is everything! you think she's gone.....than BAM she's back 😂💜

Allegra Calii : Lmao she used to come sing THIS SONG EVERY TIME at karaoke at the restaurant I worked at for years. Years and years lmao

Kevin Mcafee : I hope i dont give any f's when im older lol

Chelsee Lynn : The woman dancing around and eating is totally me.

NeziNapps akaNezi : I love Mary! She knew every word and sound effect. She even added some subtle movements, every now and then. Go, Mary! 😂🤣😎

Lil, Charmander : And now she's on ellen and she met Missy Elliott

Estefania Aguilar : This video will end racism

N G : Making America great again one view at a time :)

Kwanie Shelton-Palmer : She put a smile on my face. You go girl.

Maddcatt N Wonderland : The horn and sound effects she uses when referring to a males penis is fantastic!!! 😭😭😆😆😭😫👍🏽


Daniel Bugden : Not going to lie, this shit is fire.

Connie Johnson : OMG lady in the back has me rolling

g1rl6oo : Ellen vid got me here

Jameson Jones : Hype woman Susan dancing in the back with her cup was great!!!

Chisty A : Finally, in the Trump era, someone that makes me a little less embarrassed to be white. Go Mary!!!

Ca Up : Oh my gosh. I like the lady dancing around too. Fun!!!!!

Chardelle : I love it! Lol how the fuck I stumbled across this, I’ll never know, but I’m glad I did! Haha

MR. Flamboyant : I love you for this ❤😥😊 and I don't even know you! This is what the 🌏 needs more of (especially in these uncertain times)!! These are the kind of videos that build 🌉 and bring us together! Dat was dope 👍👏🎤

YÁDI : This is what YouTube used to be and I just wanna thank you for this

LA Fresh Life : this legit tho

Lone Jo : You're not supposed to have a bad day after this!!!

AJ Rockin Shockin Williams : Thank you Mary and your back up dancer very much for making my day. I'm going to watch your other videos too. 👍😆❤

J A Z M I N N E : My spirit animal emerges from the wilderness

Mingkengbomnam Gao : The only vertical video I'm in love with right now.

6ChristianLK3 F.9ncé18 : I got respect for her! She handled that!! Her performance was clear!!! 🔥💯👍

Unknown Unknown : She got soul!! She was getting it🤣😂😂

TheBushdoctor68 : Hahahaha! She's awesome. She even does the reversed parts!

bluzshadez : I love this lady! The coolest Grandma ever!

Mezmerized4Life Jay : Granny Elliot 😂 Reminds me of Lorraine from Mad TV

Tavon Fenwick : This lady is too cool!!!

Amir Khiyasov : Oh my god, I want to buy THIS version of the song🤪😂

ComedianAngel Croley : This is my new best friend. Call me girl

UglyGoth : I need Sistah at the cookout asap

Maryanne Jackson Picker102 : I. Love. Her. She Serious too!

R A : Ellen brought me here lol

QueOnda 123 : 🎵If you got a big (elephant noise)🎵 I wanna hang out with her! 😂💀

WeAreTheRest2050 : Absolutely amazing . The minivan in the background is the perfect added touch

lostgirl neverland : The lady in the background is making me die of laughter I don't know which one is funnier the chick in the background or the lady rapping

Valentina Minauro : You goooo Mary!!!! Seen you on Ellen you are magical 🤗😂👏✌️

cmandc301 : Funky white sister is the taking it to a whole new level!😃

mgawsmestevan : Huge smile after seeing this! Love it

keriezy : The lady in the back danced all the way around. 😂

Magda lena : I want to be as cool as Mary. Maybe one day.

nickdu72ify : I'm roll'n on the DAMN floor😂😂😂😂get it GURL