Mary Halsey performs WORK IT by Missy Elliot at Goddard Park (FULL VIDEO)

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WeAreTheRest2050 : Absolutely amazing . The minivan in the background is the perfect added touch

Rob Brown : If this ain’t considered a certified cure for depression 👌🏽😑👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Lizi Stardust : I duno why Youtube recommended this. But it improved my quality of life dramatically

Maddcatt N Wonderland : The horn and sound effects she uses when referring to a males penis is fantastic!!! 😭😭😆😆😭😫👍🏽

Tsetsi : Lady mom rappin’ like a gansta!

Jameson Jones : Hype woman Susan dancing in the back with her cup was great!!!

Ryan McDowell : 😂 the elephant 🐘 noise gets me everytime 😂

elblondie69 falconer : Extra thicc

Maddcatt N Wonderland : “Gooooo Tooooo TooooWWWNNN and eat it Like a Vulture!!!!” 😭😂😂😂😭

No Regrets Baby Just Good Vibes Over Here : She invited to all the hood parties and cookouts💀💀She lit af

keriezy : The lady in the back danced all the way around. 😂

_Slytherin _ : My aunt works with her at a health center in west Greenwich and even got her autograph 😂

YÁDI : This is what YouTube used to be and I just wanna thank you for this

Darius Floyd : She's what make AMERICA great!!! I love this!!!!

korisx : Who needs drugs? Cure for depression right here! 😁😄

Call Me Jai : Thanks, Phil. My depression is cured.

Aimee Glatt : Can she PLEASE do "Get Your Freak On' next?????!!!!!!!

Kim Baptiste : She live did the full damn song without getting out of breath.. That shit is hard. This performance is real talent

San J Cuellar : I love the elephant sound effect lol

shountypoo : Listen Mary did not come to play with these HOES. She came to slayyyyyy. Inflection, tone, conviction, confidence. This not her first rodeo and that song is part of her repertoire.

NeziNapps akaNezi : I love Mary! She knew every word and sound effect. She even added some subtle movements, every now and then. Go, Mary! 😂🤣😎

meatyboititlord : This was her celebration after going to hell and literally ripping Satan's horn off

Leslie B : "Funky white sista in the PAARKK!!!!!" L🤣L!!!!

NorthOCkook : Stay tuned for her performance of “My neck, My back” coming up next

Aimee Glatt : When she said PUSSY, tho!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Everlena Oliver : She Killed It!! How could 319 people not like this?

R33 ster : I’ve seen 40 years into my future and I’m not as upset with it as I thought I would be.

yehezkiel nainggolan : when she made that elephant sound 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Anthony P. Ramirez ll : Missy better watch out. Grandma Mary is coming for her Crown. HAHA!! 😂😭💀

Cherish G : Has Missy seen this?!

KeAna' Marie : Lol you can tell that’s her SONG.... that delivery

No Regrets Baby Just Good Vibes Over Here : MISSY IS SHOOKETH🙃😣😫😤😐🔥💀

ajax2727 : Best work Melissa McCarthy’s done in years.

Magick Pot : The lady with the food had me rolling.

Yay : Best secret link 😂🙌🏾

thereisnocarolinHR : But why the antler

samantha moses : WHO'S GRANDMA IS THIS ?😰👋

Kari2025 : I loooove that Missy is aware of her. RTed a tweet of her singing this. This is making my Saturday night! Love ya, Mary!

misvrastrge : I love that she is just casually holding a shofar as she spits fire. Yas queen!

Veronica Bolanos : That was so funny! Damn, she knew every word! The lady in background had me rolling how she was dancing! Good show girls☺☺ : Sing some too short next

Steve Hinkley : Why tai tai tai tai tai 👩‍🌾

Bvlgari Mosa : I love her this is so lit

Junkman2000 : Just in from Rakim & Eric B. "I know she got soul..." That's why I came! Lol!

Danae Goliath : This made my day omg

Brenda Johnson : I think she's getting an invite to the next cookout

Leapfrog the Leaping Cat : I LOVE HER!!

Crumb Reth : She can come to the cookout

606gus. : This is dope af

dutch2061 : She got a shout-out from Missy Elliot on Twitter!