Kings Of Leon - Molly's Chambers (Official Music Video)

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Grace hallons : my ex hated Kings of Leon..that's why he's my ex!

Cristina Orgo : They were much better when they were starting. This album is the best one in my opinion.

Aleks Persson : I love their old look. Very groovy indeed.

wazzamatron 1 : Awesome sound definitely Creedence Clear Water Revival influence

Jeevan Nathan : They had sound, identity, attitude...Now, Molly changed their mind...

Hooked on Chronics : before they became butt rock for sorority girls!

Jeferson Rodrigues : Ashton Kutcher band?

ninaeatworld : Needs more cowbell

rubbishycrap : This song is about gravy.  "She's got your Bisto"

J moxon : September 2018.....this song never gets old . 😁🤙👏

KWDRT : I need to find a girl named Molly Chambers!

El Barto : they used to rule...

Danger_Ace : To the people who think this about song is about "Molly the Drug", you couldn't be more wrong. Molly's Chambers is a term that refers to brothels or whore houses. If you actually listen to the lyrics it makes perfect sense........

TheMOETORIOUS : Who’s here from Conor McGregor? 👀

Ale Marie : "Molly" is a drug, not a girl, and is also known as "Ecstasy" :)

Wayfaring Stranger : These dudes are still killing it! Easily one of my all time faves.

Steven Van Horn : Songs like this and "Red Morning Light" were when KOL peaked... The latest commercial success flags their imminent demise... JMHO...

RoBass95 : Still in love with the old Kings!

fundamentalofhate : What happened? This band used to be so much better than they are now. Now it's all kind of garbage IMO.

Raissa M. : Como eu amava essa música. Primeira deles que eu conheci.. mt bom

Figure This : Conor McGregor brought me here! 🤣

Dan89swfc : Proper kings Of Leon before they sold out!

STELLAFELLA : My first ever KOL song i heard.... Can't believe this is 10 years old.

Thomas Vedrody : I always thought this song was a direct reference to the song Whiskey in the Jar.

корми ворон : супер привер из росси

john smith : Is this inspired by the line in 'Whiskey In A Jar' covered by the brilliant Thin Lizzy?

Jony P Silva : Notorious McGregor 👀

Jérôme Bizien : They used to be so cool...

marcelo : back when they were good and inspired by creedence clearwater revival

Amarildo Ribeiro : they should go back to doing things like this

Dionne Massey : One of the hardest working bands I've ever had the pleasure to listen to, made music and toured till they nearly imploded! Loved there early sound, moon shine and mullet's. this album still sounds as good as it did in 2003. You could still buy psychedelic truffles and mushrooms from festivals back then! Good memories, how festivals have changed - PEACE ;)

Fabian Cuyé : That 70's Show ? :P

Shane O'Neill : Was the name of this song inspired by the lyrics of Whiskey in a jar by Thin Lizzy?

muhamed555 : Molly Weasley's Chamber of secrets?

Haxenabled : The hippies of 2009. They look like the biggest virgins in the best way.

Tom Hanson : Best band ever. Simple as

anny zam : Los adoro!!! <3

John Martin : People say they aren't good any more and that they lost their balls. Just wrong. The overall sound may sound more poppy now, but the chord progressions have advanced a lot. They didn't lose anything. They gained more musical knowledge and applied it. In other words, they're not ignorant and seem eager to learn. The only reason the poppy sound is coming is because of the large amounts of producing they get now. As a guitar player and songwriting major, I can tell you that they have literally gotten better with each album. The songs may not necessarily be better, but they're trying to be better musicians all the time. Their first album contains almost all bar chords. Not to say I don't love the old stuff. They rocked the hell out of it and made those simple chords jam out. I love it all. Now they are taking advanced progressions and rocking the hell out of them. But in a different way. Think if they played waste a moment in this style it would probably sound so wonky.

Nick Hadjirallis : The KoL have lost their edgy cool garage sound. It happens to a lot of bands as they become more successful, the budget for their albums increase and their sound becomes over produced. Go back to the basics guys.

Dog Lord : MTV Brasil RIP

jennifer rosier : Love Love Love "Kings Of Leon" !!!! Early-Mid 2000s Had the best comeback in Good Alternative Rock & Indy music .... my Teenage years were the best !!!!! Don't get me wrong.... I do love today's Alt & Indy .... there's just Something about the Early years that rocked so hard 😍😍

Sol Leguii : fantastico!

such is life : love it

jchopra : Psychedelic sounding tune. Vid matches.

Charbel Tn. : #WALLS.

Brandon Vazquez Villaseñor : que clase de creedence son estos? very nice :3

Marcos Luna : simplesmente maravilhoso show

James Hyde : They need to go back to this look and sound

Garrett Schilling : Imma grow my hair like this. Super fly

Steph Sands : Another song overlooked no matter how good it is