Day 21 it’s me and two bonus drawings

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Sharky Sharklops : I LOVE the hot chocolate mug! It would make such a great t-shirt design. Have you ever thought about doing something like that? Cheers!

Kegz : Nice one dude!

Motivation Madness : Love the drawings, you're an artist for sure!

y0utuberculosis : And just remember if you're not up for doing a drawing one day, don't worry about us, we will just be extra excited for the next one!!

Sammy Hallam : I like the little heart badges all your characters wear.

Anthony Monico : It's Friday and we get two awesome drawings! This made my Friday a whole lot better buddy!

Lee Springer : Drawing request: If you could transform into an animal for one week only, what would you be and why? Draw your answer!

Bradley Mellor : That Hot Chocolate looks delicious! Peace Out ✌️

Rohlix : Amazing drawings Weevster, really well done! Loved the cute blushing mug! Keep up the great work :)

Phil Newman : You broke 10k subs like a boss.

NeoXtheXbio : Keep at it weev! Your drawings make my day

bigbuff : Did you draw Pig Pen? Thats looks like the actual cartoon! You have such talent!!!! Sending you much love my friend!

Louis Kitchen : Fantastic drawings mate, let us know what you'd like for Christmas and we will get it to you! If you feel too tired to draw don't worry about it! We will all rock up at every video of yours. Much love from Scotland!

H2 Kyle : Love the line work! You are a trooper, kid. Stronger than me.

wllybere : Your signature heart makes each drawing extra special. You are so talented!

Sanskriti Khandelwal : The drawings are adorable! You already have your own style which is absolutely amazing! Keep it up!

johnnythi : I'm a little stinky, too. It's okay to be from time to time!

Will Davies : You're a great kid, Weev. I hope the best for you and your family, much love from Canada.

Rutuu : Stay strong man, I'm hopeful for you

Gutseren : Ohhh do you play Pokemon? Weev the skunk kind of looks like Eevee! The tongue on the hot chocolate is super cute too.

id300129 : the whole world loves the Weevster!

Shane Porter : Awesome work dude! Keep this up they are excellent!

Dead Sex Doll : 💕🐇💕🐇💕🐇💕🐇💕 I love the little green fart clouds

Billy Rafael : Great work bro! And such kind words! We all are learning a lot from you.

Bill CollinsTM : Hi Steven! I hope you feel better. You’re so sweet! Wonderful self-caricature! 😎👍 Weev the Skunk lol 😂 But I doubt that you’re stinky! 😀 I just love your blushing hot chocolate mug ☕️ and wow! Pigpen is perfect!👌 Stay warm and have a good day! ✌🏻❤️💕👍♥️

Josh Laskey : It's snowing outside my house I could use some of that hot chocolate. Keep up the good work Weevs!

Kyton Sweat : I could go for some hot chocolate! Charlie Brown Christmas is great!

Epik plusone : Hey awesome drawing buddy xD

Megan Sharp : I love the cute little faces you draw! Seeing them really brightens my day!

TwistedConundrum : Thanks for sharing your drawing with us! :D

Clayton Bussanich : Okay well I had already liked the video, but I changed it to a dislike just for you. Your wish is my command!

michael milner : Nice drawings! Good luck and good health to you!

2009miles : Beautiful drawings, keep up the fight! Greetings from Portugal!

Life Exotics : Love the drawings! Keep posting and hope you get well soon!

Onika : I love your drawings! You should make some T-shirts with your art!

Anna Wilmesher : You did such a good job on your drawings! I love the little hot chocolate, hot chocolate is perfect when it’s super snowy outside. I hope you have fun watching the Charlie Brown movie tonight, that movie is so good!

CreativeName : You inspire me with your drawings every video. Thank you!

A, Thompson : Omg weev the skunk is so cute!!

Nicholas St. Clair : Keep them coming!

Reggie : Good Afternoon! Thank you for the new beautiful art work. I love the tea pot and the skunk! and Charli Brown! I can't wait to see what new drawing you have for us next! :)

Jennifer Haas : Love you cuz!! Your drawings are amazingly!

Eric Vanderstreet : Great job!

Alex Shmoshmalex : Fantastic drawings!

abiimelett neiigo : Wow that makes me want some hot choco 💕 awesome drawing steven

laidback4evr : That hot chocolate is so cute!!! We got a lot of snow here too! Have a good day!

David Lewis : Stay warm! Love Charlie Brown Christmas!

Full Speed : Keep it up, bro!

S Sablich : You're an inspiration to us all! Stay strong my man! Peace!

ניקולאי קירילנקו : Great drawings buddy!

Travis W : I like the little farts behind the skunk. Hah. Keep it up my man. Peace out.