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liveShit : I'm a new Iceland fan. Wish them the best in the WC!

Dloghok2017 : a country with a population of only 334,252 (2016) selected to the fifa world cup...fantastic iceland...congratulation

Tata : GOOD JOB ICELAND!! 🇮🇸 Congrats from Brazil 🇧🇷💚

Brandon Villegas : Respect from Mexico! I can't wait for Russia!!!!!!!!

WillAIC132 : If Northern Ireland don't make it to the world cup I'll be supporting Iceland

Jose Luna : Mexico Loves Iceland!

Isabelle Fernandes : Congratulations iceland,And welcome to your first world cup


Jovani Ke : Congratulations Iceland you Guys are Unbelievable.. All the Respect from Ethiopia 🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹.

januz5 : Congratulations from Argentina, best wishes for you. See you there!

lightninglord85 : Congratulations, Iceland! Well deserved. Best of luck in Russia. Greetings from Texas!

goodyear 1957 : Niceland!!! .. congratulations from republic of ireland to Iceland ..

skrs86 : Congratulations from Poland!!! 👍😁🍺⚽⚽⚽good job...

Klinsmann Hengles : Congratulations from São Paulo, Brazil. You are Amazing!

B_B B_B : Heroes!

Rasyid PG : Cant wait to see viking clap action at russia 👍👍👍👌

Mladej Danis : I love Iceland. Its great to see there are still real and pure national teams without any immigrant filth. Im going to support you and Poland during the Wolrd cup. Good luck vikings! Greetings from Czech republic!

gullywog : ON another note my country (Trinidad & Tobago) WAS once the smallest country in history to have qualified for a World Cup in 2006....NOW that Iceland holds this record, it still feels just as special. I wish them all the best.

Brian Leonardus : i know sigur ros from islandia wkkwkwkw just it .... and now going to the 2018 FIFA....

Aldo Zilli : How do they do it?

elisabeth manik : I love u so much icelandia from icelandiar

Hernan Rolando Medina : We see you in Russia. Greetings from Argentina.


Karlo Flores : the world cup is like a battlefield of different cultures and traditions...Viking Knight Inka Aztec Maya Samurai etc...just beautiful

Kingbacon Gaming : Wow since the population is only 334 thousand who live in Iceland basically the whole country was in that field 😂

arsen 1618 : wow Iceland that is amazing celebration, I hope you guys do that in Russia.

Alexander Front : Congratulations our nordic brothers. From Sweden.

Sam Anders : Vikings are coming! That war cry...I’ll be cheering for you, Iceland!

Mayhem RMCF : Respect from The USA. Excited to see you play in Russia. Hope you shock the world again and do great in the tournament 👏

Jaime Quintela : Congratulations from Portugal! Good luck for the world cup, hope you go far and we don't have to play you guys again!

André Duré : Bone chilling to say the least. What a great crowd! Excellent addition to the WC

shah alam rain : ohh Iceland love ubest wishes for the World cup

Aniq Fikri : i had a goosebump

Douglas Mortimer : it is not viking thunder clap, it is copy of polish volleyball fans

Omar Bertacchini : Congratulations Iceland!!from Italian football fan

Tony Harley : Well in Iceland from Celtic. Supporting you after the Republic of Ireland

Mr Wordsworth : My country didn't qualify to the World Cup. But I can always cheer for Iceland! Give me amazing moments like the ones from Euro guys. You have my heart! (viking clap) \. -_- ./

Markzman 394 : and on the other hand USA did not make it. LONG LIVE THE VIKINGS. way to go Iceland. AHUU!! AHUU!! ...MOTIVATED...

The Bhoy : That is fucking spectacular, you guys will go down in folklore as true conquering vikings, respect from England 💚

Mohamed Dheeliye : this nation deserves to be world champions!! Love them So much👆👆

Stuart Croggpitts : Conor mcgregor, is that you

a nice guy : If Poland falls in group stage I will be supporting Iceland.

John Johnson : That's it I'm cheering on Iceland.

Damjan Pugelj : So happy for you Islandia! :)

Ivan Salas : Lots of respect from Mexico 😊

Stewart Meehan : Congrats to Iceland from a Scott, wish we could be going with yous in Russia.

Dals Su : The golden generation of icelandic soccer

Fabio Toppi : We are the best!!!! Congratulations heroes...from Italy.

Muhammad Fahri : Congrats guys. You all deserve that. I support you in WC. From Indonesia ❤

Jorge villanueva : and in the 1/8 Match Iceland vs México Iceland pass to the 1/4 Match :'v