We Found Brian O'Connor's Supra from The Fast and the Furious! | The JDM Rework.

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SI RICKO : Wrong hand drive

Alex : That clickbait title tho! It's a replica...not actually from F&F.

The Boost Cave : Don’t let this awesome video distract you from the fact that hector is gonna be running, three Honda civics with Spoon engines. On top of that, he just came into Harry’s and ordered three T66 turbos with NOS, and a motec system exhaust!

Peak Time Racing : RIP Paul Walker

DailyDrivenTurbo : Funny how some people call it ricer. Almost all the cars from first FF. and now they replicate them. I don't mind. It's nice to bring memories back.

Adam A. : Yeah, but is it ACTUALLY a 10 second car tho?

Honda Vlogs : Living life one upload at a time!

Chasing Adventures : oh nice replica

george zoit : nice car but please put the bomex bumper please

Tadd Mason : Wish it was the targa

sara z : early F&F is good.now its suck.

Tyler Nanos : Wow that is sexy asf

Shaun Persaud : Owner is a cool dude

Xantteboy : Iconic car but shouldnt build a replica from a clean supra

Tokyo JZA80 : I met a girl at a car meet in Yokohama one time who has a replica with the blue interior and everything lol

AkumaRedG : You need to remove those tire letters from the back.

Marvin hyper : I Love this Supra❤️❤️❤️ this is the legend

Anil Baksh : One was sold for $185000. That was April 22nd 2015.

Big Rick Entertainment : I only watched it because I was interested about what’s under the hood and he said anything about it. Pretty cheesy video, It’s probably non turbo.

kawtel : here before 1,000,000 views!!! this vid is gonna blow up

Boost And Redline : Only one exception, wrong hand drive

Placeholder Name : The "real one" as in the hero car from that movie is actually in Holland and had like 600hp when they got it. They said it basically had the entire HKS catalogue from back then thrown at it. This is a replica. Theres a video where some dutch car magazine drives around in it on the track. I think there was some other original F&F cars in there as well.

Chasing Adventures : when you doing a prius review?

J_Litter : Great job editing Marcus. Loved the background clips of fnf

ilovemanunited : This is just like the guy in Noriyaro with the AE86.

Cinninnimon Skoda : When winter hits come to Grand Forks BC, or i can meet partway. I will have my JDM Celica GT4 ready for back roads. Reach out to me and we can set it up.

ayowser01 : Song/title of background music, please.

Johnny Colon : First thing's first R.I.P Paul Walker the Buster.. That toyota supra is not his car like it said on the head line for the video. If you ever seen the movie then you would know that his car was not right hand drive it was left hand drive like all the other supra's in the USA there for that is a replica that the owner had probably did or some one else. So why not keep it real and say it's a tribute car instead of saying its Paul Walker's MK4 when its not.....

kel kel Blackman : Love the supra man and good content. Keep doing your thing👍

REEL SIXX : When I saw the supra in the movie I thought it was the ugliest Japanese car I ever saw I didn't even recognize it as a supra due to butchering. I thought it was some mitsubishi with a kit, forgive me I was 11 when that movie came out and more into obscure german, lowriders, and classic cars. I've seen a couple of these paul walker supra mock ups for sale and when negotiating I tell the owner I have to fix the mods aka ricer butchering that was done to the car so I have to factor that into my budget. I'm not alone because most of these supras don't sell well and have to be sold at a low low price which reflects how repulsive they are even to supra fanboys.

3v4761 : You had me...when you said you found it i expected the real one...

Zynksx : Filmed in my home town 🙏🏻

david mason : #rippaulwalker you will be remembered in all our hearts

Scotty doesn't know : first of all...its shouldn't be rhd... second- it is nit targa!!!!!

Maytricks : Need a 1jz tag.

Cali Chan : Neo vvl sr20

Alex Gentry : So it's not Brian's car from the fast and the furious but actually a random Scottish guys that found a Supra and body kit and decals and did what any human on Earth could do? Nice clickbait.

Corey : RIP - PW. Iconic and beautiful car. Look after her.

Shaeer Hassan : Would be perfect if it had the Bomex body kit

random-guy-from-the_Internet : Horsepower? Tq?

Jared Richardson : Amazing 👏👏👏

EllieSant : Cool car and even cooler owner, great to see someone so passionate about his build. Good shit Marcus.

Ty Nguyen : I said 10 second car not 10 minute car.

Elver Galarga : The real one was a targa top

Aran Sandhu : Knowing how BC is, it rained after they finished filming

andrew grant : Well that's a misleading title isn't it.

Marvin hyper : How much HP have this Supra??❤️❤️❤️🔝🔝🔝

Maxime Vhw : didnt even pop the hood :(

supercds : thumbs down for bs title

REEL SIXX : I don't really see the appeal of wanting a fnf car, when I was growing up this kind of stuff got you laughed out of car meets and you were labeled a poser because the fnf did such a poor job of representing the car culture it was like blackface for car people. The fnf movies were something car guys would go to see the cars but also to laugh at the movies poor quality. I was a car obsessed person long before fast n furious I was always around people that were working on cars as a kid and my dad would tell me about all these amazing japanese and german cars because it was in the culture of our home country his dad used them and so did my dad so naturally the love runs in the family. Where I'm from Toyota is in the blood of the culture since the 60s just as chevy and ford are in the culture of north america. There's really nothing that commands more respect in my home country than a good tough toyota like a landcruiser, people with porsches and lambos will show you respect for it because of the cultural connection the brand has. There's a very clear difference between natural real car people and fnf posers that later grew up into proper car people. It's a very interesting topic I've been writing about for a video.