Blade Runner 2049 - I'll Keep Coming

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strawberrycactus : this movie was just so heartbreakingly beautiful and your video does really justice to it. beautifully edited and great choice of music!

Nicolas Sorg : Death Stranding 2049

tiddlesmcsquiglles 01 : Boss: "Hand in your gun and badge." K: "Can I keep the flying car with the machineguns?  Boss: "Yeah sure whatever..." Great video and movie.

Jacoby : That part where you mixed the "cells interlinked with cells" scene with K and JOI in the rain...absolutely brilliant! Brings out the emotion of those scenes even better IMO

Tommy : Just saw the movie (yeah I know what the fuck took me so long) I'm litterally speechless, the story, photography, score of this movie is incredible. One of the best sci-fi movies for me with 2001, Inception and Arrival. And this video is as great as the movie is. Great choice of music and great edit. Well done

OMilly's Comic Dubs : I forgot how Great The Blade Runner Movies Were! Great Video!

Amitabh Mishra : A sci-fi masterpiece for the ages 👏🏻

Matthew Gilbert : I don't know why youtube is just now suggesting this video to me but godamn I am happy it did. Wonderful editing and music choice. Gained yourself a sub.

Tanner Cox : Fantastic editing friend, I work as a firefighter part time and hope to work on video editing & 3d art as a side gig in the future. Definitely inspired me to keep pushing foward with that plan!

J.A. Gomez : You look like a good Joe..

Wheresmyeyebrow : Don’t know whether to feel happy or sad that we’ll get some irl Blade Runner in our lifetimes

Bryan Solo : Excellent job!!! It has been a little while. So glad to see your back.

chysthian ferreira : This is song remember me death stranding

Johnny Gat : This is honestly beautiful, great job man

Ronie Souza : That is some good editing.... Great job!

Existential Loop : I love the video it's simply a....miracle. QUESTION : what font did you use in the video ?

The Febo : you forget the wonderful snow scene

Cruz Bazan : Bravo 👏💜

youare bymyside : "what's like to hold someone you love?" I'm happy you edited it this way, because i always think about his love for her and how androids maybe don't dream of an electric sheep, but do dream about wives that are real and not just some programmed software. this is truly tragic. this is beautiful, thank you.

Nathan Bellic : This is just wonderful

Юрій Шабаш : Soo beautifull..

Sathish Kumar : I didn't understand single scene of this movie

Mr. M.A. : G.R.E.A.T

THE CUBAS : Sensacional, parabéns pela edição.

Rashmi Fleras : Bro m watching this video.. more than 10 times a day.. good work!!! Thanks me for viewing it so frequently :P

Bisonho do 2 BPE : Oh shit, I can't stop crying...

IamMrNobodY : MGSV Anyone?

Mello D : great job man, you did the community proud tbh

HorizonHD | Battlefield Gameplay : I fucking love how beautiful this movie is, in both visuals, audio, message, character and emotion. It's just outstanding

Ulises Venegas : I already loved this song because of Death Stranding but this edit is so perfect I really liked it, also this movie is great and beautiful

Jason : “Because you’ve never seen a miracle” —broke my heart

Katherine W : i wish i could make something this beautiful...

Hamish Hendrikson : I've listened to this a few times over the past week. It really is amazing work. Well done.

Imran Rasyid : May i know what font that is used for the dialogues? im curious.

Иван Иванов : Кайфовый клип, спасибо.. Для меня этот фильм как второй терминатор, лучший среди терминаторов.. В-)

The._.Azazel : Your work deserves way more attention my dude. This is so masterfully edited!

Mizaru : it look like Officer K story 💜

IG BELL0 : Thanks Low Roar!

PyroTek : Top movie of all time for me

Guaxi : This song is so good !

lou 1 : this is cool

Engarum : Мне понравилось. Спасибо.

Gabriel Mwamba : Kojima anyone?

PAUL65 - CLIPS Y GAMEPLAYS : just incredible

rajeev kasyap : Which song?

Jupiter and beyond : Oh ! Boy !!!

Inserat the band : This is pretty amazing. Stirred some emotions for sure

Joe Cannabyte : I wish they'd explain how replicants work a bit better. Clearly genetically modified but it seems like cybernetics are involved? Could it be possible for Deckard to get an upgrade (even at his age) to be as strong and agile as K? I don't see why not, or K to be brought back to life? I guess it depends on how their organs work, cellular degeneration and how much of the brain is organic matter, and matter that doesn't decay at a regular rate. Just weird thoughts...I kinda wanted to see Deckard doing some really awesome action scenes like K....maybe in a near-sequel. I wouldn't mind a little mini-series seeing how Deckard gets away with his child and what she does. Watch Old Man Deckard kick some ass while he still can. Cybernetic upgrade, maybe?

Doccy Stars : Amazing

проект СССР 2 : ПОНЯТЬ НАДО ……. Два раза " КУ " !!!