Jerry Seinfeld's Clio Acceptance Speech

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Last night, comedian Jerry Seinfeld deadpanned at the CLIOs: “I love advertising because I love lying…” The 55th annual CLIO Awards, the most prestigious international advertising awards, were held in NYC. Whoopi Goldberg hosted the event, which also featured a performance by Aloe Blacc and lively acceptance speeches from CLIO Honorary winners Blondie (Debbie Harry and Chris Stein) and Jerry Seinfeld.

Comments from Youtube

YannGlass : This is funny, but it's also kind of sad. Because ad people aren't stupid - in fact, most of them are really quite smart. But they've deluded themselves into believing that they're doing something worthwhile. And I guarantee you that every person in that room laughing and clapping understands the joke, but thinks it's at the expense of everyone but themselves. Because they're a good person, deep down. They're not like the rest of the industry.

Matt Uebel : Amazing.

Nemo Cassum : jesus, half the crowd doesn't get it

koenraad72 : And thats how you say F* all this without swearing

Also Known As : The people in the audience understand that Jerry is lampooning them. They are laughing because they largely agree with how meaningless it all is, ultimately. People seem confused about that, not sure why.

yerejay : That's Gold, Jerry! GOLD!!!

John Wolfe : *nervous laughter*

Goog IsSpam : Great speech! Now get back to showing me more ads Google!!!!

Diese Videos führen zu Nichts : Advertising: much ado about nothing. Jerry knows what he's talking about! ;)

Per S : I honestly want to read "Soulful Materialism" by Jerry Seinfeld.

Mile30 : He turned that acceptance speech into a roast. Reminded me of Carlin! George Carlin - National Press Club [complete]

Craig Jacobs : If this pisses you off you are probably in advertising.  

Roi Trigerman : Simply Genius.

KEVIN PIASTRA: COMEDIAN : He's like Colbert here. Satirizing them from inside

EinhanderSn0m4n : Best. Seinfeld. Ever.

jubblinging : Is it just me or does Jerry sound a bit like Estelle Costanza now?

DEO : 4:32 Is navigating a stage that difficult that they had to hire a woman to point to the direction to exit?

K Appianing : Apple fanboys out there listen up..

stlkngyomom : Webster's New Dictionary Tele-at, over etc.a distance Vision-2.something seen in a dream, trance 5.something or someone of great beauty Program-4.a logical sequence of coded instructions specifying the operations to be performed by a computer (brain)* *content added for clarification ~Namaste~

Wladislav : Bill Hicks would have enjoyed this.


Ibraheem Satti : I love how he said whats in his mind and delivered it flawlessly. Its brilliant

Bruce Hunter : Hahaha! Awesome! Having been in radio for 16 years as a Newscaster In radio, this rings true!!😃

Catalin Radoi : Why were people laughing? Things he said should make us all sad, because they're true: "I think spending your life trying to dupe innocent people out of hard-won earnings to buy useless, low-quality, misrepresented items and services is an excellent use of your energy."

Xandercorp : I think Seinfeld started watching George Carlin. He can finally emulate some talent now. Good for him!

S D : Amazing, amazing! Amazingly put, an epitome for sardonicism... :D :)

DoctorMaxMoebius : "Stupid but hopeful species" - how apropos!

Rawdiswar : This is how Mad Men should have ended...Insert Don Draper for Jerry Seinfeld and put a bit more of an edge to it.

Benny Danielz : The worlds most honest man!!!💖💖💖💖💖

Peter : Brilliant. Glad to see Seinfeld is as irrevent as ever.

Kelvin : The level of sarcasm. Brilliant!

JamesB00n : Did Don Draper win one too?

Jeremy Le : Awesome but what's with the airline food?

Shawn Ravenfire : Best acceptance speech ever.

Patrick : A breath of fresh air.

Andrew Monroe : Ironic coming from Seinfeld lol

Em Em Emmy : What happened to that luscious hair I knew and loved

Humperdinkle Fackerknackle : Funniest Irishman alive,Ever!

trixen : LMAO!!  Jerry is the man!


Steve Eichenbaum : Jerry WON a Clio for our ad agency for TV spots he did for a Milwaukee Sub sandwich shop. BEFORE american express and before SEINFELD. And he was great at advertising. So cut him some slack. It's about being FUNNY.

PUMPA DOUR : Did Jerry become so rich, because of the advertising revenue from Sanfield?

ROMERCIAL : Jerry Seinfeld insumeaza ce inseamna advertisingul, in cea mai prestigioasa decernare de premii din industrie : Premiile CLIO. 

nitramyar : Best awards speech, ever!

Jeff B : Best comedian alive. RIP Patrice.

punishmentforall : Despite the humorous wrapping, it was 100% mockery. Maybe well deserved, the execs of the companies and ceremony organizers would have been :|

B Nice : That's the funniest I've ever seen him

Idon'twanttochangemynameOK : Here Jerry Seinfeld mate, what's your game?

Bill Bean : Would you bet on the book idea? #soulfulmaterialism