Jerry Seinfeld's Clio Acceptance Speech

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NCD Fan : They all cheered while he pissed on all of them. It's like he was speaking to a room of R Kelly's girlfriends.

YannGlass : This is funny, but it's also kind of sad. Because ad people aren't stupid - in fact, most of them are really quite smart. But they've deluded themselves into believing that they're doing something worthwhile. And I guarantee you that every person in that room laughing and clapping understands the joke, but thinks it's at the expense of everyone but themselves. Because they're a good person, deep down. They're not like the rest of the industry.

John Wolfe : *nervous laughter*

Matt Uebel : Amazing.

koenraad72 : And thats how you say F* all this without swearing

Randy Bautista : This speech sums up both the brilliance & dissonance of Jerry Seinfeld. He's probably one of the greatest observational comics in the world, and yet he mocks humanity in a "holier than thou" condescension as if he weren't part of humanity at all. He spoke the truth about the manipulation inherent in advertising, but when it comes to his own participation in the manipulation, he reeks of insincerity. If George Carlin were saying these words I'd embrace his mockery in a heartbeat, but coming from Seinfeld I can't help but think that he believes his shit smells like roses, and would then proceed to throw it at us because our shit smelled like shit.

Nemo Cassum : jesus, half the crowd doesn't get it

Also Known As : The people in the audience understand that Jerry is lampooning them. They are laughing because they largely agree with how meaningless it all is, ultimately. People seem confused about that, not sure why.

KEVIN PIASTRA: COMEDIAN : He's like Colbert here. Satirizing them from inside

yerejay : That's Gold, Jerry! GOLD!!!

Diese Videos führen zu Nichts : Advertising: much ado about nothing. Jerry knows what he's talking about! ;)

Per S : I honestly want to read "Soulful Materialism" by Jerry Seinfeld.

The Verbally Abusive Clown : Wow...and all that without needing the use of a teleprompter.

DEO : 4:32 Is navigating a stage that difficult that they had to hire a woman to point to the direction to exit?

K Appianing : Apple fanboys out there listen up..

EinhanderSn0m4n : Best. Seinfeld. Ever.

jubblinging : Is it just me or does Jerry sound a bit like Estelle Costanza now?

Colin Perkins : Interesting coming from a guy that has appeared in a lot of commercials, including for credit cards which are largely responsible for people spending money they don't have on things they don't need.

Rawdiswar : This is how Mad Men should have ended...Insert Don Draper for Jerry Seinfeld and put a bit more of an edge to it.

Goog IsSpam : Great speech! Now get back to showing me more ads Google!!!!

Ash Bowie : I wish I could like this a thousand times. 

Mile30 : He turned that acceptance speech into a roast. Reminded me of Carlin! George Carlin - National Press Club [complete]

Steve Eichenbaum : Jerry WON a Clio for our ad agency for TV spots he did for a Milwaukee Sub sandwich shop. BEFORE american express and before SEINFELD. And he was great at advertising. So cut him some slack. It's about being FUNNY.

Roi Trigerman : Simply Genius.

Ryan Tovani : Jerry has grown salty in old age. Didn't think much of that comedy award either.

Wladislav : Bill Hicks would have enjoyed this.

Benny Danielz : The worlds most honest man!!!💖💖💖💖💖

Jeremy Le : Awesome but what's with the airline food?

JamesB00n : Did Don Draper win one too?

Shawn Ravenfire : Best acceptance speech ever.

KEVIN PIASTRA: COMEDIAN : He doesn't really do satire but here he's brilliant.

Greg Hohnholt : Pretty cagey.  Jerry comes off looking hip, but the fact is, he represents Amex, a souless corporation catering to corporate elites (or corporate elite wannabes) like Seinfeld.  And what has he done since "Seinfeld"?  Some dumb interview show with cars and coffee and a forgettable documentary.  He IS a soulless materialist; well, give the devil his due.  At least he's honest about it (BUT only to make himself look cool).  He pulled the same trick with his "Louie" segments, playing the corporate sell-out doing some snooty Hampton's charity benefit, and then topping that off in a subsequent episode by being the villain who tries to steal Louie's chance at becoming the Late Night host after Letterman's retirement.  It's funny because it's true, and Jerry knows it.  Apparently he wants to enjoy the rest of his life without all the pressure of being creative which is understandable.  Still skeptical? Compare Jerry's post-Seinfeld resume with Larry David's.  No comparison; "Curb Your Enthusiasm" was brilliant.

Chris Oliver : What a douchbag, they honor him with an award...and he gets all pretentious and opinionated about materialism when he takes their money for services rendered. Some people are so ungrateful and blind and should just die off.

Grey L : For people calling Jerry a hypocrite. He's not trying to be a messiah or politician or activist. People need to understand this and stop treating Seinfeld's comedy as some sort of social activism. He is all about observational humor--this world is a funny place and we all, including him, live in it. Honestly, advertising/marketing is really cool in the art that it is. But the reality that Jerry points out is absolutely true, not by opinion, but harsh reality. And people, especially consumers, get fooled by marketing/advertising all the time. Why people wait in line to get the LATEST iPhone every year or why people pay premiums to get the same product on the first day rather than wait a few weeks later to pay the normal price, is example enough of the truth of advertising. Yet consumers and society in general treats advertising and marketing as the golden word. Why political tv ads are still relevant is also representative of this. People take BS as gold. And it's just silly when you really think about it. But it's the world we live in. And Jerry is pointing that out. He's not an activist, just an observer of reality. And since he's a comedian, NOT AN ACTIVIST, he described this reality in a humorous way. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? Advertisers know what the advertising craft is all about. And Jerry told that reality in a humorous way. If it was a philosopher or politician talking seriously, this audience would be reacting very differently. But WHAT CLASSIC JERRY IS DOING IS JUST HELPING US TO LAUGH AT OURSELVES IN THIS VERY FUNNY WORLD WE LIVE IN.

thiruvetti : Never got the hang of the popularity of Sienfeld's jokes, even though I understood them. May be nowdays our brains are so tuned to over think jokes, that his sarcasm which used to be a rage 20 years back, seem to be usual stuff. Even back then, I have seen people laugh off their chairs watching Seinfeld episodes but all I could manage was a little smile. But he is intelligent, that I agree :-)

Seth Sharon : I know the Internet is full of nihilists/communist/anarchists where nothing gets their nipples more excited than anti-corporate hate speech but I gotta disagree with Jerry; although their is a lot of truth in what he is saying theres a hint of hypocrisy. He's made a living selling dreams, like his show Seinfeld, a show that was prompt up by "HIS" network NBC who in turn makes a living by doing commercials. Unfortunately Jerry is no God and every word that comes out of his mouth is in good faith from his "plain speaking" to his comedy routine. If someone wants to buy a television or a car that is their decision just as it is the consumers decision to buy his Seinfeld box set. Its all in good faith.

Robert Middleton : Jerry's comments were less about advertising than about human nature and the delusion that anything you buy can actually make you happy. We are always searching for happiness. And we think it lies in some external thing or experience or person. And when we get that thing, we momentarily feel happy. But even if that thing is pretty good and more or less lives up to the hype of advertising, before too long we are back in the search for happiness. So Jerry was, as he always has, pointing to how slightly crazy we all are, searching for something in nothing. Real happiness lies elsewhere and I suspect Jerry knows exactly where. In my opinion, it was brilliant, the equal of a zen master.

. .. : "I got this! I didn't really win it but I got it. And tomorrow I don't know where this is going to be; it'll be somewhere. Eventually I'll be dead and someone will just take it or sell it or throw it out and that's fine. I'm happy now! The same way those executives were in 1991 when they ran on to this stage and grabbed trophies that weren't theirs. But it trumped up their phony careers and meaningless lives. So thank you all for this great honor and for all your great work. I hope it makes you happy as you have made me happy for this 5 minutes of my life. Which will last until I get to the edge of this stage and it hits me that this was all a bunch of nonsense. Thank you and have a great evening." lol... In this video Jerry Seinfeld shits all over the advertising award he's just been given and the careers of the people who gave it to him during his acceptance speech. Brilliant.

Mark Binder : I completely agree with Jerry Seinfeld... But at the same time, I try to make great things that people will enjoy after they buy them. The challenge is that my advertising isn't done by BBDO or Ogilvy. Can't afford them. Not yet anyway. So I've got kindof a reverse Seinfeld thing. You feel crappy and don't even know about my things. Unless you buy them. Then you feel good for a while.

Abdo Soliman : Guys, he was just advertising his book-chill

S D : Amazing, amazing! Amazingly put, an epitome for sardonicism... :D :)

RIXRADvidz : there, I'm Happy. and I'll be happy until I click on to the next video. am I lying? or am I advertising?..XP same thing!...thank you for the download and thank you Mr Seinfeld for your mind's eye on the world. it's a good thing your mouth is hooked up correctly, too.

Jimi Daly : My favorite part of his rant against advertising is when he said he'd give away the millions of dollars he made from television sponsored by it. And to specifically say he'd give it all to people directly suffering from debt accrued during his time as a spokesman for American Express, well, that's why he deserves this award.

stlkngyomom : Webster's New Dictionary Tele-at, over etc.a distance Vision-2.something seen in a dream, trance 5.something or someone of great beauty Program-4.a logical sequence of coded instructions specifying the operations to be performed by a computer (brain)* *content added for clarification ~Namaste~

Jeremy Lampkin : I wonder if this is where they thought up the name Miss Cleo.  She epitomized this award.


Nitish Rajpurohit : Right on the spot! Jerry gives the most honest speech about advertising and it resonates. No one gets excited to watch the ads. If we had a choice, we would never watch em.

Johnny Threefour : haha Jerry rules. On a par with Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes there.

Xandercorp : I think Seinfeld started watching George Carlin. He can finally emulate some talent now. Good for him!

punishmentforall : Despite the humorous wrapping, it was 100% mockery. Maybe well deserved, the execs of the companies and ceremony organizers would have been :|